Dirty Sexy Money: Nick, You Have A Brother!

Dirty Sexy Money: Nick, You Have A Brother!

Posted by Dustin on 11.30.2007 at 8:48 pm

So this week’s “Dirty Sexy Money” FINALLY revealed the big secret, which one of the kid’s was Dutch’s. No shock here, it ended up being Brian. That one was so obvious from the beginning, so I had hoped they’d make the twins his instead. No such luck, Nick is stuck being brother to, shall we say, the worst of the Darling bunch.

Jeremy continued his sham this week, trying to convince his new girlfriend he was poor and struggling. When she decided he had no goals, he lied and told her that he was an artist! He got paintings from Lisa and showed them to her. Yeah we could see where this one was headed, she asked him to paint her! I think in the end, she’s going to have know who Jeremy was all along.

Other stories going on this week included Patrick recovering from being shot by his wife, and being visited by both her and Carmelita in the hospital. Simon ended up having a fling with Karen. Oh boy, he’s doing everything he can to worm his way into this family. If he’s slept with Karen, I think it’s safe to say he’s not a Darling himself . . . unless he doesn’t know? Ew! Finally Brian lost custody of his boy and got busted for bribing the arbitrator.

I had been traveling most of the day, so I was tired and can’t remember too much of the episode this week to comment on. It wasn’t one of the most exciting I thought, especially since the promos made it sound like it would be. I think it was the let down that Brian was Dutch’s kid after all.

鼎宝福彩Project Runway: Carmen Is OUT!

Project Runway: Carmen Is OUT!

Posted by Dustin on 11。29。2007 at 7:46 pm

I love my “Project Runway,” but have always thought it would be a nice change to have a menswear season。 However I realize there just isn’t as much they can do in the way of challenges with menswear。 So I was so happy to see last night the challenge was to design for a man!

The problem? Most of these designers DON’T do menswear。 I thought that was a little unfair to them honestly。 However some pulled it off, many didn’t。

鼎宝福彩Jack played it smart and just did pants and a shirt, both very well made. He won the challenge. I have to say I thought while it was well made, it was a little boring. There were a few others I thought were actually a bit better (though the names of the designers escape me right now).

The loser of this challenge was Carmen, who was out。 NO! This upset me greatly, as I really liked her。 Her main problem was that she didn’t finish the outfit, she put a wrap around the guy to symbolize the shirt she was to make。 There of course were issues with her pants。 Sweet Pea, while she finished her shirt and pants, well they were just complete disasters! There was a third contestant on the cutting block (Ricky) who left pins in his outfit as it wasn’t done。 I actually thought it was Sweet Pea who would be out, and was a little shocked she wasn’t。

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Ugly Betty: Back In Black

Ugly Betty: Back In Black

Posted by Dustin on 11.29.2007 at 4:14 pm

So there is no new “Ugly Betty” this week, it’s a repeat。 I for some reason thought the repeat was last week。 Whoops! I finally got caught up though, this is last week’s episode blog。

So we learned Willamina didn’t take over Mode, she crashed their computers and set out to destroy it! She then started her own magazine Slater and stole pretty much every Mode employee。 Amanda refused to leave though, because Mode was her mother’s magazine。 Way to go Amanda! I loved that she didn’t bail on Mode like most of the staff。

Willamina went to her father to try and get money to finance her magazine, but he said no! He refused to help fund a world that turned her into what she had become. Very interesting. There is a story here, I’m dying to hear it. Was Willy once a nice little girl? What turned her evil?

Betty was haunted by Bradford in this episode to go and help Daniel with the magazine。 Daniel and Alexis were under the gun to get their magazine out on time, and completely understaffed。

鼎宝福彩Alexis went to the printer to flirt with a guy there to convince him to keep the presses up for them. Unfortunately her normal guy Frank wasn’t there, instead a little person was working. The scenes between them were hilarious as he was offended she wouldn’t show her “cans” to him as she had planned to show Frank obviously. The two ended up bonding though over the fact that they had both disappointed their fathers because of who they were.

Amanda learned in this episode that she doesn’t have what it takes to make it in the fashion industry。 She wondered if she got any talents from her father, but who is he? We saw some altar of Fey’s with photos of her many men, famous men! All sorts of Hollywood stars were on the wall。 Which one is her father? It has to be someone who has appeared on the show, why I don’t know。 I just feel like they wouldn’t make it someone they’d just bring in from no where, unless they could get a huge guest star。 I still remain convinced Fey is still alive too。

The starlet Betty and Daniel got out of rehab to try and do the cover flipped out on them. By the end of the episode, Betty had inspired Daniel to have a simple black cover issue in honor of his dad. I thought it was really great. It should be interesting to see how this Mode vs Slater ordeal turns out.

