Heroes: Time Traveling

Heroes: Time Traveling

Posted by Dustin on 04。30。2007 at 9:35 pm

鼎宝福彩So this week Ando and Hiro went five years into the future and saw what would happen if they didn’t save the world. We learned that Ando died in the explosion, changing Hiro into an unhappy man driven to change the past. We also learned Heroes are now hunted down and captured, and many of the good guys had for some reason gone bad.  What was up with that? I felt though that I walked away from this episode with a whole lot of questions and very little answers!

First up, we learned Sylar was impersonating Nathan in the future. Obviously he wanted to be President for some reason, but he has to have a bigger plan here. What could it be? I can’t figure out what he was up to. He obviously had been hunting for Claire all along though. She must be important in whatever it is he is after.

So if Peter actually WAS the bomb, then how is he still alive? Is the explosion merely an energy blast than kills everyone else around him? Does Claire’s power keep him together? I was puzzled on that one。

鼎宝福彩Micah and DL were hidden away in this episode。 Something is up there。 We know Linderman has plans for Micah 。 。 。 。 hmmm。 I think the lack of them on screen was very important in what happened。

Pretty much after everyone was killed, Hiro and Ando made it back home with the comic. The comic shows Hiro killing Sylar, but was it me, or did it look like he was killing Nathan in the comic? Maybe it was just the way they illustrated Sylar. There is said to be one huge hero death in the finale. Hmmmmmm.

From the previews for next week, Peter and Nathan’s mom is still pushing Nathan to run. Something is up with her, I’m beginning to wonder if she’s not as good as we’ve been lead to believe. She’s obviously kept a lot from her kids. Oh and we apparently WILL learn just what is up with their dad and who he was . . .  or is.

Next week we also meet a new hero, Milly. She’s a little girl who apparently has the power to kill Sylar. This out to be really interesting! I like the idea of more kid heroes.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers

Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 04。30。2007 at 7:27 pm

Spoilers ahead from ABC’s Press Release!


Guest Stars Include Diahann Carroll as Jane Burke, Loretta Devine (“Crash”) as Adele Webber And Elizabeth Reaser (“Sweet Land”) as Ava/Jane Doe

“Didn’t We Almost Have It All” – Cristina and Burke’s wedding day arrives – along with the interns’ first exam results – and a successor to the Chief is named, as Callie and George make a big decision about their relationship, on the Season Finale of “Grey’s Anatomy,” THURSDAY, MAY 17 (9:00-10:07 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Desperate Housewives: Pizza and Cake

Desperate Housewives: Pizza and Cake

Posted by Dustin on 04.30.2007 at 11:01 am

So this week’s DH was kind of aggravating to be honest。 Drama filled, but aggravating。

First up, Mrs. McClusky got treated like dirt by most of the neighborhood this week because of her dead husband in the freezer. Okay, so if you have a dead guy in your freezer for ten years, it is kind of creepy. She didn’t help matters by not explaining what really happened, though given she wasn’t in JAIL people should have assumed it wasn’t bad. I loved that it was Parker who stood up for her through the episode . . . Lynette’s only good kid! In the end it turned out basically she didn’t commit murder, just fraud. Hmmm, why isn’t she in jail? For those who didn’t see it, her husband died and she found out that he never changed his pension plan and the checks would have gone to the first wife! She froze him and kept cashing the checks.

I have to say I’m not liking where this Lynette and Rick thing is headed at all! This is so not like Lynette, she was always the pretty level headed housewife of the bunch。 I never though she’d cheat on Tom。 No she hasn’t yet, but you can tell she’s thinking about it。 Meanwhile that damn little Kayla, she is a devil child I tell you! She is out to break up Tom and Lynette’s marriage, she always has been。 Tom now has a clue that Lynette likes Rick, and she poorly hid it when she defended why they shouldn’t fire him。 Next week it looks like Tom is looking over the tapes from the security cameras。 Oh dear!

So Gabby found out Edie was dating Carlos, and she wasn’t happy! I kinda have to agree with Gabby here, Edie has a habit of dating everyone’s cast-offs or exs. Not that they aren’t free game, but you really shouldn’t date your friend’s exs. However after the scene she made at the birthday party, Carlos put her in her place. I felt so bad for Carlos, it’s obvious he is still very much in love with Gabby. Will they get back together or will she become the next Mayor of Wisteria Lane’s husband? You know Gabby would eat up that title!

