Parenthood Makes An Early Return!

Parenthood Makes An Early Return!

Posted by Dustin on 12.31.2012 at 5:18 pm

NBC’s “Parenthood” returns with a new episode tomorrow! Yes, start the new year with the Bravermans. Here are the official spoiler releases for the next two episodes . . . Something tells me Drew is in BIG TROUBLE from these!

January 1st – KEEP ON ROWING
JASMINE AND CROSBY CONTEMPLATE THE FUTURE OF THEIR FAMILY AS THEY WELCOME A NEW ROOMMATE. KRISTINA AND ADAM GO ON A MUCH NEEDED DATE NIGHT AFTER SHE MAKES A DRASTIC CHANGE TO HER APPEARANCE. RAY ROMANO (‘MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE’) AND TINA LIFFORD GUEST STAR. Jasmine (Joy Bryant) and Crosby (Dax Shepard) help a family member who is experiencing money problems. Kristina (Monica Potter) surprises Adam (Peter Krause) with a new look and a spontaneous night on the town. Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Hank (Ray Romano) experience an interesting evening together. Meanwhile, Victor (Xolo Mariduena) is disappointed after Julia (Erika Christensen) gives him news about his mother. Also starring Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Erika Christensen, Sam Jaeger, Miles Heizer, Tyree Brown, Max Burkholder, Mae Whitman and Savannah Paige Rae

DREW AND AMY RECEIVE OVERWHELMING NEWS. ADAM AND KRISTINA HELP MAX ADJUST TO TEENAGE LIFE. MEANWHILE, VICTOR PRESENTS NEW CHALLENGES FOR JULIA AND JOEL. RAY ROMANO (‘MEN OF A CERTAIN AGE’) AND TINA LIFFORD GUEST STAR.Drew (Miles Heizer) and Amy (Skyler Day) receive news that will forever change their relationship, leading Mark (Jason Ritter) to express his concerns to Sarah (Lauren Graham). Adam (Peter Krause) and Kristina (Monica Potter) are presented with new parenting dilemmas as they help Max (Max Burkholder) navigate through life as a teenager. Crosby (Dax Shepard) is growing increasingly impatient with his mother-in-law Renee (Tina Lifford) causing conflict with Jasmine (Joy Bryant). Victor (Xolo Mariduena) is confrontational towards Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) causing them to question their parenting abilities. Also starring Craig T. Nelson, Bonnie Bedelia, Tyree Brown, Mae Whitmanand Savannah Paige Rae

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Pretty Little Liars Returns In January!

Pretty Little Liars Returns In January!

Posted by Dustin on 12.30.2012 at 12:57 pm


In the mid-season premiere of “Pretty Little Liars,” entitled “She’s Better Now,” airing Tuesday, January 8th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT), Radley Sanitarium has given Mona a clean bill of health and she is headed back to the halls of Rosewood High, much to the Liars’ dismay. With their former tormentor now back in their everyday life, Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer take very different views of the “new” Mona. She made their lives a living hell… Is she really cured? And what other secrets could she be holding onto? It’s up to Mona to prove to the Liars if she has changed or not.


Aria, Emily, Hanna and Spencer are sure that Mona is up to her old tricks again, but can they prove it, in “Mona-Mania!,” an all new episode of ABC Family’s hit original series “Pretty Little Liars,” airing Tuesday, January 15th (8:00 – 9:00 PM ET/PT).

After the shocking events at the school marathon, Aria, Emily and Spencer are sure now more than ever that Mona is up to her old tricks. Hanna, still holding out hope for her former friend, is not so sure. With Mona seemingly popping up everywhere, it sure seems like she has a plan. But with no real evidence to prove Mona is back to her evil ways, how can the Liars prove what they believe to be true?

Meanwhile, Aria’s fears about her father grow stronger when something vital that is hidden in her room goes missing.

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Once Upon A Time January Spoilers!

Once Upon A Time January Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 12.21.2012 at 7:43 pm

When “Once Upon A Time” returns in January we’ll be seeing a new side of Cora。 Rose McGowan is joining the show as a young Queen Cora according to 。 My guess is we’ll see what turned her into an EVIL Queen!

Also when the show returns, a beloved character is murdered, a secret past between Belle and Mulan, Dr. Whale returns and Ethan Embry begins an arc as a mysterious stranger in Storybrook . . . .

