True Blood: Pam Gets Turned In Flashbacks

True Blood: Pam Gets Turned In Flashbacks

Posted by Dustin on 06。25。2012 at 4:10 pm

I really hope this season of “True Blood” begins to pick up, because so far it’s been really really dull!

Bill and Eric are still prisoners of the Authority. We learned that Steve has been promoted as “the new Nan,” aka the face of the movement. That could at least be fun. We still don’t know who made him though.

Roman had his lover seduce both Eric and Bill in order to determine whose side they were on. She felt neither were Sanguinistas, but Eric’s little sister Nora apparently confessed to being one under torture. I have to wonder if she really is one, or simply claimed to be for some other purpose? Maybe she has a plan we don’t know of?

Roman remains furious over Russell’s freedom, as he’s going to be even more pissed than ever and could set their movement back years. It seems Roman and the Authority really are about mainstreaming, and it’s other vampires in this Sanguinista movement who oppose it.

鼎宝福彩We saw more of Pam’s backstory, and her crossing paths with Bill and Lorena years ago as well. They were the ones draining Pam’s girls. Pam wanted Eric to turn her, but he wouldn’t. She then forced his hand, slitting her wrists. She said he could turn her, or watch her die. This was probably the only interesting story last night in my opinion.

Debbie’s parents showed up and were worried about her。 Alcide told them that Debbie was back on V, cheating on him, and he ended up breaking their mating bond。 He told them she’s probably off with some tweaker getting high。 They refused to believe this about their daughter。 Later Sookie finally told Alcide the truth, that she killed Debbie after Debbie tried to kill her。 Alcide seemed pretty pissed that she lied to him。 I think he was more hurt than anything as he has a thing for her and she didn’t trust him。

Sam helped Tara out by hiding her in the freezer at Merlottes。 However when night came, she was free again, and still pissed with Sookie and Lafayette。 Tara ended up breaking into a tanning parlor to try and commit suicide in a tanning booth。

Earlier in the show, Tara almost attacked a young girl on the road whose car had broken down. I swear I knew the actress from somewhere, but I can’t figure it out. Was she the woman who was interested in Hoyt? Or was she Steve Newlin’s former wife? I couldn’t put my finger on who she was.

Jason reunited with his old high school teacher, who was his “first.” They made love, but Jason then realized what they did back then was wrong, and it’s set a bad precedence for his whole life . . . Jessica meanwhile encountered her first fairy, a male. She could smell him and chased after him, unable to control herself. He vanished into the woods. Jessica was so horned up she went to see Jason, but Jason realized he wanted more than just sex from women . . . I have to wonder why Jessica could never smell Sookie? Do they only smell fairies of the opposite sex?

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Falling Skies: Creepy Red Eyed Skidder!

Falling Skies: Creepy Red Eyed Skidder!

Posted by Dustin on 06.25.2012 at 3:47 pm

So last night on “Falling Skies,” a woman in a plane landed in camp with a message. A new continental congress has been established in Charleston, and they have been in contact with survivor groups in Europe. She asks them to head to Charleston and join up. She then had to head out, leaving the choice to Weaver. After consulting with Tom, it seems they will be heading south.

Pope continued to become too big for his britches, and still didn’t trust Tom. Tom asked to be assigned to the Berserkers so he could watch Pope, and Pope could keep an eye on him. However Tom proved to be a great asset and leader, so when Pope threatened to ditch the 2nd Mass . . . well he expected his men to follow him and they didn’t! So he went off on his own, and another guy offered to go with him (but really just to look out after him).

Finally Ben and his friend Jeremy killed a bunch of skidders, but then Jeremy got himself killed. The skidder with the red eye then activated Ben’s spikes and made them glow. Later the skidder met up with Ben again in the woods and did the same thing, seemingly telling him something?

My thoughts . . .
I’m wondering if the red-eye is not bad, but is trying to warn Ben in some way? Or give him a message? Again it seems the skidders are enslaved, and I think this one may be trying to help Ben and the humans.

