Project Runway Thoughts

Project Runway Thoughts

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.31.2009 at 4:34 pm

鼎宝福彩It’s been awhile since I did a “Project Runway” post so I thought I would do one. Frankly I haven’t been into this season as much, because I feel Michael Koors and Nina Garcia have only been judging sporadically. I think that the show not only loses something, but it makes the judging very unbalanced. I mean one guest just a week won’t offset the voting balance, but when you have 2-3 guests a week . . . how do you keep judging stable and fair?

鼎宝福彩As much as I still love Christopher, I was shocked they kept him over Sharin a few weeks back. Christopher really should have gone. I was stunned they kept Nicholas as long as they did too. He should have gone weeks ago. Last night Logan went, which I wasn’t too sad about. Gordana’s looks wasn’t that great, but she has been better overall than Logan.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile “Meana Irina” as Logan called her, she really is a snot. She’s talented, but since she hasn’t ever been in the bottom, I think she’s put herself on a pedestal. Can’t wait till someone knocks her off, but I think she’ll make it to the finals (along with the two blonds).

Grey’s and Private Practice: Conflicts and Testimonies

Grey’s and Private Practice: Conflicts and Testimonies

Posted by Dustin on 10.30.2009 at 2:44 pm

Grey’s Anatomy
Last night’s “Grey’s” was great and much like the “Grey’s” of old. The whole episode, well most of it, surrounded a co-worker at the hospital who had an inoperable brain tumor, so he was told, and came to Derek to save his life. Derek didn’t think it was possible at first, but later did. The Chief however put his foot down. There would be no surgery, the guy was sure to die, he didn’t think insurance would cover it and it was sure to bring a lawsuit against them.

The power struggle began as Derek planned to defy the Chief and do the surgery. Oh yeah, Derek has not been happy with the Chief and he was flexing his muscles. Of course the kicker was that everyone on staff was behind Derek! Even Bailey helped warn him when the Chief was close to finding him in surgery. The Chief did though, and it was Arizona who stood up to him and told him off for being a bully basically. Woohoo! The Chief was stunned when he realized he had a mutiny going on.

鼎宝福彩In the end, Derek saved the guy, performing what everyone was calling the surgery of his career, one he could retire on. The Chief told Derek “Your fired!” Derek then turned around and said “Sleep on it, think about it, we’ll talk tomorrow!” DAYUM! Checkmate basically. Derek knows after that surgery, the Chief can’t fire him . . . and the Chief knows it too. He’s golden, hospitals all over will want him. I have to say, I loved seeing everyone basically turning on the Chief in this episode.

Private Practice
Over on “Private Practice,” the two women that Naomi implanted the wrong embryos in were back. The two women had become good friends, as the one woman’s husband couldn’t take what happened and had basically left her. However problems occurred. That woman was having problem’s with the baby, eventually she lost it. The other woman was devastated, her husband was dead and that was her last chance to conceive. Then a double whammy when the other woman’s husband came back, she felt like she was all alone now except for the baby, she didn’t even have her friend anymore. She planned to run and keep the couple’s baby. Even though she did, the other woman felt she would come back with it as she was a good person and would do the right thing. My guess is we still haven’t seen the end of this story.

Sam and Addison continued to fight over whether to hire Charlotte. Addison was for it, but Sam against it as he basically just didn’t like her. Even Cooper had some issues with her joining the practice.

The big story of course was Violet was called to testify against Katie. She was paralyzed with fear at first, and later Katie’s dad asked to meet her. He said how Katie was getting better and felt Violet was the only one helping her. He said he won’t excuse what she did, but if she goes to jail, she’ll not get help and relapse. He said Katie wanted to meet with her, and Violet agreed to hear her out. Katie seemed more calm and rational. She said she was not herself that night, she had to see it, she is not that monster. Violet let into her, saying she ripped her baby out, she left her to die, why should she care what Katie wants? It was an emotional performance, I think it’s going to get Amy an Emmy nom and possibly a win.