Finally we come to Susan . . . . Susan, Susan, Susan! What the hell is this woman thinking? I could totally tell the moment she “picked” Ian that Mike would suddenly move out. Grrrrrrr! Then she ended up losing Ian because she really wanted Mike and he figured it out as she pined over the answering machine. Ian packed his bags to go back to England. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out . . . and don’t come back! Next week Susan goes looking for Mike, and if you read the May Sweeps spoilers . . . . . there could be hope!

Brothers and Sisters: Lies Lies Lies Lies!

Brothers and Sisters: Lies Lies Lies Lies!

Posted by Dustin on 04.30.2007 at 10:59 am

Uhg, like “DH,” this episode was so aggravating! Good, but aggravating. The episode pretty much revolved around the great “Rebbecca-Joe” incident. Who was lying, who was telling the truth. Rebbecca told her version to Justin, who confronted Joe. Joe took Sarah off for a camping getaway to try and tell her, only to reconnect with her. Justin seemed to believe Rebecca’s version of the incident, and given Joe’s past, who could blame him. The ever skeptical Kevin however didn’t believe her. In the end even Nora seemed to get taken in by poor Rebbecca! The surprising person who thought there was more to the story was her own mother Holly. Damn, that was harsh . . . but she knew her kid! Sarah and Joe finally had it out over his “guitar lessons” and her issue with Noah. Hey, Sarah wanted to cheat but didn’t, that says a lot unlike Joe who apparently kisses the girls and doesn’t tell. What was with that weak excuse that she “forced” him into it by “forcing” him into the life he was living. Pah-Leeze! However as the show came to a close we came to find out the truth . . . Rebbecca was not a victim and even seemed to want to go all the way with Joe! Joe was the one who backed off, she kept pushing. Hussy! I can’t believe she’d do this to a family that was trying to accept her. She’s worse than her mother!

The other big story of the episode was McAlister dealing with the chopper crash and death of his speech writer. In the aftermath, Kitty lost her head and proposed to him. However I have a bad feeling, not about these two, but about the campaign. This crash will bring back memories of McAlister’s own heroic act with the helicopter rescue. I have felt all alone someone is going to “swift boat” him on the whole rescue.

Nora and her professor were featured in this episode, but I have to be honest, I didn’t pay too much attention to them。 I think her professor is a lech and she can do so much better than him。

Ghost Whisperer Does Pulse?

Ghost Whisperer Does Pulse?

Posted by Dustin on 04.28.2007 at 12:17 am

So tonight’s episode of “Ghost Whisperer” was so goood! But 。 。 。 。 it kinda ripped off the movie “Pulse。” No not the horrid American remake, the original Japanese film。 We’ll get to that。

In tonight’s episode Melinda met another Ghost Whisperer, but he wasn’t exactly good. As it turned out, years wrongly placed in a mental institution had twisted him and he was now collecting souls in his house instead of letting them pass on. A photograph showed a possible demon attached to him as well. Could it be that freaky guy from the end of last season and the beginning of this season? They did seem to drop him all together for a long long time. Given they brought back a woman from the plane, I think it might be him! He’s using this guy to do his bidding I think. I’m sensing another season cliff hanger. Hopefully the show gets picked up for season 3, it would suck to be left hanging.

We learned from Professor Payne’s wife that the dead were gathering, they were hungry for power, they wanted to be more powerful than the living。 The new ghost whisperer Gabriel (the angel of death?) was a part of this little plot so it seems, or he’s being used。 He doesn’t seem very stable。 This whole “dead taking over the living” ultimately is the whole premise of the movie “Pulse。” Ghosts basically breakthrough and take over the world。 I doubt many people are familiar with the movie, the US version was a bomb and probably wasn’t seen by many。 However as I was watching the episode it was all I could think about。

Anyways, I’ll be excited to see where this goes come next week. I think there are only one or two more new episodes left though, the season ends earlier than other shows.

Grey’s: Fishies

Grey’s: Fishies

Posted by Dustin on 04.27.2007 at 7:59 pm

So This was typed the day after I saw the show, I STILL haven’t re-watched it for all the details I’ve missed。

First up, Callie so knows something is going on between George and Izzie。 She gave Izzie a warning to, stay away! George and Izzie seem to think they can just forget what happened, but Izzie ended up confessing all to Burke in the end。 Uh oh, it’s going to get back to Callie。 Meanwhile George got his own little warning from the board chairman’s wife 。 。 。 the wife always knows!

