Friday Night Spookies!

Friday Night Spookies!

Posted by Dustin on 01.30.2010 at 2:32 pm

Last night was a new line-up of the Friday Night Spooky Shows。 Here are some thoughts 。 。 。

On “Ghost Whisperer” Melinda and company investigated the case of a guy haunted by visions of killing his girlfriend. In truth he was having memories of his biological father killing his mother (he was adopted as a young boy). His father was haunting him and giving him the visions. Both his father and sister had some fatal form of a sleep disorder, and the father was convinced demons would possess him if he slept. He thought the son had it as well and was tormenting him, keeping him awake. He was also trying to ruin his son’s relationship, he was engaged and planning on children. The father thought the issue would be passed down to another generation. The son didn’t have the disorder though, and Melinda ended up saving the world again!

This wasn’t one of my favorite episodes. In fact I got a little bored with it and my mind drifted. I feel like that has been happening a lot lately with this show. While it’s still #1 on Friday’s, because it really is the only thing on, I feel with so little competition perhaps the show is getting a little sloppy or lazy with the stories?

It was good to see Jim back and part of the story. I also noticed when he introduced himself to the patient he called himself Jim, not Sam Lucas. At this point I think the show realized what an utter flop last season’s story was and is trying to erase act like there is no Sam.

Over on “Medium,” Allison was investigating the case of a girl running away from a psych ward and supposedly killing her doctor. Allison soon began to suspect the girl’s roommate brother of having killed the doctor, the run-away girl as well as his/the roommate’s parents, who she was convicted of killing in fact. So confusing I know! This was one of those episodes that if your mind wandered, you would have missed something big. In the end, it turned out the roommate and the brother formulated a plan to kill their rich parents, she would act crazy to take the blame then be released when better, but she talked too much to her catatonic roommate who then began repeating what she told her. So they had to kill the roommate, the brother killed the doctor (who knew their secret) and then the girl killed her brother as well in order to get all the parents money for herself. Phew even trying to type that out made me tired!

I really liked this episode mainly because it was so twisty, and it was one where I didn’t even guess the ending till it happened. They kept it a secret up until the very end that the one girl wasn’t crazy, just acting. I liked that!

I also loved that the second story in this episode involved Bridgett having boy problems. However they just seemed to cut this story off with Ariel pointing out to Bridgett that she did like this boy, as she kept drawing him over and over in her notebook really well. Marie it seemed also had a crush on him, as she had been writing over and over “I Love Finn.” One of Marie’s pages got into Bridgett’s notebook and Bridgett thought she must have spaced out and done it, that she must like this boy, but later realized it was Marie who had the crush. This upset her as for once she thought she had done something normal. I do have to say, for someone who just started using full sentences this season (Marie), she has some very grown up handwriting!

I am really hoping that sometime soon we get some storyline arcs on both these shows. Some episodes that start stringing together to further some plot of the season. More on Joe’s job on “Medium” and perhaps some way to wrap up all the hospital ghosts left hanging on “Ghost Whisperer.” The shinnies storyline really doesn’t interest me too much on that show unfortunately.

Ghost Whisperer and Medium Spoilers!

Ghost Whisperer and Medium Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 01.29.2010 at 4:31 pm

Why I don’t know, but February seems to be filled with a lot of reruns for both shows! Isn’t this sweeps month? The only shows that aren’t repeats are for February 5th. Then the next new one is March 5th (“Medium” release is out, nothing for “Ghost Whisperer” yet).


Margaret Cho (“Drop Dead Diva”) Guest Stars as Professor Avery Grant, Ned’s College Professor

“Dead to Me” – When Ned’s Occult Anthropology professor is stalked by the ghost of a secret admirer, a Ouija board is used to try and solve the mystery but instead creates a new one that threatens a life, on GHOST WHISPERER, Friday, Feb. 5 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Diedrich Bader (“Batman: The Brave and the Bold,” “The Drew Carey Show”) Guest Stars as Fred Rovick, the Man Whose Face Allison Keeps Seeing in Other People

“Will the Real Fred Rovick Please Stand Up?” – A perplexed Allison must figure out why she keeps seeing the face of one man in the faces of other people in her daily life, including that of her husband, Joe。 Also, Ariel makes an interesting acquaintance while babysitting a challenging young boy, on MEDIUM, Friday, Feb。 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network。


Guest Stars Include Laura Prepon (“That ’70s Show”) as Self-Defense Instructor Kira Hudack and Dean Norris (“Breaking Bad”) as Detective Scanlon’s Brother, Paul

“How to Beat a Bad Guy” – After Allison is mugged, she decides to take charge by enrolling in self-defense classes. Also, Devalos investigates a teenager’s rape and an undercover cop’s possible murder, and the suspect may have very close ties to Scanlon, on MEDIUM, Friday, March 5 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Guest stars include Laura Prepon as self-defense instructor Kira Hudack, and Dean Norris as Detective Scanlon’s brother, Paul.