In the end, Violet did the right thing professionally by not lying, saying in her professional opinion Katie was delusional that night. Pete was furious with her, telling her later that Katie had to be punished. Violet then realized Katie hadn’t just hurt her, she hurt him as well. She reached out, but he backed away. He told Violet to “just come back to him” and walked off.

I’m not surprised that Violet did what was best for Katie, even if Katie didn’t deserve her sympathy. It’s who Violet is. I think in a way it will also help Violet heal . . . but now it seems Pete has to heal as well. I think he’s put all his focus on the baby that he’s ignoring his own issues. Why do I smell Sheldon to the rescue?

Eastwick: We Hardly Knew You Chad . . . .

Eastwick: We Hardly Knew You Chad . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.29.2009 at 5:08 pm

鼎宝福彩I’m still loving “Eastwick,” and still uneasy that it’s the one of the few new series left that ABC hasn’t picked up . . . . Please don’t cancel it ABC!

鼎宝福彩Last night we saw the demise of Chad’s character as Daryl’s statue fell on him. I knew it was going to happen from next week’s episode release, but it still sucked. However the show is clearly getting the men in the women’s lives out of the way it seems (Kat’s husband, Will for Joanna). I’m thinking a major orgy episode in which Daryl has his way with each woman must be coming up!

鼎宝福彩Still loving Bun, but Daryl doesn’t seem to think she really has amnesia, and I’m beginning to wonder it too after her actions last night. Meanwhile the Irish guy (whose name I’m forgetting) claimed Daryl killed his mother . . . Is Bun not his mother after all? Technically all she said was she held him when he was born, and Roxie just assumed she was his mother, but she could have been there for one of the other 2? Sybil returns next week as one of the other 2 women, the one living out in the woods. We still don’t know who that 3rd is . . . . Is she the mom? Is she dead?

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Heroes: Holding Out For Heroes Is Getting Hard!

Heroes: Holding Out For Heroes Is Getting Hard!

Posted by Dustin on 10.28.2009 at 7:23 pm

I remember when I was so excited for Monday nights, “Heroes” and then “Medium” were on, NBC was good. Now “Medium” is on CBS and “Heroes” . . . . sadly I think I’ve finally reached the point where if I miss an episode or don’t pay close attention it doesn’t kill me. Granted I have a lot going on in my personal life right now, but TV is usually my scapegoat and time to vege and chill. However I find myself not being interested in “Heroes” much lately. Case in point, the following is pretty much what I recall happening on the show . . .

Matt continued to struggle with Sylar, who was now taking over his mind and threatening to harm his family. Matt remained determined to keep Sylar stuck in his prison cell/head.

鼎宝福彩Noah called in Tracy to help him with the healer kid Jeremy, who was arrested and was being held until a next-of-kin showed up. He had Tracy pose as her aunt. Later Tracy found herself sucked into Samuel’s traveling carnival.

Samuel got pissed at the end and started using his power (which I still am not sure what it is, be it ink marking or moving the earth) and started making some building crumble.

鼎宝福彩Claire and Gretchen went through sorority initiation.

鼎宝福彩Yeah that’s about what I remember! I went ad did read the official recap, so I know what I missed. Should I have a free moment I’ll watch the whole show over. However I just feel a bit sad. I have felt since last season that this season would be the final one for “Heroes.” I think more so now that I have a hard time watching it. I know I’m not alone either, but I also know many people still enjoy it. I am hoping it gets really good again so I can get back into it. I will say I do like that they seem more focused with the episodes this year, concentrating on only two or three characters in each episode.

鼎宝福彩However other things, I’m not so happy about. There are too many loose ends that still bug me. Where is the third sister of Tracy’s “Barbara?” (Not to mention how Nikki was never explained!). Will Tracy find her at the carnival? Where the heck is Micah?

鼎宝福彩I also had high hopes for the Dark Carnies, but so far the story just seems to be disjointed and a mess. I’m assuming at some point we may get a whole episode dedicated to them and their backstories which might explain everything.

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ABC Spoiler Round-Up: November Sweeps Continue . . .

