Heroes: RIP Nikki

Heroes: RIP Nikki

Posted by Dustin on 09.30.2008 at 8:40 pm

So I completely SPACED and forgot to do a “Heroes” post on the latest episode。 I’m so sorry! A quick recap as well as some thoughts。

Angela revealed to Sylar that she was his mother and she had given him up for adoption. We don’t know who his father is, but I have a sneaking suspicion it’s Adam Monroe, via an affair. That’s why he was given up, that’s why he’s so evil.

Angela teamed Sylar up with Noah to bring back the bad guys that had escaped from Level 5. Noah didn’t like the idea at all, but Sylar proved to be an impressive partner . . even if he did end up killing some of them to absorb their powers. Upon finishing the job, Sylar was put back in Level 5 lockup, for now. Okay I have to say that was it? It seems the escape of these villains was hyped as such a big part of the season, and they are already captured?

Peter from the future returned to get the current Peter out of Jesse, one of the escaped villains。 He then said he would take Peter to the future to understand the horrors that had happened, and how they have to save the world this season。 Maybe in the future Peter will remeet with the Irish lass who got left there and forgotten there? Or maybe they just want her forgotten!

The Haitian returned in this episode and had the 2nd half of the formula Daphne was looking to steal. Hiro and Ando bungled the whole thing and basically handed it over to Daphne. I have to say as silly as they played this out with the “Batman” references, I’m loving it. I really want to know who Daphne’s boss is. I’m guessing Adam!

鼎宝福彩The Haitian met up with HRG at the end of the show asking if he had been replaced as his partner? Noah told him that he planned to find Sylar’s weakness . . . and kill him! Um, he can’t die though. Has Noah forgotten that part?

Parkman continued his spirit walk with the guy in Africa。 The guy had painted portraits of Parkman on the rocks when he was only a kid。 He had painted Parkman finding his powers, finding Molly and everything that had happened since the series debut。 He also painted a future with Parkman, a wife and a baby。 However that had been changed according to him, he erased it and was beginning new paintings。 Did anyone think based on the painting that Parkman was supposed to end up with Daphne?

Finally Traci Strauss went in search of answers and her connection to Nikki. This led her to New Orleans where she found Micah at a funeral home. Nikki was in a coffin, she’s actually dead! DEAD! OMG! I was stunned by this. I also wonder if this means Micah is a goner for this show, as well as his boring cousin? I liked the actress, I was just bored with her story. Something tells me no, because I remember reading Nichelle Nichols is set to return this season for a few shows.

Micah helped Traci look for answers, cross referencing her with his mom. As it turned out, they were born at the same hospital on the same day. Traci went in search of a doctor on the birth records. He thought she was someone else, until she revealed “which” one she was. The doctor told her that he had created her. What what what! It looks like we are dealing with some insane cloning experiment gone wrong?

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ABC Spoiler Round Up

ABC Spoiler Round Up

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2008 at 6:18 pm

Spoilers for “Ugly Betty,” “Grey’s” and “Brothers and Sisters” shows in mid-October, including the “Samantha Who” premier! Also a big “Betty” spoiler in there with the return of someone from the past 。 。 。

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鼎宝福彩Heroes Spoilers – Angels and Monsters

Heroes Spoilers – Angels and Monsters

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2008 at 6:12 pm

鼎宝福彩Some more official “Heroes” spoilers for October 13th’s Episode 。 。 。

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True Blood: Are You A Necrophiliac?

True Blood: Are You A Necrophiliac?

Posted by Dustin on 09。29。2008 at 3:33 pm

The latest episode of “True Blood” was more humorous than anything. It opened with Sookie and Jason finding Dawn dead, and of course Jason was arrested. With a bottle of V on him, not wanting it to be found, he drank the whole thing. Oops! He was told not to do that. The consequences were a bit of “ED” medication overdose, as in the little disclaimer on those commercials about when they last over 4 hours to seek medical help. Poor Jason humorously tried everything to make it, um, go down. He ended up in the hospital at the end having a painful procedure to reduce the swelling. That’s when the humor died!

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile Sookie went to a vampire bar called Fangtasia with Bill to find out more about Dawn and Modette’s murders. There she met Erin, the oldest vamp around and his female side kick. When the place was about to be busted by a raid, she used her powers to pick up on an undercover cop’s thoughts and warn them. They escaped, with Bill flying her out of the place. We finally got to see some vampire powers in this episode, aside from super strength. Sookie of course now has MORE vampires interested in her powers and what she can do.