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Heroes: Who Is Good, Who Is Bad?

Heroes: Who Is Good, Who Is Bad?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 11.28.2007 at 6:47 pm

鼎宝福彩So we have one, that is right ONE more episode of “Heroes” left. This is going to suck, a lot! Anyway, let’s get to dishin’

HRG woke up alive, only to find Surresh and the company are holding him hostage and letting his family believe he is dead. He tried to warn Surresh the truth about the company. Surresh thinks they are going to save lives from the virus, HRG said they have been making the virus for over thirty years! Surresh told Bob he wanted every strain destroyed, Bob seemingly agreed. I don’t trust Bob at all! Also what I’m not sure of, or am forgetting . . . does Surresh know the virus is called the Shanti Virus? Because it was named after his sister. I assume he does, as he knows his blood was the initial cure.

Claire and her family were preparing to move when Bob came along, supposedly to give them Noah/HRG’s ashes. They held a ceremony for him, and Claire caught Elle spying on them. Loved them facing off, and Claire telling Elle they weren’t running anymore, and she would expose herself so that nobody could hurt them again! Go Claire! I have a feeling Claire may end up killing Elle next week, just a feeling.

Hiro told Ando about Kensei, who killed his father. They followed the paper trail and learned he was once imprisoned by Kaito and went by the name Adam Monroe. Hiro went back in time and learned Adam had tried to steal the virus and unleash it back then to “purify” the world. So it appears Adam really is just an ass?

Adam and Peter meanwhile hunted down Victoria Pratt, the last survivor in the photo。 She developed the virus, but left the company over her issues with it。 Peter got the truth out of her about where the virus was hidden all this time。 Of course it was Texas, where HRG worked! When Victoria learned Peter was with Adam, she tried to kill them。 Adam ended up killing her, telling Peter she was going to take his head off 。 。 。 and there is no coming back from that one。 We now know how to kill Adam! 。

In Texas, Hiro showed up to stop Adam, only to find Peter was with him. It’s Hiro Vs Hero in what appears to be a showdown! Hiro has the sword though. Off with someone’s head next week? All Peter has to do is read Adam’s mind to find out the truth, which I think is what could happen. He could then tell Hiro to chop off his head to kill him for good.

Down in New Orleans, Micah’s idiot cousin stole his backpack, with his “9th World Wonder” comics to see how much they were worth. Yeah right. He was jumped and the backpack was stolen. What he didn’t know was that Micah’s dad’s medal was in it. His other cousin offered to go get it back from the kids, they set out to use their powers. She went in dressed as “Joan of Arc” from the comics, only to get kidnapped while Micah watched. Uh oh! Not sure where this one is going at all.

Finally this nonsense story with Sylar continued. This has been my least favorite of the season. Sylar killed Alejandro, so it seems, and took off with Maya. He of course only did this after he helped Maya control her powers on her own, and convinced her to leave her brother behind. They finally ended up in New York, where Sylar took Molly hostage basically and then called Surresh. Where the heck is Matt?

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TV Soon To Feel The Impact Of The Strike!

TV Soon To Feel The Impact Of The Strike!

Posted by Dustin on 11.28.2007 at 6:30 pm

With the strike still going, TV is soon going to be going into reruns or to more reality TV shows.

Apparently “Ugly Betty” and “Grey’s” still have 2 more episodes to air each. “Desperate Housewives” last show is this coming sunday with the tornado episode. (Note: ABC didn’t release any new episode PRs this week though)

“Heroes” airs its last episode next monday. “Journeyman” and “Bionic Woman” are also running out next week apparently, and are in even more trouble. Neither has yet to be renewed, many are speculating both will be canceled.

There are a number of mid-season shows set to start up in January with several episodes taped. One of my faves “Medium” has nine episodes that will air! Yippee!


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Greys: Crash!

Greys: Crash!

Posted by Dustin on 11.26.2007 at 11:17 pm

鼎宝福彩So the show opened with a car pile-up on the interstate followed by a huge ambulance crash, and it all went downhill from there.

The two guys trapped in the ambulance for the entire episode was just heartbreaking。 We knew the one was a goner, then to only find out at the end the second may not make it either! Heartbreaking, oh and a tad gross。 I have trouble watching a lot of this show because of the gore, it’s too realistic!