ABC Spoiler Round-Up: November Sweeps Continue . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.27.2009 at 1:37 pm

鼎宝福彩Highlights in these releases include . . . . Kim Raver joins “Grey’s” as Burke/Hahn’s replacement . . . she’s Owen’s ex! Oh yeah, love triangle. Also The Chief’s wife Adele drops by, and so does Joel Grey! . . . . Daniel is joining a cult on “Ugly Betty?” . . . Giles Marini continues as Luc on “Brothers and Sisters,” where it looks like Rebecca might be pregnant?

鼎宝福彩Added Casting Bit: Levin Rambin joins “Private Practice” and “Grey’s Antomy” in some kind of cross-over role. The actress twittered about beginning filming on “Grey’s.”

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Medium and Ghost Whisperer: Early November Spoilers . . .

Medium and Ghost Whisperer: Early November Spoilers . . .

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.27.2009 at 1:19 pm

鼎宝福彩Also an updated press release for the Halloween episode of “Medium” included . . .

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Housewives and Brothers and Sisters: October 25th Show Thoughts

Housewives and Brothers and Sisters: October 25th Show Thoughts

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.26.2009 at 12:58 pm

鼎宝福彩Last nights “Desperate Housewives,” while funny, didn’t really push the stories much. My guess is they are waiting next week with the start of November sweeps. “Brothers and Sisters” was much more enjoyable!

“Desperate Housewives”
鼎宝福彩 Bree continued her affair with Karl, even though a housekeeper at the no-tell-motel disapproved.

Lynette hired Roy to be a handy man as Karen begged her to as Roy needed some extra cash. In return Roy lectured Lynette for basically emasculating her husband. Hilarious, but true! Lynette seems to need constant reminding of this, as it’s happened before.

Gabby was thought of as a bad mother on all of Wisteria Lane after a little girl got a rug burn at her house. I thought this was hilarious as the mother was upset that the kids were sliding down the carpeted steps. Every kid did that, it’s one of the best games ever!

鼎宝福彩Julie came home from the hospital and was spooked. Danny and her talked, he knew about her and his father. She swore it was over . . . and was pretty sure her dad didn’t attack her. He had something to help her . . . .

鼎宝福彩Danny confronted his dad about cheating on mom. He basically blackmailed the kid and said this news wouldn’t kill his mother, but knowing Danny knew about it would! He also made some sly comment about how if he thinks he is the bad guy here, he’s wrong. So clearly the mother has some big secrets as well! Since he’s had an affair, I’m thinking it’s something else.

鼎宝福彩Finally the show basically ended with Susan shooting out the window by accident, and shooting Katherine! Katherine claimed she was taken part in the neighborhood watch Susan organized, but more likely she was crazy-stalking their house again. Katherine only got a flesh wound and Angie talked her out of pressing charges by playing on her beliefs that Mike returned her feelings and this would complicate their reconciliation. She had to do it because Danny gave Julie their gun, and it was registered in their real name. If the cops checked, they were busted!

“Brothers and Sisters”
Holly learned all the money William left her that she invested was embezzled and is basically gone. She cried to David all she has is her stocks in the company, she’s broke, she’s back to where she began. Really? Seriously? Hey Holly, karma is a bitch and I am loving this news! Maybe she’ll sell out her shares and leave the company . . . yeah hoping too much?

Sarah’s kids came home, so she had to hide her French lover Luc at her mom’s house. Nora wasn’t thrilled, but Kitty who is still recovering was. She was just about to leave when he arrived, and she decided she needed a few more days of rest. She then called the entire family who would get a kick out of this guy to come over and watch him swim laps. Rebecca, Kevin, Scotty, even Saul showed up as they all ogled him basically. The best scene in the episode was when Luc (Giles) got out of the pool, nobody wanted to give him a towel, so Saul walked over and started talking French to him!

By the end of the episode Sarah told her kids about Luc, and that Aunt Kitty had cancer. Robert meanwhile took Kitty out to celebrate her first round of treatments. He planned a fancy rooftop dinner and she tried to tell him this wasn’t necessary. As she insisted he treat her normally, fireworks burst overhead. Huge, Disneyland like fireworks! My state is one of the many with a governor up for election this November, so of course all I could think was “Hey Mr. republican senator, I hope you financed every drop of that display and it didn’t come from the taxpayers!”