I can’t help but wonder if the woman in the plane is a trap. The aliens wanted Tom to take his group to a camp where they would be allowed to live in peace. The pilot could have been harnessed and simply directing them to the camp so that the aliens could trap them.

鼎宝福彩The Army Wives Are Back!

The Army Wives Are Back!

Posted by Dustin on 06。25。2012 at 3:40 pm

“Army Wives” returned last night now that “The Client List” has ended it’s season。 I still have to watch that season finale。 Anyway, a brief recap of what happened, then some quick thoughts 。 。 。

Claudia Joy’s heart stopped for two minutes after the transplant, but they got it started again. After a few weeks of rehab, she was good to go and feeling great. Denise and Claudia Joy took a beach vacation, with Michael and Frank planning on coming down later to meet them. However a jogger they met on the beach ended up breaking into their home and taking them hostage. Claudia Joy faked going into insulin shock in order to get the upper hand on him, and Denise got his gun and shot him dead!

Gloria and Hector’s marriage remained strained. He told her that he wouldn’t mind her working, but not at a bar and not at night. She however wouldn’t ditch Roxie, who had to start taking it easy as she experienced some bleeding. Hector then went off and slept with some woman he met in a bar later that night.

鼎宝福彩Kevin was away and Jackie was feeling lonely。 She called up her daughter Sophie, who is at boarding school。 This is the first we’ve heard of the daughter。 Sophie however had much more important things to do than talk to her mom, and she blew her off。

Finally Joan and Roland haven’t heard a peep out of Marcus, David’s bio dad, since the big blow-up at dinner. However what the don’t know is that Marcus and David have been meeting secretly after school when he’s supposed to be going to the rec center.

My thoughts . . .
Why couldn’t they have sped up Claudia Joy’s surgery and beach vacation and left her and Denise being held hostage as the cliff hanger, rather than Claudia Joy flatlining on the table? I think that would have been much more interesting, as we all knew they wouldn’t kill C.J. Plus they’ve pulled this with her character so many times that it is getting old.

鼎宝福彩I really loath Hector even more after this episode, but really like Gloria a lot more. What a conundrum! Maybe Gloria needs to meet a better army guy to marry so we can keep her, but give Hector the boot.

I’m worried that Marcus is going to try and take David and run at some point in the future. This guy, like Hector, just needs to go!

Sophie clearly seems to be a hell child, and probably a tool to make us continue to feel sympathy for Jackie.

I wonder if we will see Audrey/Susan Lucci again anytime soon? She left after levying a pretty major threat against Claudia Joy and Michael!

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June/July 2012 Army Wives Spoilers!

June/July 2012 Army Wives Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 06.22.2012 at 6:16 pm

A bunch of spoilers for “Army Wives” when it returns this weekend!

Read on for all the spoilers . . . It looks like a shooting is going to happen! I have a feeling from the spoilers that David’s dad is involved? . . . Oh and the return of Pamela and Chase, if only for one episode.

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Dallas: Where The $@#%@$# Is Pam?

Dallas: Where The $@#%@$# Is Pam?

Posted by Dustin on 06.22.2012 at 12:39 pm

The last episode of TNT’s “Dallas” brought J.R.’s nemesis Cliff Barnes back to Southfork. When he learned that Bobby was planning to sell, he wanted to make an offer, as he’s always felt swindled out of it. Over the course of the episode Cliff’s sister, Bobby’s ex-wife and Christopher’s adopted mother Pam was brought up umpteen times. It begs the question, what happened to her? Where did she go? Might we see her return, even if briefly? that the actress Victoria Principal apparently doesn’t want to return, which is why Bobby has a new wife. Given how much they’ve talked about her and whatever happened to her, I think we’ll see her back.

J.R. confronted John Ross about his double cross, and forgave him . . . this one time. They agreed to work together to get Southfork back, but I still don’t trust John Ross not to try and double cross his dad again. Bobby was on-again-off-again with the selling of the ranch. At first he decided not to, but by the end of the show when John Ross blackmailed him with some awful secrets from his mother’s past, he sold it.