John Barrowman Joins Desperate Housewives!

John Barrowman Joins Desperate Housewives!

Posted by Dustin on 01.29.2010 at 3:50 pm

It was rumored to happen some time ago, but now it appears official according to . “Torchwood’s” John Barrowman will join “Desperate Housewives” as the bad guy behind Angie Bowen’s mystery, the guy she’s apparently on the run from. He’ll appear on the last five episodes of the season.

Ugly Betty Canceled

Ugly Betty Canceled

Posted by Dustin on 01.27.2010 at 4:58 pm

鼎宝福彩 is now reporting that the producers of “Ugly Betty” have been informed by ABC that the show will not have another season. Worse yet, they are chopping off 2 episodes of what was supposed to be a 22 episode season.

The show has been preparing for this possibility and has always been working towards what could be a series finale this year. Many have noted that they have been heavily hinting at a Daniel/Betty pairing, which is how the original telenovela ended.

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鼎宝福彩So You Wanna Be On Glee?

So You Wanna Be On Glee?

Posted by Dustin on 01.26.2010 at 8:39 pm

Fox has announced that it will be casting 3 roles for next season via online submissions from amateurs and professionals, ages 16-26, and yes anyone can submit an audition video!

More information is expected to be made available in February on their website 。

鼎宝福彩The three lucky winners will not be revealed until the season 2 premier next fall. In the meantime, Glee is taping new episodes for the second half of season 1, set to start in April.

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Project Runway: The New Season!

Project Runway: The New Season!

Posted by Dustin on 01.26.2010 at 6:40 pm

So I saw the entire 2nd episode of “Runway” and the last 20 minutes of the first one, which means I missed all the intros of the designers. However I can read that online, and by week 4 Lifetime will start their weekend marathons of the show for sure.

As always, I don’t know anyone’s name except for Ping, because it’s a name that sticks with you, and she made that dress with the girl’s ass hanging out!

I haven’t decided on who I like and don’t like yet, and who I think will be a problem. The one guy who dresses really outrageous and flashy (reminds me of Jeffery actually from a few seasons ago) I think could be the jerk of the season. He seems really full of himself and in the previews for this week a complete jerk.

So far it seems like they actually have a lot of people with real talent this season。 That was a problem last season I feel, nobody was a real “WOW” factor in the show。

I was shocked on this last show that the girl who made the denim dress was booted。 I thought for sure Jesus (yeah his name is easy to remember too) with his ribbon covered outfit would go simply because he used more ribbon than the potato sack (and usually they hate when the designers cheat like that in these specific challenges)。

As a final note, I am thrilled though that they are back in New York, as it seems like Michael Koors and Nina Garcia are back as full time judges. Their lack of presence last season I think really hurt the show.

ABC February/V-Day Week Spoilers

ABC February/V-Day Week Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 01.25.2010 at 7:38 pm

鼎宝福彩Some ABC Spoiler Releases for the week before Valentine’s Day, which result in some V-Day episodes for “Grey’s” and “Private Practice.” “Ugly Betty” is an episode that was supposed to air on February 3rd, but for some reason has been bumped.

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Heroes: Feb 1st Spoilers, The Wall

Heroes: Feb 1st Spoilers, The Wall

Posted by Dustin on 01.25.2010 at 4:40 pm

Details for the February 1st episode of “Heroes” titled “The Wall” follows 。 。 。 。

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Grey’s and Private Practice: Relationship Hell!

Grey’s and Private Practice: Relationship Hell!