鼎宝福彩The episode ended with Sam walking one of his employees to her car. He grabbed some rubber gloves, and it looked like they were hinting he was the killer. However he used the gloves to break into Dawn’s place and not leave prints. He crossed the police line, rolled around in her bed and sniffed the sheets she laid on as she was dead. Gross! What the hell !?!? I’m now more confused about Sam than ever.

I know I can easily do searches to find out what is going on, as the show is based on books。 But I am resisting。 I am loving this show so much that I’m trying to avoid any major spoilers because I enjoy sitting down each week to see where things go。

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Brothers and Sisters: Nora 1, Holly 0

Brothers and Sisters: Nora 1, Holly 0

Posted by Dustin on 09.28.2008 at 11:07 pm

The Walkers returned and are just as dysfunctional as ever. Kitty and Robert are trying to adopt, while Kevin seems to be close to making partner at his firm. Kevin was given the keys to his boss’ summer house to take his family too. This of course is where the you-know-what hit the fan.

Kitty got upset with Sarah, who instead of writing her some letter of reference for the adoption, had Nora do it for her. Sarah had her own drama going on, telling Kitty about the Ryan find and how only Kevin and Nora knew.

Eventually Kitty blew up and told everyone about how people in this family are still keeping secrets, revealing all about Ryan。 Justin revealed he and Rebecca had started dating, which upset Rebecca。 However it seemed everyone in the family knew that already。 Sarah then revealed that Tommy and Holly were planning to fire Kevin from the company to save money。 Kevin knew loosing the Ojai account could cost him partner。

鼎宝福彩Tommy claimed firing Kevin was his idea, not Holly’s. When confronted by Nora, Holly told her the same. At this point Sarah needs to walk away from the company, and take potential clients with her. If Holly and Tommy think they can run the business, let them try! I want to see them both fall on their faces.

Nora rocked Holly’s word at the end of the episode when she knocked “Miss Queen Adulterating Bee” off her high throne there letting her know William cheated on her as well and had a son. Oh you know that hurt Holly, as she probably always secretly hoped Rebecca was William’s. Now she knows she wasn’t, and William had a son with some other woman. Finally Holly gets only a fraction of what has been coming to her!

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Desperate Housewives: It’s Been Five Years

Desperate Housewives: It’s Been Five Years

Posted by Dustin on 09.28.2008 at 10:49 pm

Tonight was the big season premier, and five year jump for “Desperate Housewives。” Here are my thoughts, with some important “5 year jump” recap notes。

Eddie returned to Wisteria Lane after five years with her new and very shady husband Dave. When he really insisted the tenant in Eddie’s house accept a wad of cash to get lost by time he finished counting to 5, yeah you knew there was something wrong with him! We later learned he is under a doctor’s care, was recently released from a mental hospital for “rage” and was the one who insisted he and Eddie returned to Wisteria Lane. Why? Because he has a grudge. Who is he angry about? That we don’t know, but they live there. I’m getting the feeling it’s the one person you’d least suspect . . . Mrs. Mccluskey! I bet she’s his mommy. I think he was given up for adoption.

Lynette’s two boys, the twins, had grown up to be popular partying terrors. Big shock! Tom meanwhile was impressed by their coolness as he was a band geek, leaving Lynette to be the disciplinary. He finally realized their kids where basically going to end up in jail if he didn’t step up and discipline them, which he did. For me this was the Zzzzz storyline of the show. Not to mention we saw nothing of Penny or Porter, the other two kids. Hello . . . do they even exist anymore?

The shocker storyline, and what most of us were tuning in for, was the Susan and Mike drama。 Susan’s new man is Jackson, who is her house painter。 A few years back Susan and Mike were involved in a car accident。 A woman, with her child in the car, unknowingly ran a stop sign that had fallen over。 She ran right into Susan and Mike’s car。 They lived, she and her child however died。 The guilt got to Susan and apparently led to the break-up of their marriage。 Mike realized it was a terrible accident, Susan apparently never did。 Susan still feels guilt over what happen。 Jackson wants a relationship with her, but she feels she’s not deserving。 I have to say I don’t think the FANS are deserving of this storyline! I mean what what what? I’m sorry but from what little we’ve seen, this is a big disappointment。 Susan and Mike broke up over this? This wasn’t even their fault! Sorry, I’m just NOT feeling this story。 I hope there is a lot, and I mean a LOT more we are missing out on here。

