More Heroes Season 2 Spoilers!

More Heroes Season 2 Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2007 at 11:46 am

Maya’s character (Dana Ramirez) has a last name, Herrerra.

Maya is on the run from the police in the Dominican republic. Her power has something to do with feeling.

Maya has a brother named Alejandro. They are trying to get to the US to get answers about her powers.

Sylar finds himself in a radically changing landscape.

Ando will be able to communicate with Hiro, who is in the past。

What happens in the present/past will affect the other time。

Micah will start making new friends。 He’ll possibly befriend a new family。

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John The Gardner Returns!

John The Gardner Returns!

Posted by Dustin on 08。30。2007 at 11:33 pm

Jesse Metcalfe will return to “Desperate Housewives” for an episode this season。 When we last saw him he was engaged and cheating with Eva Longoria’s character Gabrielle。 Big shock there! Now he’s married, but his marriage is a sham! BTW, John’s wife Tammy Sinclaire is again played by Michelle Pierce, who recently was on Days as Jenna, the girl Max got ditched in the elevator by!

Source: TVGuide.com

Official “Posh Spice” Press Release for Ugly Betty! Spoiler Alert!

Official “Posh Spice” Press Release for Ugly Betty! Spoiler Alert!

Posted by Dustin on 08.30.2007 at 11:23 pm


Victoria Beckham — style icon and Spice Girl – will pay a visit to ABC’s award-winning comedy “Ugly Betty” in an episode to film this fall. She will play herself, a celebrity bridesmaid at the wedding of the millennium: Wilhelmina Slater’s (Vanessa Williams) nuptials to publishing mogul Bradford Meade (Alan Dale). Who knows what will happen when “bridezilla” Wilhelmina takes that march down the aisle, especially with “Posh Spice” leading the way?

Victoria burst onto the scene as a member of the hit ’90s all-girl super group The Spice Girls。 Known around the world as “Posh Spice,” the elegant and confident member of the ensemble, Beckham sold millions of records worldwide with the group before it disbanded in 2001。 She went on to become an accomplished solo artist, with such hits as “Not Such an Innocent Girl” and “This Groove/Let Your Head Go On。” In 1999 she married soccer superstar David Beckham and they quickly became one of the world’s most celebrated couples。 In 2004 Victoria Beckham wanted to follow her passion for style and fashion and embarked on various fashion partnerships, one of them being the hugely successful Victoria Beckham for Rock and Republic。 Most recently she launched her own premium fashion label called dVb, penned a bestselling style bible, “That Extra Half an Inch,” as well as her own line of fragrances。

“Ugly Betty” stars America Ferrera as Betty Suarez, Eric Mabius as Daniel Meade, Alan Dale as Bradford Meade, Tony Plana as Ignacio, Ana Ortiz as Hilda, Ashley Jensen as Christina, Becki Newton as Amanda, Mark Indelicato as Justin, Michael Urie as Marc, Rebecca Romijn as Alexis Meade, Judith Light as Claire Meade, Christopher Gorham as Henry and Vanessa Williams as Wilhelmina Slater。 “Ugly Betty” will have its season premiere THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27 (8:00-9:00 p。m。 ET), on the ABC Television Network。

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Big Brother: The Evicted And New HOH

Big Brother: The Evicted And New HOH

Posted by Dustin on 08.30.2007 at 8:53 pm

So by 3-1, wAmber was evicted. Waaaaaaa! Not!

As for the new HOH, it’s another all nighter competition as they have to fill a huge bowl with tea only using a little tea cup. To make matters worse, the path between the tea source and bowl is slippery! It will not be revealed until late tonight who the new HOH is.

Also, next week is a double eviction, but they won’t know until then!

鼎宝福彩*update* Zack is HOH! This doesn’t look good for Dick and Danielle!

鼎宝福彩Dancing With The Stars New Contestants!

Dancing With The Stars New Contestants!

Posted by Dustin on 08.29.2007 at 1:54 pm


“Dancing” Devotees Treated to Three Straight Nights of Entertainment and Competition

First Week’s Competition Features a Showdown Between the Women and the Men

Music Icon Dolly Parton Performs in the First Results Show

Cast Member Melanie Brown to Appear Exclusively on Tonight’s Episode of “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

In a “Dancing with the Stars” first, twelve celebrities – six men and six women — attempt to outshine one another on a fifth season of the hit series, which returns MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24 (8:00-9:30 p。m。, ET) on ABC。 This marks the largest cast assembled to date。 It includes an Emmy Award-winning actress, a Vegas icon, an Indy 500 champion, a Spice Girl, a daytime soap star, a Cheetah Girl and a former resident of “90210。” As an added twist, viewers get a chance to size up the male vs。 the female stars, as each gender hits the dance floor on separate nights during the first week of competition。 The women will strut their stuff on Monday night, while the men show off their moves TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25 (8:00-9:30 p。m。, ET)。 One couple’s fate will be determined the following night, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 (8:00-9:00 p。m。, ET) on “Dancing with the Stars the Results Show。” Can the women outperform the men, or will the men dance circles around the women?