Also going on this week, Kevin and Scotty picked their surrogate. Scotty had a friend (and I believe co-worker) in mind who needed the money. He planned to have her around as he and Kevin discussed the surrogacy idea, the problems they were having and how much they would pay the person. Knowing she needed the money, she jumped at the opportunity to volunteer. Kevin wasn’t crazy about her, but by the end of the episode agreed. However the eggs were coming from someone else, she was only the surrogate.

鼎宝福彩Next week looks good as Tommy finally returns. It is, however, only a brief return. He’s not coming back full time. His ex-wife is also supposed to make an appearance as well. Love her, wish we could have kept her!

Ghost Whisperer & Medium Thoughts

Ghost Whisperer & Medium Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 10.25.2009 at 8:12 pm

鼎宝福彩So I am combining “Ghost Whisperer” and “Medium” into one. “Medium” I realize I haven’t done a post on since the debut, but I find it hard to talk about sometimes when there is no story arch that’s advancing the plot. I find myself having the same issue with this week’s “Ghost Whisperer” as it clearly was a stand alone episode this week.

鼎宝福彩“Ghost Whisperer” was about a computer genius (Chad Lowe) who basically locks himself in his house and is haunted by an ex-girlfriend who had his baby but never told him. It was a different twist on a story I’m almost positive the show has done before. It really didn’t make any headway with the hospital ghosts at all, it was simply a stand-alone episode. While not bad, it wasn’t great either.

“Medium” meanwhile has been a string of stand-alone episodes since the debut, with a few advancements made. Allison is slowly getting better, regaining the use of her hand and the side of her body that was paralyzed. Joe meanwhile is working at a new job for a genius who doesn’t really want help, but has to use his budget so hires people to sit around and do whatever they want. Joe is slowly convincing the guy he can be of use to him.

鼎宝福彩I love Joe’s new haircut (finally!) and I also love seeing the kids used more. It’s so funny to hear Marie actually talking as much as she does. She didn’t talk for so long and now she doesn’t shut up!

Glee Casting News!

Glee Casting News!

Posted by Dustin on 10.25.2009 at 1:24 pm

鼎宝福彩Jonathan Groff will star in about 5 episodes of “Glee” beginning in January. He’ll be the male lead of “Vocal Adrenaline,” which is the main competition for the glee club kids. He also is said to be a potential love interest for Rachel.

鼎宝福彩In other news, both Josh Grobin AND Kristin Chenowith are set to return for another episode at some point.

And get this “Idol” fans, Ryan Murphy is considering having Adam Lambert on in a guest spot as well!

鼎宝福彩Sources: EW.com, Entertainment Weekly,

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Ugly Betty . . . Against The World

Ugly Betty . . . Against The World

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.24.2009 at 7:28 pm

鼎宝福彩In the latest episode of “Ugly Betty,” Betty found herself desperately trying to get an article in the upcoming edition of “Mode” as she was the only associate editor without a piece. A jealous Mark was out to sabotage her story, and did, in hopes he would be given her job.

I have to say I’m tired of everyone being against Betty! I don’t like that Mark is not her friend anymore and is trying to take her down, and I don’t like that Matt is basically being such a little bitch. Everyone pointed out to him this week that he knows nothing about fashion, doesn’t care about it and is only here because of Betty.

鼎宝福彩Matt did at least begin to open up and tell Betty he knows he’s being a jerk, he’s just still very angry about how things ended.

I want to see something go right for Betty and soon!

Meanwhile, Daniel ended up bonding with a punk-rock woman (Jamie-Lynn Sigler) at a support group. They were cute together, but I don’t want Daniel falling in love with anyone anytime soon. He needs to make sure Willie doesn’t succeed in taking over “Mode.”

Finally Willie found Connor in Bermuda, but he vanished again on her, not before giving her a kiss and telling her when she was ready to run away and be with him, he’d find her. Well we know she’s not going to do that, or will she? I could see her taking the offer to protect Nico at some point.

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