Bree had became famous and was working on promoting a cookbook, while her partner Katherine was unjustly stuck on the sidelines. As it turned out, Bree stole a lot of the recipe’s in her award winning book from Katherine, which upset Katherine. Katherine had no idea what had happened to her friend, how she had become what she had. In a flashback we learned that Danielle returned at some point. She had gotten her life together, married a lawyer and showed up one day to pick up her son Benjamin. Orson was “gone” according to Bree when this happened. From a preview from next week, Orson apparently went to jail for a little while. I’m guessing because of Mike’s hit-n-run? Anyway, it seems clear after losing Benjamin that Bree threw herself into her career and this book, and Katherine got pushed to the side. Now while I loved Bree’s new attitude and look, I’m hoping Katherine isn’t going to also be pushed to the side this season as a side character. She was such a big part of last season and the revitalization of this show that they best not do that. Yes she’s not an “original” wife, but she became an important character.

Finally Gabby and Carlos’ storyline, as usual, provided the humor。 Gabby has had 2 kids and Carlos is still blind。 Gabby’s oldest is 4, but apparently the size of a 7 year old from comments of others in the episode。 Gabby began to become self conscience about her “fat” daughter, but in reality what the real issue was was that she herself was feeling “fat” and not like the woman Carlos had married。 Gabby provided the humor, in an incredibly child abusing way to be honest。 When she couldn’t get her little girl to go running in the park for some exercise, she made her run home behind the car under the guise of the game they were racing! As sick and twisted as it all was, something tells me somewhere in this season there will be a mother-daughter beauty pageant being won。 I mean hello, we are talking about Gabby here。

All in all, I think the whole 5 year jump actually worked. I was interested in a lot of the stories, I liked some of the flashbacks, but had a few issues. Lynette and Tom’s twins storyline was filler, so I hope it gets better. I can’t believe it, but I miss Kayla the demon spawn! Meanwhile I feel really disappointed and ripped off by what happened to Mike and Susan.

Side Note: Brothers and Sisters Premier Thoughts Up Tomorrow (at the latest)!

Swingtown To Air On Bravo

Swingtown To Air On Bravo

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2008 at 9:29 pm

is reporting that Bravo will re-air “Swingtown” this fall, but will not produce new episodes.

Here is hoping a new audience gives it a try to generate some buzz for a possible pick-up somewhere!

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Grey’s Anatomy’s 2 Hour Premier

Grey’s Anatomy’s 2 Hour Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09。25。2008 at 11:16 pm

Tonight was the 2 hour season premier of “Grey’s.” Unfortunately it’s late and I am on the road tomorrow for a conference, so I’m going to have to simply make some quick thoughts on the premier rather than try and do thoughts and a recap.

鼎宝福彩First up, OMG Meredith and Derrek. It’s like we are back to square one with these two with Meredith deciding they should move in together, then deciding she wasn’t sure, then listening to Christina who told her it was a mistake. Well first of all, Christina is worse at relationships than Meredith, so don’t listen to her. Plus she’s still bitter about Burke! Fortunately by the end of the episode they worked it out and Meredith did move in with McDreamy.

Rose became psycho nurse in this episode. First she told Derrek she was pregnant . . . just kidding! Then she stabbed his hand in the OR! She eventually transferred to the Pediatric unit by the end of the episode to get away with Derrek. Yeah, great, send the nut to work with the kids!

Seattle Grace dropped from number 2 in the teaching hospital rankings to number 12! They also went from the number 1 local trauma unit to 2, which meant all their trauma’s were being taken to another hospital。 I have to say, it’s such a dysfunctional hospital are they shocked? The Chief decided things had to change, they had all gotten lazy, no more。

Callie and Hahn danced around the kiss for the entire episode. It wasn’t till the very end we found they are both virgin lesbians so to speak, but are going to give it a go. Okay this is going to be weird, but in a good way, I think. Oh the things these two are going to say and talk about!

Lexie spent the whole episode pining after George, and being called out by McSteamy。 Mark was great with his teasing of her。 When she finally got the courage to tell George how she felt, she was unknowingly shot down by him when he said they were more than just roommates, she was his best friend。 Ouch! I think they’d make a cute couple, but George is just totally clueless。

Alex continues to be an ass to Izzie, blowing up when Izzie made some innocent comment to Meredith, who repeated it。 Frankly I’m really tired of Alex’s attitude。 I was tired of it 2 seasons ago。 Maybe the chief will cut him?

