Private Practice Season 5 Premier Thought: Ehhhh!

Private Practice Season 5 Premier Thought: Ehhhh!

Posted by Dustin on 09。30。2011 at 12:03 pm

So “Private Practice” returned last night, and “Ehhhh!” kinda sums up my feelings about the premier. First off, we knew with the departure of Naomi they weren’t going to kill Pete off too. Maybe take him out of the picture for awhile by putting him in a coma and debilitating him? It seems they didn’t even do that though. It was touch and go, but he survived. Also Violet returned from the airport and it seems like all is forgiven. As if their huge blow up at the end of last season is just all forgotten. Violet was a little late getting to the hospital, and she was playing doctor with a woman she met at the airport who had spousal issues, namely her husband had turned violent and hit her recently. The woman was a lawyer, and I have a feeling she’s going to help Violet fight to get her license back eventually.

Amelia is still a drunk, and still suspended from the hospital (though she did perform surgery on Pete). Addison is still sleeping with Sam, but still wants a baby and went to a fertility doctor at the end . . . who turned out to be Benjamin Bratt’s character (Jake Reilly). He promised to help her get a baby, but also learned she was seeing someone. Uh Oh!

The previews for next week show Jake applying to fill Naomi’s vacant position at the practice and everyone loving the guy 。 。 。 except Addison as she was fooling around on the side with him at the end of last season。 Oh brother! Here we go again, another Addison triangle! That’s why I pretty much felt “Ehhhh!” about this episode。 Nothing surprising, nothing shocking, and more of the same with Addison。

Revenge: Taking One Down At A Time . . .

Revenge: Taking One Down At A Time . . .

Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2011 at 11:09 am

Another episode of “Revenge” and another of her father’s enemies crossed out. It seems each episode has Amanda/Emily focusing on one of the group who took her dad down. Meanwhile while she’s taking them down, with the help of Nolan . . . the woman her dad loved, Victoria Grayson, is trying to get to the truth about who Emily really is.

We’re slowly getting back stories of the people who wronged her dad, as well as other characters in town . . . like Jack and Declan and their dad. We haven’t yet gotten to why all these people wanted to frame her dad though. I mean what the hell? Was it because he was having an affair with that Victoria woman?

Also I can’t believe nobody recognizes Emily/Amanda. I mean yeah it’s been a long time, but you’d think you wouldn’t forget screwing over a little girl’s life the way they did.

I did read that Emily’s revenge won’t drag out the whole season, half way through the show will focus on what happened in the past。 I guess we have a while to wait for all the answers。 My guess is daddy did something that had the whole town wanting revenge on him too?

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Some ABC Spoiler Bits for October!

Some ABC Spoiler Bits for October!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2011 at 6:57 pm

Here are some spoilers for the 2nd week (or so) of October。 I’ve added in a bunch of spoilers for “Revenge” if anyone is watching。 I plan to keep giving it a try。 I wasn’t as sold on “Pan Am” though, so it may take another week or two for me to warm up to。

On “Castle” the 3XK killer returns to haunt the team.
“Body of Proof” gives Peter a main role for once!
Debbie Allen guests as Jackson’s mother on “Grey’s Anatomy.”
Addison adjust to working with Jake on “Private Practice.”
Danielle returns to Wisteria Lane on “Desperate Housewives.”
And three weeks of “Revenge” spoilers . . . will it continue to float your boat . . or mine? 🙂

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Desperate Housewives: The Final Season Premier

Desperate Housewives: The Final Season Premier

Posted by Dustin on 09。26。2011 at 2:29 pm

The “Housewives” returned last night for their heavily promoted final season. What if I don’t want to kiss them goodbye?

鼎宝福彩Most of the show dealt with the girls reaction to having to bury Gabby’s evil step-father off in the woods。 Some time passed, and we saw how they were all dealing with the guilt and fear。 Bree appears to be living with Chuck, her cop boyfriend。 She’s constantly worried though that he’ll catch onto them。 Carlos’ guilt is eating him alive, and a priest told him he should confess to the authorities to find absolution。 Carlos won’t, as innocent people will go down with him。 Susan has distanced herself from all the girls, and of course Mike fears the problem is with their marriage。 Lynette and Tom have been keeping up a charade of a happy marriage, but Tom eventually caved and is about to tell the kids the truth after Lynette used him for a night of sex and comfort。 Renee meanwhile has been trying to get into the pants of the hot new neighbor, but he’s not letting her in。

Lynette, once again, got on my nerves。 I feel like over the course of all these years, she’s the only housewife who hasn’t grown at all。 When it seemed like she might be able to work things out with Tom, who really wanted to, she claimed it wasn’t going to happen and their night of sex was just about her needing a bit of comfort。 Boo Lynette! Boo!

The end of the show had a nod to the very first episode. Bree ended up finding a note in her mailbox that said “I know what you did, you make me sick.” Loved that throwback! I can’t wait to find out who knows what they did, and what they’ll do about it.