Read on for all the spoilers!

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Spoilers For The Final Episodes of 666 in January . . . *Updated*

Spoilers For The Final Episodes of 666 in January . . . *Updated*

Posted by Dustin on 12。21。2012 at 7:37 pm

*Update* It was announced yesterday, after these releases had gone out, that the network was pushing the final episodes until the SUMMER. That’s a long ways away, and things can change by then. My guess is you’ll have to wait for DVD or they’ll air online only . . . .

The final three episodes of “666” air in January! The return of a lost daughter, the secret behind Alexis’ vendetta, and a secret society! I’m thinking we’ll have more questions than answers by time it’s over . . .

Read on for all the spoilers . . .
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Grey’s and Practice New Years Spoilers . . .

Grey’s and Practice New Years Spoilers . . .

Posted by Dustin on 12。21。2012 at 7:22 pm

“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” return in January。 There are only 3 more episodes of “Private Practice” left 。 。 。

鼎宝福彩On “Grey’s” the struggle to save Adele continues . . . but will the wedding be saved or scrapped? Later news on the lawsuit reaches the doctors . . .

鼎宝福彩On “Private Practice,” Amelia moves on and starts a romance with Dr. Peterson. Meanwhile Charlotte is in labor, and Addison faces issues finalizing Henry’s adoption.

Read on for all the spoilers . . .
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Private Practice: Only Three More Episodes Left!

Private Practice: Only Three More Episodes Left!

Posted by Dustin on 12.20.2012 at 9:40 pm

So the Winter Finale of “Private Practice” just aired this week, and I have to say this show is just getting bizarre! Normally I love Charlotte and Cooper, but both of their character episodes were odd. Cooper kept talking to the camera, which felt out of place, and then Charlotte had these odd dancing dream/segments.

鼎宝福彩Jake and Addison are now officially engaged. Whoopdeedoo! As equally as exciting is that Sam and the nurse from the hospital are getting back together after he screwed things up by not telling her everything about him and Addison. The next episode seems to be focusing on Amelia moving on with the new doctor Charlotte hired at the hospital.

Cooper and Charlotte’s episodes of course dealt with her pregnancy and the babies. One of the triplets was born way too early, they managed to stop her labor and keep the others inside. However she was put on bed-rest, and the baby went through a few surgeries before she became stable and got a name . . . Georgia. Charlotte then went into labor on time and delivered the other two . . . or at least that’s where the end of the most recent episode was heading. I can’t believe they might get a happily ever after? Can it be that Shonda won’t kill one of their kids?

Sheldon’s episode was a very trying one, as he became convinced that his pedophile patient did in fact kidnap the girl from the hospital, but nobody would believe him. In the end, he of course was right! It seems they rescued her before the guy did anything sexual to her, but obviously she’s going to be scared for life as he kept her locked in a room in his basement for months. Sheldon meanwhile has started a relationship with a terminal cancer patient while his own future is uncertain. I have to say if they end up killing Sheldon at the end I’ll be pissed, but I’m somewhat expecting it from Shonda at this point. It’s not a series/season finale unless someone dies.

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Heartbreaking Christmas Episode? It Must Be Parenthood!

Heartbreaking Christmas Episode? It Must Be Parenthood!

Posted by Dustin on 12。18。2012 at 2:31 pm

鼎宝福彩So as usual it’s been a few episodes since I blogged about “Parenthood,” which just had its winter finale last week。 I have to say I was so happy that Crosby and Adam won their fight to keep the Luncheonette against their horrible new neighbor。 I also had a LOT of issues with that story。 First, who pays that much money for a nice condo if it was not the kinda of neighborhood she wanted。 Did she not scope out the place first? Maybe she was hoping to clean things up? Second, she claimed the neighborhood or property wasn’t zoned for their business 。 。 。 but that business had been there years, no decades before! Also there was a dry cleaners across the street as the owner and others in the neighborhood testified for the Bravermans。 Frankly given all who showed up to support them, I get the feeling that woman was bitching and complaining about all of them too!