Baily and her husband are once again having issues. She didn’t have time to talk in the morning before work, suggesting they do lunch. She of course was in surgery when he showed up. I think we know where this is going, he’s going to ask for a divorce and custody of the kid.

Baily was forced to operate on a white supremacist with a swastika tattooed on his stomach。 I loved the way she handled herself, saying she would rise above this。 I also loved before surgery she said “I’m calling on Jesus, I don’t do this often, I don’t know if he’s even listening。” It was great。 Of course then when she had to make the cut, she went right down the center of his tattoo!

Sloane continued his pursuit of Hahn, and she continued shooting him down. I still don’t like this storyline. He should be pursuing Callie!

鼎宝福彩I’m completely over the Christina verses Izzy war, which seems to show no signs of slowing down. Christina is coming out looking like, well a very very bad word I can’t say on here! Christina may be a brilliant surgeon, but she’ll be a crummy doctor because she doesn’t care about her patients, just the glory of doing the biggest and best operation. Also what is up with George and Izzy? Are they still not over? I’m over them too!

Derrek did some serious flirting with new/old nurse Rose. Turns out she ended an engagement the past year. Why? She knew what she wanted, he didn’t. Hmmm, sounds familiar. Derek thought so too. No no no no no! Why couldn’t Meredith have just told Derek she didn’t want him seeing other people like she claimed she was going to? Why can’t she open her mouth and say she wants him?

Ava returned in this episode to see Alex. He of course didn’t tell her about Lexi, or vice versa. Slime! He got caught though when he snuck Ava into the observation deck to watch him work. She ran into Lexi, who realized Alex was basically seeing someone else. Well technically I guess he hasn’t, she did leave to go back home. However she keeps coming back, and Alex keeps hooking up with her. Alex needs to figure out who and what he wants.

Finally Seth Green checked into the hospital this week as a patient Sloan removed a tumor from on his neck. He was left with and exposed corroded artery that could blow at any moment, leading him to bleed to death. Well we know where this one was headed from the start! Seth took a liking to Lexi, they bonded over jerky boyfriends and girlfriends. Of course as the episode ended, Seth laughed, and his artery exploded all over Lexi! GROSS! I knew it was coming, but that was just nasty!

Brothers and Sisters

Brothers and Sisters

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 11.26.2007 at 8:01 pm

This week’s episode of “Brothers and Sisters” seemed to focus on love, past loves, current loves and new loves.

Nora reconnected with her first love Stan, played by Chevy Chase. She invited him to the wedding next week. So cute! However I still like her and the carpenter (Treat Williams) best.

Sarah met a new guy named Graham through work。 He was brought in by Saul to possibly help them diversify and make more money through new options。 He’s trying to convince her to get involved in shipping overseas, but she’s not completely sold。 It looks like they are headed for a love pairing too。 I have to say so far I’m not liking these two together。

Kevin, Jason and Scotty。 Oh lord! Kevin learned Robert had been talking to Jason, who hadn’t been talking to Kevin。 Kevin and Scotty, after some champagne, did the naughty boogie。 Of course this is when Jason called。 Kevin then apparently dumped Jason and now wants to give things a try with Scotty again? Well this stinks。 I have nothing against Scotty, but would liked to have seen Eric Winter (ex Rex) return as Jason and possibly stay。

Julia finally came home with Elizabeth this week. Previously Tommy ended things with Lena. Ugh, the countdown is on until Julia learns Tommy cheated on her. I’m sure she’ll leave him for good after that. I hate that they’ve done this to Tommy’s character, but at the same time I have no pity for Julia running off to mommy and daddy instead of staying and facing her issues with Tommy.

Lena, spurned by Tommy, is now after Justin so it seems。 Sure there were sparks between them in the bar a few weeks ago, but something tells me this is more to spite Tommy。 Sorry Lena, you get no pity from me either dating a married man! Poor Justin is going to be the one hurt in the end too I bet, and just when he got clean。 This is why he’s not supposed to be dating。

Rebbecca just decided to love and be herself this week. After being far to complacent with her siblings, she let it out and said what she had to say. This included the truth about how she felt about the bridesmaid dresses and that Kitty should buy her own dress that she wanted rather than wear her mom’s old one.

Finally Kitty had a lot of issues with her dress. She found one she wanted, but didn’t want to hurt Nora who gave her her own dress to wear. She bought it though. She also had issues with Robert, who didn’t seem very interested in the wedding or helping her learn to dance. As she put it, this is a first for her, not for him, she just wanted some special memories for the both of them. Robert later surprised her with a dance, serenaded by Lyle Lovett. Okay that was just the sappiest ending ever for me!