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Pan Am: Series Premier Thoughts

Pan Am: Series Premier Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 09。25。2011 at 10:11 pm

So with the loss of “Brothers and Sisters” on Sunday nights, I decided to at least give “Pan Am” a try. Did anyone else watch it? During “Housewives” I was almost at the point of not watching it simply because every commercial shoved it down your throats with a “X minutes to take off!” promo. Ack, when you have to advertise something to death, it sometimes isn’t a good sign!

If you didn’t watch, the show is about 4 Pan Am Stewardesses (aka Flight Attendants) launching a brand new clipper jet. Two are sisters, they all have some knowledge and history with one another as well as the newly minted pilot and his smarmy co-pilot.

Set in the 60s, you have a bit of the women’s lib movement going on so far, and a lot of politics. One of the stewardesses gets recruited by the government to be some kind of a flying spy to watch for Cold War operatives.

The show was okay. I was a little confused for awhile, especially with all the characters and back stories just thrown at you. However everything neatly wrapped up by the end, leaving the viewer with a mystery to come back to.

I have to say I LOVED the outfits, the hair, the mannerisms. That alone is enough to want to come back to see more of. Christina Ricci just rocks as well.

Did you watch? What did you think? It’s also the new poll on the site!

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Glee Season 3 Premier Thoughts!

Glee Season 3 Premier Thoughts!

Posted by Dustin on 09.24.2011 at 6:51 pm

“Glee” returned, and I finally watched it (twice, the first time I was unfortunately not fully concentrating)。 So finally, here are my thoughts 。 。 。

Yay for Will and Emma! It took long enough! However I can’t but help wonder what, or who, will come between them. It can’t be this easy now can it? A John Stamos return? Terry?

Sue running for politics and vowing to destroy the arts until every kid can read was . . . pretty dumb. I mean Will said it in the episode, those involved in the arts are likely to do better academically. I hope someone suggests she cut the Cheerios and the Football team instead at some point.

So many people left or got the boot from the Glee Club in this episode. Sam moved to another town, Lauren decided it was ruining her reputation and left, Quinn quit to become this bad ass punk (I did love her new look!) and eventually Will kicked Santana out because she sided with Sue and destroyed some pianos that Will got for the club. What the hell! Blaine transfered in, I guess we can also guess the kids who won the whole “Glee Reality Show” thing on Oxygen may show up too as members.

I was a little sad that they immediately in the first episode dived into the fact that some of the kids will be graduating this year and moving on, most notably Finn, Rachel and Kurt. I’m not sure where the others stand in terms of graduating, though Tina did state she and Artie were Juniors still. I don’t know why I always thought Kurt was a year under Quinn, Rachel and Finn. Actually they didn’t even tell us what year Quinn was, nor Puck or Britney or Santana. I assumed they were all in Finn and Rachel’s year too. I guess they are going to have to back track with some cast members, they can’t kick the whole Glee club out at the end of the year.

I loved the songs in this episode, especially the closing number from “Hairspray.” Mr. Shue was the original Link Larkin on Broadway, so it was a fun nod. It would have been great to see him singing too, perhaps he felt he sang that number enough though.

My final thought is . . . if Will is so concerned about the people in Glee Club being able to sing this year, Mike Chang better watch it!

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Freaky Fridays: Fringe Returns!

Freaky Fridays: Fringe Returns!

Posted by Dustin on 09.24.2011 at 4:01 pm

“Fringe” returned last night with an entire episode almost completely lacking the character of Peter Bishop。 Last season he sacrificed himself to try and begin healing the two universes, but also creating a bridge between the two。 In doing so, it’s as if he never existed。 He’s just gone 。 。 。 well almost。

鼎宝福彩I found myself very confused。 If Peter never existed, what about his kid with FauxLivia? It seems like it never existed either 。 。 。 so if he comes back will the kid? Also if Peter never existed, how did the tear in the universe ever happen? How did Olivia come to know who Walter was? She went into that a little, claiming she is the one who went to Walter for help with what happened to her old partner。 It’s also as if Walter no longer owns Massive Dynamic either。 Where is Nina? I can’t remember, but I think she bit it in the season finale last year 。 。 。 。

The one watcher who caused all the problems was given some chip and device to make sure every trace of Peter Bishop was erased. It seems like he didn’t do what he was told though, which gives hope. Walter is seeing Peter in reflections. Is Walternate also seeing him? Most of the season premier took place on our side, with Olivia getting a new partner to work with . . . the agent who on this side is geeky, but on the other side was the guy with the burns and couldn’t be out of the oxygen tank for an extended period of time.

It also seems like Walternate is also at it again, with a new breed of shape shifters who are the big bad for this season. I have NOT seen any spoilers for “Fringe” at all, so I really don’t know what they have planned. From the previews though I’m guessing we’ll spend half the season without Peter, which is gunna suck if true.

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鼎宝福彩Secret Circle: Bound

Secret Circle: Bound

Posted by Dustin on 09.23.2011 at 6:56 pm

鼎宝福彩The second episode of “Secret Circle” aired last night, and again I enjoyed it enough. It’s going to go on my tivo, but Grey’s/Private Practice will get priority. I feel like way too many of CW’s shows up are up against huge powerhouses this year.