J。R。 and John Ross have some deal with a group of Venezuelans。 Bobby is unknowingly selling them the ranch, and then they will sell it to J。R。 in exchange for some oil deal。 Later the family lawyer upped his blackmail, now wanting 5 million dollars 。 。 。 otherwise Bobby would be told the truth and John Ross and J。R。 would go to jail for fraud。 I’m glad someone finally brought this up。 The entire show I sat there thinking “couldn’t this entire deal be taken to court for fraud when the truth comes out?” However I think J。R。 and John Ross will probably find themselves double crossed by the Venezuelans。 I bet they will refuse to sell once they have the ranch。

Finally John Ross learned who sent Elena the email from Christopher breaking things off, it was his new wife Rebecca! It seems Rebecca and her brother have been plotting their owns scheme for a very very long time! I have to wonder though, are they really siblings?

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Pretty Little Liars: Melissa and Jenna’s Lies Exposed . . .

Pretty Little Liars: Melissa and Jenna’s Lies Exposed . . .

Posted by Dustin on 06.20.2012 at 8:01 pm

Just some quick thoughts on last night’s “Pretty Little Liars,” as “Dallas” is about to come on!

Hannah and Caleb both visted Mona in this episode, as did good old Lucas! Hannah caught him doing so, and was a little suspicious. Hmmm! Lucas’ life is falling apart, his grades are slipping, and he’s visiting Mona? Is he on the -A team? Has he been blackmailed onto it? Mona is getting information from someone it seems, as she made a comment on whether or not they found the rest of Allison’s body (or something like that). She also knows the girls are getting the messages again.

Emily learns Aria’s mom, Ella, passed her on the exam that she didn’t complete. She fears this will be another secret that -A will hold over her. Later Ella learns someone anonymously told the principal that she was favoring certain students (I assume it was Emily herself). However Ezra came to her rescue and made up this story that he asked Ella to grade the exam while he watched, and as Emily’s tutor someone must have felt she was getting more attention than others. This seemed to mark another change in their relationship, as Ella and Ezra continued to mend their friendship. I just really hope they don’t plan to make some love triangle between Ezra, Aria and Ella. Ewwwww! The teacher student thing has been bad enough.

Melissa finally returned from Washington, where she’s supposedly been. Spencer’s mom then revealed that she was defending Garrett, whom she feels is innocent. Spencer is convinced that Melissa forced her to do it, because Melissa and Garrett were getting awfully close. I think Garrett is blackmailing her mom somehow.

Spencer continued to be suspicious of Melissa, who has lost her baby. She found out the hospital Melissa was supposed to have gone to has no record of her. Also she learned Melissa hung out at the hotel she was staying at days after she supposedly had the miscarriage, and her mom showed up and stayed there for a few days with her. Spencer realized Melissa had been faking her pregnancy, or lost her baby earlier and continued to fake it. When she confronted her mom, her mom admitted that Melissa wasn’t pregnant when she arrived. The question now is, what happened? Spencer began to wonder if maybe Ian wasn’t the father of her baby, maybe Garrett was. I’m confused here . . . did she lose it earlier on and faked being pregnant still? Was she NEVER pregnant (I think she was, she was in the hospital at one point)? Or maybe she was pregnant longer than we knew, snuck off, had the baby and then gave it up for adoption? Confused!

Finally the girls trailed Jenna and found her at a shooting range, haven driven herself. Hannah was fed up and finally confronted her in an awesome way, walking right in front of her car as she was about to take off from the gun range. She later claimed they had to keep her secret, they owed her. She explained that she has been faking it because she feels she is still a target, someone tried to set fire to her house. She says that people drop their guard when they think you can’t see. She also admitted to picking up Emily the night Allison’s body went missing. However she said that she found Emily by the side of the road, she was drunk and messed up. She figured if Emily remembered her trying to drive her home, nobody would believe her given her condition. She was going to take her home, but Emily jumped out of her car at a red light and ran off . . . . Hmmmmm . . . do we believe Jenna? It appeared in Emily’s fuzzy flashbacks she was talking to someone in the front seat with her? However Jenna is right, someone did try and kill her.