As announced today on “Good Morning America,” the twelve stars making their ballroom dancing debut are:

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鼎宝福彩Big Brother: Who Will Go Home This Week? Amber or Zack?

Big Brother: Who Will Go Home This Week? Amber or Zack?

Posted by Dustin on 08。29。2007 at 11:33 am

Last night Eric did not use the POV。 He chose to keep Jessica’s nominations on the block。

I’m pretty sure the house will probably send Amber home. Though honestly neither one are that big of a threat if you ask me.

Basically Eric HAS to win HOH next week, or he and Jessica are screwed. Danielle or Dick will, I’m sure put him and Jessica on the block. Amber or Zack, if they won, would put Jessica up. Poor Jameka still can’t play.

Dumb dumb dumb move! Eric should have used POV and gotten Danielle or Dick out this week.

Weeds: Episodes 2 and 3

Weeds: Episodes 2 and 3

Posted by Dustin on 08.28.2007 at 11:04 am

Like “Flash,” I’ve been taking time to ponder “Weeds.” Last week’s episode focused on Nancy realizing her pot was gone and figuring out what to do. Heylia saved Conrad, but Nancy still owes Uturn a whole lot of money she doesn’t have. Meanwhile how great was Celia walking around town drunk out of her mind telling the kids not to do drugs?

This week’s episode was so much better, much more like the “Weeds” I remember. Andy got sent off to the military (this should be good), Nancy has been turned into Uturn’s white slave girl to pay back her debt, and Celia’s Satan spawn of a daughter (love her!) conspired to turn her mother into social services. Celia basically lost any claim to custody to her daughter, who was pleased as punch as was Celia’s soon to be ex. Did I mention how much I love the daughter? Meanwhile Heylia and Conrad got a new place to grow, and Helyia seems to be up to something in regards to Uturn. What’s going on there? Why do I get the feeling that Heylia is actually Uturns secret boss? Finally the DEA came knocking on Nancy’s door at the end of the show to ask about Peter, her dead ex-husband.

Episode 3 was great! The best of the season, here is hoping they keep getting better!

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Dawson Joins Ugly Betty!

Dawson Joins Ugly Betty!

Posted by Dustin on 08.28.2007 at 10:59 am

James Van Der Beek James Van Der Beek will join “Ugly Betty” this season in a guest role. He plays the owner of a fashion house called Atlantic Attire and has business with Mode, but is unsettled by the fact that Alexis is a transsexual.

Do I smell a possible love interest story here?


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Big Brother: POV Results

Big Brother: POV Results

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2007 at 9:22 pm

Eric has won the POV. The ceremony should be tomorrow, so we’ll know if he uses it. Honestly I doubt he will. I’m sure America has already ordered him to send Amber home, and it’s time she goes home. I can’t deal with her crying anymore!

I have been slacking with the feeds and Showtime lately. I did put the feeds on a few times, but it’s just been so boring lately! I have noticed Eric seems to be spending a lot of time in Jessica’s HOH bed! These two just need to do it and get it over with.

Flash Gordon: Episodes 2 and 3

Flash Gordon: Episodes 2 and 3

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2007 at 4:11 pm

I finally got myself caught up on “Flash Gordon.” Well I was only a little behind, but it’s one of these shows I’ve been pondering about before I blog about.

Episode 2 surrounded the character of Baylin having to deal with her “bond mate” (ie arranged spouse) coming through the rift to earth to get her back。 Meanwhile Aurora began to see Ming as the tyrant he is when he executed an ice smuggler, who was only trying to make money to cure his sick daughter。 This episode BORED me to tears。

Episode 3 was about a disease injected into Flash’s friend and partner。 Flash and Baylin went to Mongo for the cure, while Dale and Zarkoff had to keep him alive。 The key to doing this was making him feel miserable, which Dale did a good job of。 They were attending a wedding。 This episode was actually a lot better。 Actually I think it was probably the best one so far, it was funny yet exciting。

I think overall my issue with the whole show is that it’s not Flash Gordon。 At least it’s not the Flash most of us know。 I can’t fault them for trying to spruce the story up, but I can fault them for basically completely reinventing it and just keeping the character names。 If this show was called anything else, and they changed all the Flash based character’s names, I bet I wouldn’t have such issues with it。

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