Gretchen Wins Project Runway 8, Twitter Explodes, Crunchy Granola Coming To A Walmart Near You

Gretchen Wins Project Runway 8, Twitter Explodes, Crunchy Granola Coming To A Walmart Near You

Posted by Dustin on 10.31.2010 at 11:42 am

So Gretchen won this season of “Project Runway.”

I . . . was . . . so . . . angry! I stayed up late to watch the rerun and felt I had not only wasted those 2 hours, but waisted time this entire season.

I completely expected Mondo to win, and I think he deserved to win。 I just DIDN’T understand their crappy judging this season, especially from Top Designer Michael Korrs and Neeeeenaaaa Gaaaaacccciaaaaa。

I loved Heidi trying her best to argue for Mondo at the end。 Nina and Michael were all about Gretchen’s “wearability” and “sale-able” to the mainstream woman。 I feel like in the past they have marked people down for designing clothes just like that。 Suddenly that was in, cutting edge was out。

I also felt Gretchen’s clothes were just, as they constantly said, crunchy granola boring。 How suddenly did her clothes, as Korrs put it, become what America wanted。 He said she had her finger on the pulse of fashion, that she was what was now in。

鼎宝福彩I was just overall frustrated. Some people do like Gretchen and feel she did deserved to win. One of those being Gretchen. Her lack of humility also irked me. The day after many TV/Fashion sites had interviews with her and she point blank said not only did she deserve to win, she EXPECTED to win.

I hope Gretchen did not go read Twitter after the episode, because it exploded with love for Mondo and disgust for Grouchy Gretchen.

Oh and it was sweet to see her former girl BFFs on the show turn on her at the reunion after watching the seasons episodes and seeing how nasty Gretchen was in all of her confessional interviews!

Glee Rocky Horror Show

Glee Rocky Horror Show

Posted by Dustin on 10.29.2010 at 6:33 pm

So just some thoughts on the Rocky Horror Episode of “Glee。” Overall I loved it。 The lyric changes irked me some, as did giving half of Kurt/Riff Raff’s part to Finn。 But I really enjoyed the episode。

The “Toucha Toucha Touch Me” number was probably the best, next to “Time Warp.” I enjoyed “Time Warp” the most mainly because Quinn got to sing again, and she rocked it out as Magenta.

The TTTM number however was great, because we got to not only hear Emma, but Britney and Santana as Columbia and Magenta in the background were just hilarious.

I am a bit sad that Will is stepping back from pursing Emma, but he is putting her first and not himself . . . which basically means he’ll win in the end (hopefully!).

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Grey’s and Private Practice November 11th Spoilers

Grey’s and Private Practice November 11th Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 10。29。2010 at 2:52 pm

What follows are the spoilers for the 2nd week of November for “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice。”

– Peter MacNicol joins “Grey’s Anatomy” as a new pediatric doc.
– Charlotte suffers in silence on “Private Practice.”

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Parenthood Thoughts and November Spoilers

Parenthood Thoughts and November Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 10。27。2010 at 8:00 pm

So it’s been awhile since I blogged about “Parenthood.” I still watch and still love it, though some of the characters I just want to scream at. Some quick thoughts, followed by the spoilers for the next new episode (in two weeks).

鼎宝福彩I loved the Halloween episode with Max taking to Trick-Or-Treating, even though his mom worried he wouldn’t and she herself hated the holiday. Boo to her!

Julia and Joel have been aggravating me. I felt she was making great strides in treating Joel like an equal partner and saying she’s respect his need to work as well and not be the house mom to their next kid . . . . then this week’s episode happened and she was basically back to square one. Joel finally got a chance to do a small private job, and when she was needed to deal with their kid, she just couldn’t handle it. In the end her true feelings came out when she blurted out something along the lines of “I am charging 600 dollars an hour to a client, I can’t watch the kid so you can grout some guys tub.” OUCH! Start slipping her some birth control on the side Joel, otherwise you’re gunna be raising this next kid with no help from mom! In a way though, it’s great that they’ve completely turned the gender roles around here. (Mental note to self, use this as a lecture example in class next week).

I’m so happy that Crosby and Jasmine are tying the knot. From the previews, I feared she might say no! However it was Jabar who was basically not all that impressed. Crosby’s family was happy . . . no word yet on how Jasmine’s family will take the news. I am hoping Renee will support it . . . in a previous show she basically told Crosby he should get married to Jasmine . . . actually I kinda felt what she was saying was “Your the man, control that woman, she should be home with her kid and not running across Europe dancing!”