I haven’t been a fan of the whole Mark, Sarah and Hank story. Sarah once again shot herself in the foot. Mark, before finally dumping her, made an excellent point. It seems Sarah can’t be happy unless she’s saving someone . . . she did it with Seth and now she’s doing it with Hank. Fortunately Amber isn’t going to be making that mistake. She broke things off with Ryan, a temporary time apart so she said, because he clearly needed to get himself and his head together. He’s screwed up at work, he’s drinking too much, and there is still the matter of those pills. She told him she watched her mom take care of her dad for years, and Amber wasn’t gunna play that game. My guess though is that Amber is going to find out she’s pregnant.

Speaking of pregnancy, Crosby and Jasmine have decided to have another baby. Aww . . . NOT! I don’t see good things coming from this to be honest! Meanwhile Joel is back to work, and Julia is trying to make the mom thing work. Victor is slowly beginning to accept the family.

The big story for the Christmas episode was that Christina went into septic shock from the chemo treatments. She ended up in the hospital, but Adam didn’t want the family all gathered around her while they waited . . . He waited there alone with her, and it was touch and go. However she pulled through. Meanwhile the Bravermans all gathered at Zeke and Camille’s to have Christmas and of course wait for the news. I found it fairly odd that they were all opening their gifts and being happy while not knowing if Christina was dead or alive! They eventually got the call from Adam and the whole gang went to the hospital to see them.

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鼎宝福彩Grey’s Anatomy REAL Winter Finale . . . Don’t Sit Down!

Grey’s Anatomy REAL Winter Finale . . . Don’t Sit Down!

Posted by Dustin on 12.15.2012 at 9:34 pm

This week was the real winter finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” and it centered around Derek’s surgery and Bailey’s marriage to Ben.

Meredith and Derek’s sister Lizzie were a bit at odds with one another。 Lizzie felt like Meredith had been keeping her and the others at a distance。 They hardly hear from her, nobody was invited to the wedding and they found out about Zola through an email。 Meredith told her that the Greys aren’t like the Shepards 。 。 。 Meredith kept trying to redirect everything towards the surgery that she and Derek were preparing for and avoided anything personal。 Lizzie just felt even more slighted。 I have to say I do love Neve Campbell and would to love to see her added full time。 I think it would do Meredith good to have a sister again, even though she has another sister off somewhere that we haven’t seen in a few seasons。

Meanwhile Bailey was all nerves about her upcoming marriage to Ben。 She kept asking all the gilrs “When you get to the wedding, don’t sit down。” They were puzzled, but Callie figured out that she was asking them to be her brides maids。 Callie thought it was so cute, but Bailey was not amused by her gushyness。 I kept giggling every time Bailey asked someone not to sit down at her wedding, it was so cute。 However Bailey wasn’t sure if she should go through with the marriage, was she doing the right thing? She and Ben were living apart, he was an intern again as he was taking up a new specialty。 Callie’s frustrations with Arizona all fell out of her mouth and once and she told Bailey to just run, leave him at the altar, make that break that would break it off for ever before she was stuck in a sexless rut cleaning pee off the floor! Oops 。 。 。 Tell us how you really feel Callie?

Owen moved forward with the divorce at light speed, which had Christina wondering what was up with him. Meanwhile Derek told Meredith the truth about the lawsuit and the divorce, which she thought Christina knew, and she then brought it up to Christina. Meredith felt Christina wasn’t telling her because she wouldn’t understand, but she does. Only Christina didn’t know and was even more hurt. By the end of the show, she confronted Owen about why he wanted the divorce, was it to give them a better chance with the lawsuit, or because he wanted out? He said she was done months ago, she moved away, why prologue it? However Christina revealed that she was going to tell him that night that she wanted to give their marriage another chance. This lead to massive kissing and probable sex . . . I was so happy! However this definitely puts a crimp in the lawsuit doesn’t it?

Meanwhile Meredith and Derek had their appointment with the OB, and while Derek was staying positive, Meredith had a hard time doing so. I was so sad when Meredith couldn’t even bare to look at the ultrasound monitor as it was being conducted. It seems so far everything is okay. After the surgery was over and Derek was in recovery, Meredith went to see Lizzie. She opened up to her, swearing her to secrecy, and showed her the photo from the ultrasound. Lizzie was of course thrilled that they were having a new addition to the family.