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ABC’s The Glass House Premiers!

ABC’s The Glass House Premiers!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 06。19。2012 at 2:06 pm

Last night ABC premiered its new reality show “The Glass House.” CBS tried and failed to block this show, as they felt it was too much like “Big Brother.” Also former execs from “Big Brother” defected to this show. I watched the premier to see what the fuss was about. The “Big Brother” influence was definitely there, from the kitchen layout, to the television monitor where they received information from a voice that viewers have named Ori or Oracle.

There are however major differences between the two shows。 The biggest is the amount of direction the viewers will have。 While the house guests basically nominate the people for eviction, it’s the viewers who decide who goes and who stays。 The house guests also get one fan question a day (week?) they can ask viewers to get direction on how to play。

Unlike “Big Brother,” the show only airs once a week. There are live feeds, but they aren’t 24/7. You can watch them on , on certain days/hours, and while you watch you get to vote and direct things. It’s actually fairly fun! Plus it’s free, so your not wasting anything but your time.

It will be interesting to see if this will affect the new season of “Big Brother” in anyway. That show has gotten a little stale over the years, so some competition could be good. BTW the latest promo for “Big Brother” is promising more house guests than ever before, and four huge surprised throughout the season. I hope Jesse is NOT one of those surprises!

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Falling Skies: Season 2!

Falling Skies: Season 2!

Posted by Dustin on 06.18.2012 at 11:55 pm

鼎宝福彩Last night “Falling Skies” returned for its second season. Off topic, but why do all shows during the summer have to air on Sunday nights? Anyways, I really enjoyed the two hour premier. Here is a brief recap on what happened, as well as some quick thoughts.

In a nutshell, three months have passed since the season 1 finale, which had Tom Mason (Noah Wyle) getting on the alien ship。 The 2nd Mass moved on, with Tom’s oldest son Hal taking up his dad’s role in the group as Weaver’s 2nd in command it seems。 Pope has formed a new motorcycle gang of mercenaries known as “The Berserkers。” Ben, the middle kid, is still fighting the skidders’ mind control, but he still hears their calls and his scales are spreading on his back。 Meanwhile on the ship, Tom met with a new type of alien we haven’t seen, this one a very tall humanoid kind。 Last season they hypothesized about the aliens and why the mechs were more humanoid looking than the skidders, and now we know! The alien, talking through Hal’s captured and now harnessed girlfriend, offered Tom a deal。 They said he and the rest of the human survivors could choose to move to an area they set aside for them to live in in peace, basically a concentration camp。 Tom said no way。 The next we knew, Tom and many others held on the ship were released into a field。 Every human except Tom was then gun downed as they tried to flee, obviously a message to Tom。 Tom then made his way back to the group, but not everyone trusted him, and he didn’t trust himself。 As it turned out, the aliens put this nasty parasite thing in his eyeball, which the Doctor managed to remove。 But then it escaped, flew away and made contact with this odd looking skidder who had two different color eyes 。 。 。 。

So a lot of questions, the biggest one that remains is what do the aliens want? Why are they here? Early on in the first hour, when everyone was fighting, there was some graffiti on some buildings。 One was an image of a humanoid alien, but none from this show。 At first I thought it was a Taelon from the old show “Earth Final Conflict。” Was it a clue? If you never saw the show, basically a group of aliens came to earth under the guise of friendship and peace。 However they really needed help, as they were infertile and dying out 。 。 。 and another alien race was coming to exterminate them。 Hmmm, I thought maybe this was some kind of hint that we’d learn of yet another alien race out there? But when I went through to watch it again, I felt the graffiti looked more like the aliens from the 80s movie “Cocoon。” In this case they were aliens who wore fake human skins。 This seems to hint at the story that the skidders are transformed humans or other beings the aliens have enslaved? Of course maybe I’m reading into this way too much!

After going back and watching it on TNT’s website, I captured an image and it’s clear that its an alien meets Mona Lisa graffiti, but again . . . where is the alien from? Is it a clue? I definitely think it’s “Cocoon!”