Next week is the big wedding event, and what looks to possibly be the last new episode until the strike ends.

Desperate Housewives:

Desperate Housewives:

Posted by Dustin on 11.26.2007 at 1:34 pm

Last night’s episode of “Desperate Housewives,” was pretty good, but it was really the calm before the storm。 I’m sure everyone is on pins and needles for next week’s tornado episode!

This week Bree continued to enjoy the new baby, with both Orson being pushed out of her “family bed” and Andrew feeling forced out of the house and family. Bree kept going on and on about how the three of them were so happy, and how this was her chance to correct all the mistakes she made before. Andrew later left, saying it was time he went. He moved into a dumpy apartment, Bree came to visit and they had a great talk. Andrew had changed from the brat he was, he just didn’t think she had noticed. He’d also forgiven her for dumping him by the side of the road, which he also didn’t know if she noticed either. Great scenes between both, but I hope this means Andrew isn’t going to be written out in the near future.

Lynette spent this episode trying to find where her mother had run off to. She ended up getting in touch with her old step-father Glen, who Stella had called for money. Glen was the one stable parent Lynette felt she had and thought her mom ruined that marriage. As it turned out, Glen was gay and that is why the marriage crumbled, and Stella was a ashamed and let Lynette basically blame her instead of telling her the truth. Great scenes with them working their relationship out as well, and Stella moved in with Glen. However given they cast Richard Chamberlain as Glen, this one was no shock and could be seen from a mile away.

鼎宝福彩The ever spiteful Edie turned Gabby into the police for possibly killing her husband Victor, who turned up missing from his boat. I loath Edie at this point and don’t think I’ll get over it anytime soon. Fortunately, but unfortunately, Victor was found alive. He pretended like he had amnesia, to keep Gabby out of jail, but he remembers everything. This can’t be good for Gabby or Carlos! Victor is coming for them so it seems. I just hope Edie will get what is coming to her soon enough.

Mike remains an addict, sneaking around and taking pills on the sly. He managed to use both Adam and Orson to score his drugs this week. When his old dealer showed up to get money, Susan thought he was a good catch and tried hooking him up with Julie. Mike had to spill the truth, this was his dealer. He of course lied and said he owed him money for those pills she found, he hadn’t bought anymore. Susan however learned he was lying, and he had got a bottle prescribed by Orson. I’m really loathing this storyline! As one person commented, when did they become so poor? Mike keeps talking about how it’s so expensive living here, and with Susan, but he had his own house before. Also Susan managed to survive on her own without being down and out, even when her publisher ripped her off. This storyline isn’t making too much sense to me. I think Mike is simply using the money and having to work as an excuse to himself for why he needs the pills.

鼎宝福彩Finally some odd woman showed up to see Adam. All we know is he blames her for ruining his life and career back in Chicago. He told her to leave, but she hung around. Hmmmm, what’s going on here? Does she know anything about Dylan, or is this a separate secret?

Desperate Houswives Tornado Spoilers!

Desperate Houswives Tornado Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 11。25。2007 at 6:22 pm

A tornado touches down in 2 weeks on “Desperate Housewives.” For awhile know it’s been spoiled two people will die. Keep on reading for the two who kick the bucket.

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Project Runway: Who Is In And Who Is Out?

Project Runway: Who Is In And Who Is Out?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 11。23。2007 at 6:54 pm

So “Project Runway” this week was almost a 180 of last week’s top two and bottom two! This week the contestants had to design an outfit that would fit into Sarah Jessica Parker’s new clothing line Bitten, and it had to retail for under 40 dollars, which only have them 15 dollars for a budget! They all met with Sarah to pitch their ideas, she picked the 7 she liked most and then they were paired up in teams。 When Chris met her he was so speechless he couldn’t hardly present, and broke down saying how great it was to meet her。 Hilarious! Then Kevin presented and walked away as she held out her hand to shake it, and he didn’t realize and left! I almost died laughing!

鼎宝福彩In the end, like I said, the roles were reversed. Christian who was in the top two last week, found himself in the bottom two for his 80s inspired nightmare. As Michael Coors best put it, it was straight out of Robert Palmer’s “Addicted To Love.” Elise who was in the bottom two last week with her train wreck of a dress, was in the top two this week. The winner however was Victorya with her dress and vest combo. I liked it, but honestly not as much as Elise’s surprisingly. I did love when the spit marking technique of Elise’s was revealed that Heidi said “Don’t tell anyone that!” Too late! Marion was sent home for his burlap sack/chain mail looking nightmare of a dress. It was just terrible all around!

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