Posted by Dustin on 01。23。2010 at 6:59 pm

Just my random thoughts on this week’s “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice。”

鼎宝福彩So there were a lot of fall-outs this week based on last week’s show。 The first was between Christina, Teddy and Owen。 Teddy had to stick around and finish out her contract, and while Christina said she didn’t mean what she said when she offered Owen to her, Teddy wasted little time telling Owen。 While Owen remained committed to Christina, man is this going to make work a bitch! Once again Christina is probably going to get screwed by her mentor/teacher。 I still expect something to happen at some point between her and the other Mercy West doctor。

Derek and Meredith argued most of this episode over the Chief, who Derek wanted to turn in for drinking again。 Meredith knew he just wanted the Chief’s job。 Meredith kept trying to claim their post-it note marriage as to why he couldn’t betray her confidence。 I thought these two were supposed to get married for real at some point。 Based on the upcoming spoiler releases, it looks like Meredith might end up in trouble after a botched surgery。 A post-it note marriage won’t help her out there if Derek has to testify against her!

We saw Izzie’s brief return, and while she wanted to try and find a way to stay in town and work things out with Alex, he told her to go and take another job elsewhere。 Ouch! I get the bad feeling that the show might not bring Izzie back honestly。 It seems like they are trying to write her out。 The actress was on leave to film a movie then on maternity leave。 She’s been gone so long now I’m worried the show is going to just leave it that way。

Mark returned and both he and Lexie confessed their indiscretions. My mouth hit the floor when he was hurt and shocked that Lexie would sleep with Alex while he was hurting and worried about his daughter. Good for her pointing out it didn’t stop him from sleeping with Addison (which by the way he did over and over and over again and was ready to make a life with her in LA, something he didn’t tell Lexie!). No Mark, you don’t get to be the victim. What a jerk! While I liked him and Lexie together, now I feel he doesn’t deserve her.

Over to “Practice” where the main story was the fallout of Maya revealing she was pregnant。 Naomi wasted no time in demanding she get an abortion, which was even more shocking than Maya being pregnant。 Naomi doesn’t believe in abortion! I think though it was a good story, as it shows how quickly ones beliefs about such touchy subjects can change when you find yourself faced with the issue head on。 Of course in the end, Maya didn’t go through with it。 Again I think this will bring Sam and Naomi back together as they have to help Maya with her pregnancy。 I did love Sam blowing up and saying “How could you get pregnant given what your parents do for a living!”

Violet ended up bonding with a man who lost a child his wife, and she let him believe she’s lost her child. At the very end of the show though she broke down, realizing she hadn’t lost a child, that she was letting a complete stranger think her baby was dead. I think this was a real turning point for her. Is she finally healing? Will she finally begin to bond with her son and allow herself to love him and be his mother? I hope so, as I think we’ve been waiting far too long for that to happen.

Charlotte and Cooper’s relationship continued to be in a bad way, with Cooper telling Charlotte to move out and leave the practice. I loved that Violet invited Charlotte to live with her, saying it was only because she missed her martinis. I think these two can be really good friends, and perhaps Violet may be the only hope for helping fix Cooper and Charlotte.

Heroes: Catching Up And Thoughts

Heroes: Catching Up And Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 01.22.2010 at 6:19 pm

So I had a 2 hour marathon of “Heroes” Monday night, both last week’s and this week。 Again just some quick comments and thoughts as I continue to play catch-up。

I thought the story with Claire and Sylar was interesting and not what I expected。 I thought yet again he’d have to get something from her, but all he wanted was her thoughts on his situation。 In the end he had to trick her by pretending to be Gretchen, but got what he needed。 In order to be human again he has to give up all he’s stolen。 Interesting! Could we actually see Sylar try and be cured of all his powers via a serum from Surresh?

Having Claire go gay with Gretchen I am having issues with, mainly because they’ve given her boyfriends through most of the show. Then again all her boyfriends seem to mysteriously vanish too!

I like that Lydia is onto Samuel, and with his destructive outburst at the local town, I think the rest of the Carnies are too. Also Lydia sensing Peter could be their new leader and sending him the compass was a great twist. Again unexpected, I thought for sure it would be someone like Hiro or Surresh.

Hiro putting his life on the line to save Surresh, then ending up on “trial” was interesting. I did like seeing David Anders back, wasn’t expecting that one at all! I just hope with his mother healing him that we are over this brain tumor storyline with him.

鼎宝福彩I know I’m forgetting other stories in this, it’s been awhile. I know Noah was on for a bit, but sorta wasn’t paying close attention when he was on. Then there was the Peter and Emma drama, with Mama Petrelli seeing Emma hurting many people with the cello. Peter smashing it and inuring Emma’s wrath was a bit startling. I could totally see her going bad along with Samuel, Samuel dying and then her just snapping. Though at the same time I feel they are setting up this drama and tension to put her into a love story with Peter.

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