鼎宝福彩The best part of the whole episode was the new “army doc” who showed up with one of the traumas and took an immediate liking to Christina, and vice versa. He has sliced open his leg and stapled it closed with no meds. He asked her to help, and she got some sick kick out of it! Wow these two are a match made in heaven honestly. He was offered a job at the hospital by the Chief.

Betty’s Back! Season 3 Premier

Betty’s Back! Season 3 Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09。25。2008 at 9:39 pm

鼎宝福彩“Ugly Betty” returned tonight with the third season premier. A quick recap and my initial thoughts on the start of the season follows.

The show opened with Betty choosing neither Gio nor Henry and going on the trip for a month all by herself. Within 30 seconds, Gio and Henry were just gone! I thought that was a tad cold honestly. I mean this was such a huge storyline last season and this season it was just over in under a minute.

Betty returned from her trip with a renewed purpose, she wanted to move out of her dad’s house and get out on her own. This of course ended up with her being taken by a real estate agent and ending up with a nasty rundown apartment.

Hilda is still dating Coach Diaz, but doesn’t seem to want to address the fact that he has a wife. The coach swears it’s over between them, but the wife kept calling. Clearly she’s not about to let the coach walk out on her. Hilda’s in for a shock I’m sure. This might be one fight Hilda might not be able to win.

Betty returned to work, only to find Daniel was out and Willamina had taken over. Daniel was now running “Player” magazine while taking care of his French demon spawn who was a little terror. Daniel kept trying to be the cool dad and not like his own dad, and in the end the kid was running wild with no control. Honestly he annoyed me so much I would not miss him if he went back to France at this point. Daniel eventually got mad and laid down the law and the kid finally apologized for being a brat.

At work, Willamina was upset when Alexis cut her extravagant budget, so she set out to get some money back by destroying “Hot Flash。” She staged an interview on “Regis and Kelly” in which Kelly and Regis ripped on Alexis and “Hot Flash。” As a result Alexis downgraded it to basically an insert in other Meade magazines。 What what what! I love Claire, they better not be getting rid of her air time along with “Hot Flash。” When Claire found out, she warned Alexis whether she realized it or not, she was having her strings pulled by Willamina and sooner or later, Willamina would oust her too。 How Alexis can’t see Willy’s been playing her all this time, since the beginning of the whole show, is beyond me。

Ignacio got a job working at a fast food restaurant, where Betty’s nemesis Kimmy from High School works as the manager。 When she found out who Ignacio’s daughter was, she started cutting his shift hours。 Betty and Hilda went to confront “the boss” and that’s when Betty realized it was her old nemesis, which lead to a major food fight。 This was the funniest part of the show, mainly thanks to Hilda’s comments。 She was ready to bust some ass and even wore her big ring, too funny! She’s fast becoming my favorite on this show。

As a result of the fight, Kimmy fired Betty’s dad. This caused Betty to suck it up and apologize. Kimmy finally admitted to Betty that she wasn’t still being a bully, she was jealous. Betty had a great job, an apartment; while everything had gone to hell for Kimmy. Kimmy re-hired Ignacio after Betty gave her a pep talk. Why am I seeing Betty getting Kimmy a job at Daniel’s new magazine “Player?” I don’t know why, it just seems like the place she’d fit in. Maybe I’m projecting though . . .

Speaking of Daniel’s new magazine and Betty’s new job . . . hate it! Absolutely hate it. Daniel claims he’s happy and more at place there, but I think he hates it too. Betty put it best, it’s a magazine aimed at 18 to 39 year old immature men. Next week’s previews have Betty going to work for Willy, which should be hilarious.

Betty found out that her family decided to fix up her rat trap apartment, which in the end turned out to be pretty nice. Betty had made a list of her new priorities. One was to get an apartment . . . check. Two was to get more responsibility at work . . . check. Three was to avoid any more romantic entanglements . . . Oops! This is when Betty met her new neighbor Jessie, who was practicing his guitar a little too loudly for a gig. Yup, she’s already crushing!

Interestingly, number four on her list was to start a blog。 It was never brought up, but I hope it happens。 Something tells me though it will be part of an online website to tie-in to the show。

All in all, aside from the fact that I HATE Betty and Daniel’s new job, good show!

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Mary McDonnell Guests On Grey’s!

Mary McDonnell Guests On Grey’s!

Posted by Dustin on 09.24.2008 at 4:26 pm

is reporting on news first shared on a that Mary McDonnell is set to guest on “Grey’s Anatomy” this season. The role has not yet been named, but it could be a multiple-episode arc. Mary is best known to a legion of fans for playing the President on “Battle Star Galactica.”

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