The only other thought that comes to mind is that if Ben ends up turning into a skidder, I’m going to be really pissed! Also at the very end, the skidder with the funny eyes . . . I’m wondering if this is supposed to be someone we’ve met in season one?

True Blood: Nan Was More Entertaining Than This Bunch!

True Blood: Nan Was More Entertaining Than This Bunch!

Posted by Dustin on 06.18.2012 at 1:54 pm

Wow . . . last night’s episode of “True Blood” was fairly dull. Here are some thoughts on the stories, as well as a mini-recap of them . . .

Bill, Eric and Eric’s “sister” Nora have been taken prisoner by The Authority。 They were taken deep underground where a council of elders was waiting, headed by Christopher Meloni (Roman)。 Nora was also on the council it seems, but she’s in deep do-do for helping Eric and Bill。 They are being tried for murdering Nan。 Blah blah blah, long story short in the end Bill and Eric revealed the truth about Russell, that he was alive。 They said that if the council spared them the true death, they could lure him out using them as bait。 Russell was the true enemy and the real threat to them。

We did learn some interesting tidbits about the origin of Vampires, or so they believe。 They have their own bible which tells that before Adam and Eve, God made Lilith in his image 。 。 。 and Adam and Eve were made to feed Lilith, who was the first vampire。 Therefore literalists believe that humans are nothing more than food for them。 It would seem The Authority does not believe this, they are all about mainstreaming and learning to co-exist。 I guess because they killed Nan, they think Eric and Bill are against this? They kept being questioned/tortured on this, whether they were literal believers in the bible。

Pam ditched Tara with Lafayette and Sookie and went back to Fangtasia and is trying to locate Eric. We learned their backstory and how they met in San Francisco at the turn of the 20th century. Pam was running a brothel, and Eric saved her one night on the street from an attacker. We don’t yet know why he turned her, my guess is like Tara, someone will attack Pam and he does it to save her.

Lafayette and Sookie had their hands full with Tara. Lafayette was ready to stake her, but Sookie said Tara was in there and it would take time. By the end of the episode it seemed Tara wasn’t brain dead at all. After waking up in Eric’s cubby, she told Lafayette and Sookie that she would never forgive them for this, and she took off.

The pack continued to eat Marcus, and demanded Alcide do so as well. While many didn’t like it, they had rules, and he was the new pack master. He said he didn’t want to be pack master and he wasn’t going to eat. They told him to go back to Mississippi, which he said he gladly would. Later Marcus’ mom appealed to Luna not to keep Emma from her, she was all she had left of her son. Luna refused, and believes Emma will not be a wolf, but a shifter. When Sam seemingly sided with Marcus’ mom, saying Emma may need a pack, Luna lost it on him and told him to go! He called her a crazy bitch and gladly left. However by the end of the show Luna found Emma had shifted into a little wolf! The question is though, is she really a wolf, or has she just shifted into one? I am a little sad that they broke up Luna and Sam so quickly. I hope it’s not for good, because it seemed like Sam finally found a real girlfriend.

Steve Newlin is still after Jason, and even tried to buy him from Jessica for 20,000 dollars. She, however, wouldn’t sell him. I started to wonder if perhaps Russell turned Steve? Or if he didn’t, perhaps Steve will become Russell’s new boyfriend? Interviews with Dennis O’Hare indicate that Russell finds love again this season.

Arlene began to worry about Terry, whose behavior is getting more and more erratic。 She even went to his old Sergeant for answers, realizing that something happened to them in Iraq。 We still don’t know what happened, only that it has to do with fire。 The two are seeking out another member of their unit who they believe could be the fire bug that is setting fire to all their homes。 Yawn! This story is fairly dull, especially after last years creepy doll and ghost story。

The final scenes of the show showed Russell eating and draining humans in order to heal himself。 He’s going to have to eat a lot, because he looked pretty nasty!

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Pretty Little Liars June/July 2012 Spoilers

Pretty Little Liars June/July 2012 Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 06.18.2012 at 1:49 pm

Spoilers for the next three episodes below!

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