Haddie has a part time job at a homeless shelter, where she seems to be falling for one of the employees. However based on the spoilers below, it seems like he has a secret. Amber joked at the end of the most recent episode “Are you falling for a homeless person?” Is that what is going on?

Sarah has been having an interesting love affair with her boss Gordon. However much like Julia, Gordon is a “stress and rage inducing character.” At times he’s great, for example dealing with Amber’s drunk partygirl friend. Other times he’s just a jerk, like having Adam fire his employees for him. It will be interesting to see where things go for them. It’s too bad “The Event” is sticking around NBC, because I liked Amber’s teacher and Sarah together (Jason Ritter stars on that show now).

鼎宝福彩Amber’s one and only friend, Haddie the drunk party girl, is now estranged from Amber. Sarah told Haddie’s mom what happened on Halloween, and of course it had to be bad Amber’s influence, and her rich perfect daughter would never ever act like that! Something tells me Haddie is going to end up in the ER shortly having her stomach pumped and mom will come to a shocking realization. That or both Haddie and Amber will end up in jail.

Read on for spoilers for the next show!
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Desperate Housewives: Bree’s A Red Headed Cougar!

Desperate Housewives: Bree’s A Red Headed Cougar!

Posted by Dustin on 10.26.2010 at 10:13 pm

So just some general thoughts on the latest episode. As usual my schedule this fall has been hellish with my tv viewing.

I LOVED Bree in this episode。 Her and Keith were both hilarious, yet heartwarming and touching。 The fact that Keith felt the need to be a sex maniac because he felt he wasn’t smart like Bree, and she felt she had to put out because she wasn’t as young as him, was great。 When they just talked it out 。 。 。 magic! I am so routing for these two more than ever because of this storyline, I just feel like his parents are going to be an issue when they soon show up。

We learned basically after a lot of drama that Paul found the poster of Susan, and is now blackmailing her into selling him her house. Why is Paul buying all these houses up? Apparently it’s part of his plan to turn everyone on the lane against one another. I guess he thinks since they didn’t support him, he wants them to turn on one another? He’s so gunna get himself killed in the end!

Tom asked his mom to be a nanny for the kids, without Lynette’s opinion. Ohhhh Tom. Really? Bringing in the mother-in-law without asking the wife? How long have you been married? Lynette of course took it out on her ma-in-law, then had to apologize. In the end though, we learned that Tom’s mother seems to have early stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia. She didn’t know who Penny was!

The storyline I glossed over, which apparently was the best one, was Gabby and Renne’s, in which they both opened their mouth too much about each other to the wrong people. Renee’s husband came to the Lane to try and win her back, but I did see Gabby giving her a pep talk about how much she was worth and what she shouldn’t settle for . . . which made them fast friends.

Next week is the Halloween Show. All I had to see was the two Marilynns seeing one another, one of them being Lee. I can’t wait!

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Brothers and Sisters: Nora Walker, Radio Star!

Brothers and Sisters: Nora Walker, Radio Star!

Posted by Dustin on 10。25。2010 at 9:16 pm

This week’s episode was Nora’s radio audition, and she went up against a famous radio Dr. (basically a Dr. Laura clone). Kevin and Kitty called in with their problems, to try and help Nora get the job. She helped Kitty come to terms with the fact that Robert was gone and it was okay for her to move on and plan a new life with someone else. She also helped Kevin understand that he’s been pushing Scotty away out of fear of trying again for another kid. In the end she of course got the job, mainly because she was much much cheaper than the Dr. Laura wannabe.

鼎宝福彩I really liked this episode 。 。 。 。 up until the bombshell at the end。 As Kevin was apologizing to Scotty for being distant, and suggesting that instead of trying for a kid via a surrogate they should adopt 。 。 。 Scotty broke down and revealed to Kevin that months ago he cheated!

WHAT! Scotty how could you! The irony is this is something Kevin might do, but never Scotty. It also sucks that they ruined the one really good relationship on the show with this story. Grrrrr! I’m so angry right now!

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ABC Mid-November Spoilers

ABC Mid-November Spoilers

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 10.25.2010 at 7:20 pm

Some limited spoilers for Mid-November, including “Desperate Housewives” Thanksgiving episode. For some reason “Grey’s” episode this week is a rebroadcast of the one the week prior. No word on “Private Practice,” but I’ve included the previous week’s spoilers (which were released a bit late)

-On “Private Practice,” it’s the episode in which Charlotte is . . . . .
-On “Castle,” soap star Rick Hearst guest stars!
-On “No Ordinary Family,” Cybill Shepherd plays Stephanie’s mother, who suspects her daughter’s family isn’t normal.
-On “Desperate Housewives,” Gabby hosts Thanksgiving Dinner for Grace and her family. You know this will be a disaster!
鼎宝福彩 -On “Brothers and Sisters,” Sonia Braga guests as Luc’s ma mere!