Speaking of that chairman of the board guy 。 。 。 OMG! That fish was HUGE。 How do you not know if something like that swims “up” you。 Watching them pull it out of him was one of the most painful moments I think I’ve ever seen on this show。 That’s saying a lot since most of the operating scenes make me squeamish。

So as everyone has been competing for position of the chief, I have always felt the Chief, in the end, would not leave. This episode seemed to hint at just that. After the board guy talked to him it seemed like he was giving not retiring a lot of thought.

So Addison and her “man whore” broke it off. Well, he dumped her really. She went and got all jealous over Alex and Jane Doe during the delivery. Then she grabbed him . . . and took him! Then not only did she get caught by Mark and he dumped her before she could dump him, Alex gave her the cold shoulder too! Harsh. No wonder she runs away to California next week.

Finally the Derrick and Meredith drama. We finally learned one of the reasons he’s been cold to her is that he can’t deal with the fact that she didn’t try and save herself when she fell into the water. However we also know his running for chief is a big issue with him too.

鼎宝福彩Ugly Betty: Calling Out Sick

Ugly Betty: Calling Out Sick

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 04.26.2007 at 9:36 pm

鼎宝福彩Ahhhhh! What a huge episode of “Ugly Betty” tonight. I don’t know if I can remember to comment on everything.

First up, damn I felt bad for Alexis when her dad tried to buy her off。 That was cold。 Not as cold as the dad buying off that guy to be her “first” so to speak。 Worse yet, that !#$!# Wilhelmina was behind the whole thing。 Oh I hope someone takes Wilhelmina down and I hope it is Claire。 It’s time for “Angela Bower” to start kicking some butt! As for Branford, I wouldn’t be shocked if eventually old Branford ended up dead and someone 。 。 。 say Alexis was framed?

Poor Betty, she tried to ignore everyone, but soon made up with them all. Christina begged for forgiveness, she put Daniel in his place and told him he got an assistant and a friend and well Henry . . . . well it looks like Henry’s girlfriend has had her eyes opened about Daniel and Betty! I don’t understand why Henry stays with that girl anyways, other than guilt.

So Petra and her mom blackmailed Daniel into putting her on the cover, and Alexis turned on her brother to get back at her father. She tried to force poor Daniel to resign. Mistake! One day Alexis is going to need Daniel and he will remember the cold heart she got will all her other “upgrades.” However in the end Betty proved Petra wasn’t 16. I kinda knew it would resolve itself this way. I’ve seen this little con-job on enough shows.

Over to Hilda and Santos. Santos proposed after Ignacio basically tried to scare him away from Hilda. Backfire! Hilda wasn’t sure she could say yes, but it looks like she did. I loved when she told her dad she’d be moving out of the house when she was 40! However I don’t want Hilda to leave, I love her and Justin. They are so cute.

Over to Amanda, who found a hot new designer, not only for free clothes but sex. Too funny that he was straight and in the closet. I’m sensing Marc is going to try and go after the guy himself causing some issues between him and Amanda.

Finally the episode ended with Ignacio revealing he was being sent back to Mexico! Oh no! Roadtrip to Mexico in a few weeks though.

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Bergen To Recur Next Season on Desperate Housewives

Bergen To Recur Next Season on Desperate Housewives

Posted by Dustin on 04。26。2007 at 1:28 pm


Polly Bergen, who joins “Desperate Houswives” as Lynette’s mother in the season finale, is set to recur next season!

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Medium or Luke Warm

Medium or Luke Warm

Posted by Dustin on 04。25。2007 at 11:59 pm

So tonight’s episode of Medium was just okay. I don’t know, the past few episodes haven’t been as fun for me. I mean a lot of this episode seemed to be taken up by Ariel whining about wanting to go to rich girls camp with her friend. No, you aren’t going, it costs too much, SHUT UP!

I have a feeling a lot of Joe’s story may have been cut out. They prefaced the show with a comment about the VA Tech shootings and how there were scenes they did not show out of respect. I did think that was very considerate of them.

Alison’s mystery though fell flat with me this week。 I just didn’t seem to connect with it this week like I have in the past。 Her dreams were, well boring! Not one of the better episodes。

I am looking forward to the next three episodes, which deal with the coming of Jason Priestley’s character as well as Neve Campbell as Alison’s new friend. I get the feeling Neve is going to be some tabloid rat that will expose Alison. By the end of this season Alison is said to be under fire for her “work” at the DA’s office.

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Heroes Graphic Novel Reveals The Exploding Man

Heroes Graphic Novel Reveals The Exploding Man

Posted by Dustin on 04。25。2007 at 8:47 pm

NBC posted Chapter 30 of their online graphic novel today. You can read it .

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