We learned a lot, but I still have questions. We found out that the accident years ago happened on a boat, and that it occurred because their parents didn’t bind their circle, which would have helped control their powers. Diana was pressing them to bind the circle, but Faye was reluctant, she liked her power. Binding apparently means no one can do magic on their own, they need another member present. Something tells me this won’t apply to Cassie though . . .

We also learned that 5 kids lost a single parent in the accident, except one (Nathan?) who lost both. I think this has to mean that only one of each of the parents was in the circle, but the others were also witches? Again it seems like both of Cassie’s parents are. We really need a family tree or something!

After the accident is when witchcraft was banned. The parents also ended up stripped of their powers. Faye’s mom and Diana’s dad however acquired a crystal which gives them limited power. This is how they are casting at the moment, but the crystal is some kind of reservoir and they are quickly using it up. It’s my guess they are hoping their kids may be the key to getting their own powers back somehow. I bet they didn’t have their powers taken away, but bound with a powerful spell they cannot break without a complete circle.

In the end the kids did bind their circle, when an accident almost killed another kid at the school’s carnival.

I’m liking the show enough to see where it’s going. It hasn’t bored me yet.

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Grey’s Anatomy Season Premier Thoughts!

Grey’s Anatomy Season Premier Thoughts!

Posted by Dustin on 09。23。2011 at 12:23 pm

鼎宝福彩So the two hour (2 back to back episodes) premier of “Grey’s” was last night. Too much was going on to tackle everything, so here are just random thoughts . . .

It was the start of a new teaching year, which meant new residents, none of who, thankfully, the show seemed to feel were important for us to know. I guess they have enough characters as is.

Meredith learned she was fired, this was a decision by the board, not the Chief. When she told Derrick, who she’s still not living with, he said “What did you expect” and walked off. He was such an ass through the whole two episodes that I really got to the point if they killed him off, I wouldn’t miss him anymore! Okay I might, but not as much as I’d miss others at this point.

The Chief was hoping to get Meredith a job elsewhere, and when he asked Bailey to write a letter for her, she went off about how MEredith was a rule breaker and a disgrace. How quickly Bailey seems to forget she was the one covering for the drunk Chief as long as she could. Nobody in this hospital seems to play by the rules, but quickly judges those when the opportunity comes up.

鼎宝福彩April was having a difficult time as the Chief Resident. It seems the old Pediatrician guy she was semi-involved with last season is gone, or he just wasn’t present for either episode. I did like their interactions, once we realized he wasn’t a total ass.

鼎宝福彩Alex was still on the outs with everyone, but Christina got him to redeem himself when he helped baby napper Meredith out of a bind. Meredith freaked and took off with the baby, during a visit from the social worker, and Alex acted like he had her bring Zola in to get a check up after some abnormal blood work. Meredith and Derrick are facing losing Zola, as her losing her job and them living apart meant they had to be re-evaluated, especially when they tried to lie and cover this up. Zola was taken from them in the end, and once again you could just feel Derrick blaming Meredith for it all. Grrrr!

Yang had not yet had the abortion as the season started。 She didn’t want the baby still, but couldn’t do with without Owen。 I loved when Meredith stood up to Owen for how he was acting, saying if Christina did had this baby she would end up resenting the child and him, and Meredith knows what it’s like to be a baby that wasn’t wanted by your mother。 In the end she got the abortion。 Part of me had hoped she would have turned around and decided to keep it, but then she wouldn’t be Yang I guess。

I HATED the whole storyline with the guy having to amputate his wife’s leg while they were trapped in the sink hole。 I kept screaming and cringing。

In the end The Chief told the board he tampered with Derrick’s test and Meredith was covering him. Derrick knew it was a lie, but the Chief wanted to do this for her. He also gave his own FDA trial over to Bailey, so it wouldn’t be cancelled for his tampering with another FDA trial. In the end Chief went home to have dinner with Adele, who wasn’t in the episode. I loved The Chief for what he did! And yet again wanted to smack Derrick again.

Teddy is still married to Henry, which I’m happy about. I really liked them together. However she’s a little too cheerful and positive right now. She’s on a newly wed high and was trying to be too nice with Christina, which of course freaked Christina out.

I think that’s about all I can think of to say. What did you think? Love it? Hate it? Want to kill Derrick too 🙂

ABC’s Revenge . . . Love, Like or Hate?

ABC’s Revenge . . . Love, Like or Hate?

Posted by Dustin on 09.22.2011 at 11:40 am

So ABC’s “Revenge” premiered last night。 It’s the new show staring Emily Van Camp, formerly Rebecca on “Brothers and Sisters。” In this show she’s Amanda, whose father was set-up by his business partners and friends 。 。 。 and the woman he loved。 He was sent to prison where he died an innocent man。 This all happened when she was little 。 。 。 fast forward to the present 。 。 。 she’s come back to The Hamptons to get her revenge。

I didn’t hate the show, but I didn’t love it. I’ll watch next week to see if it can really hook me. Generally shows which time jump the way this one did turn me off. I also am confused as to have many seasons they expect the show to go on, as how long can we watch a revenge plot?

What did you think?

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