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鼎宝福彩Grey’s Anatomy: Surgery Day For Residents . . . Oh and The AddiSam Show Too

Grey’s Anatomy: Surgery Day For Residents . . . Oh and The AddiSam Show Too

Posted by Dustin on 10.24.2010 at 6:16 pm

So this week on “Grey’s,” the Chief made the attending all pitch ideas on how he should spend 1 million dollars. Basically he was challenging them to be better surgeons and propose cutting edge research.

Meanwhile the residents all became attendings for the day, getting to performs surgeries and be lead doctors on various cases。 Christina began to get her mojo back, while Meredith shined on an emergency brain surgery case。 Her main competition, Dr。 Avery, went down in flames。

The attendings pitched their ideas. Derek wanted to look for a surgical cure for Alzheimers, fearing Meredith could fall victim to the same disease her mom had, and every time she is forgetful he fears for the future. I really hated that implication, and almost felt they put it in there as a possible way to write these two out sometime in the near distant future if need be.

鼎宝福彩Hunt actually won the competition, and he was the only doctor I didn’t see pitch 。 。 。 so I have no idea what his idea was。 Baily’s pitch I thought was hilarious, telling the chief to fix the broken machines and hire another nurse rather than try and spend money on research 。 。 。 。 but they both knew he did’t have a million dollars to give away so this whole thing was pointless。

On “Private Practice,” I really just mentally blocked out most of this show due to Sam and Addison. All I recall was Amelia trying to get into Sheldon’s pants, Cooper and Charlotte discussing the possibility of kids, and Pete revealing to Violet that half his family is in the slammer. They have just cast Pete’s brother, so that story was clearly a set-up for what is to come. I fear the discussion about kids between Cooper and Charlotte may also be a set-up for the horrific story Charlotte is about to have come her way.

Brothers and Sisters: Rebecca Departs . . . .

Brothers and Sisters: Rebecca Departs . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.21.2010 at 9:40 pm

So a lot of heartache and heartbreak on the latest “Brothers and Sisters,” with much more to come.

Kitty grew closer to her handyman (Chase from “Army Wives,”) and it scared her. He felt he was moving too fast for her, but in the end she wanted to pursue the feelings. However it seems from spoilers, and casting, these two might not make it 🙁

Another couple not making it for now? Saul and his new guy Charlie (Stephen Collins)。 When Saul finally told him about his HIV status, Charlie said he couldn’t do it again。 He’d already watched a partner die slowly over ten years, he couldn’t do it again。 I’m not so sure this is the last we’ll see of Charlie。

We have however, possibly seen the last of Rebecca. I am not weeping here! Though I suspect, based on the way she left, she may be back. Rebecca and Justin hooked up, but after a melt-down with Holly she realized her mom would not get better with her around. She also realized Justin went off because he needed to, and now he was an amazing man. She needed the same, and was taking a job in New York . . . . Wait a minute . . . First she dumps him for doing what he did and treats him like crap, then she says “I need what you did too.” BYE Rebecca, don’t let the door knock you on your ass on the way out! I do however feel like she WILL be back. I feel like they left things open ended, so if the show was to end this year (as many originally feared) she would return for a “happy ending.”

鼎宝福彩Next week we have to deal with the mother of all betrayals . . . . Scotty cheats on Kevin! I am NOT looking forward to this story at all 🙁

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Weeds and The Big C

Weeds and The Big C

Posted by Dustin on 10.20.2010 at 7:10 pm

So I haven’t posted about either of these shows in awhile, so I thought it was about time。

I thought “Weeds” started off great, but quickly became bored with the show. I can take it or leave it now. The family being on the run was fun at first, but now it seriously feels like the show has no stability. In fact that was addressed in the latest episode where little Ari/Stevie was ill and the doctor told Nancy babies need a stable routine otherwise they get sick.

I’m still loving “The Big C,” but it too has become a little depressing as of late. It’s about terminal cancer, so that was expected. The episode where she told Shawn she was dying and he broke down, then she took it back and pretended like she was joking was just devastating.

I am actually missing Andrea’s character on the show. I think that actress is great and brings a lot to the show. I was glad to see her back this week, if only briefly.

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