Before the wedding Callie finally melted down on Arizona。 Arizona wanted to skip the wedding because she couldn’t wear heels and everyone would be looking at her。 Callie said it was Bailey’s day, they would be looking at her, and then she just went off about how sick she is of everything in their lives revolving around her leg。 Arizona was stunned, but it seems Callie’s melt down got through to her。 She had been focusing on what she lost and not that she was alive and what she had。

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile it was time for the wedding, and the Chief tried to calm Bailey’s nerves by renting a limo to escort her to the wedding in。 Unfortunately on the way there they got news that Adele had been rushed to the hospital and was puking up blood, a lot of blood。 Bailey had to take over the case because the Chief couldn’t。 Back at the wedding everyone wondered where Miranda was? Callie told Arizona and Meredith about her little meltdown and how Bailey was nervous about the wedding and she told her to run 。 。 。 Unfortunately Ben overheard, and now he thinks Bailey has jilted him!

鼎宝福彩Poor Ben . . . Poor Adele! Are they going to kill off Adele? She definitely seemed a little more alert in this episode, but then again she was throwing up blood and probably was only focused on that.

9021 . . . Oh No Baby Blues!

9021 . . . Oh No Baby Blues!

Posted by Dustin on 12。11。2012 at 7:09 pm

So last night was “90210’s” winter finale。 It comes back in February I think? My tivo always cuts off the previews for the show。 I also have to admit, my tivo’s FF button got a heavy workout last night as well 。 。 。 some of the stories just bored me to death。

Adrianna tried to make peace with Dixon, but he wouldn’t have any of that. He then began putting the moves on Megan . . . he was clearly heartbroken over what Adrianna did! He finally told Megan that he was in the car her dad hit, fearing she’d be pissed. Apparently not, as she kissed him and then began to jump his bones. What what ?!?!? I’m not sure if she thinks her dad brought them together, or if this is some act of revenge on him somehow?

Annie found a writing program she wanted to attend, in Scotland。 Apparently it’s just impossible to find a writing program in California? Riley wasn’t happy with this news。 Later when he saw how happy Annie was that Dixon was all better, he made a call to try and undergo some experimental surgery he’s a candidate for。 However it seems a side effect could be death。 Hmmm, I’m thinking it’s too bad Dixon didn’t need this treatment!

鼎宝福彩Teddy and Silver ended up on the outs after Shane returned and had a big talk with Teddy about this baby thing。 Shane convinced Teddy that they should be a part of the kids life and he shouldn’t sign his rights away。 This put Teddy and Silver against one another。 It didn’t seem that she didn’t want Teddy around, but she didn’t want to share。 Being from a split home, she knew how much it sucked and she didn’t want this kid going back and forth all the time。 That’s what I was feeling at least。 Shane meanwhile, given they seem to keep splitting up, and it was Silver who helped them reconcile 。 。 。 not sure I’m liking him much right now! I think Teddy should be a part of the kid’s life, but Shane seems to be on a mission for some reason。 He’s threatening to use his political pull to sue Silver, and my guess is if Silver goes through with having the kid then she’ll end up losing it completely before it’s born。 Guess she better find a new donor!

Max was upset with Naomi for continuing to try and fix things for him, and accused her of liking having him dependent on her。 She was determined to find out what Bryce was up to, and used Navid as her tool。 She set them up on a date and Navid learned that Alec had been behind Bryce getting Max fired all along。 I knew it! When she confronted him she learned why 。 。 。 Alec wants Max all to himself because he loves him! Oh brother 。 。 。 。 I wish they hadn’t spoiled that one on the previews last week honestly。 That was the best twist of the show。 When Naomi went home, she found Max had flown the coup。 He’s at a gamercon in Iceland “thinking。”

Finally Vanessa blackmailed Liam for 1/2 a million bucks, which Annie was prepared to lend him. However Annie wasn’t about to let Liam be taken advantage of. Adrianna earlier in the day saw Vanessa was back, but she didn’t know Vanessa had supposedly “died,” only Annie did. Adrianna made the mistake of telling Liam’s crazy body guard this, and the body guard/cop thought Liam was going back to Vanessa . . . So she kidnapped him! Annie went to the meeting and was stunned to see Vanessa alive, but neither knew where Liam was. He’s now tied up in some basement of a parking garage it seems. Lovely! I don’t think he’s ever gunna find a sane person to be with at this point.

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666 Park Avenue Winter (Series?) Finale

666 Park Avenue Winter (Series?) Finale

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 12.09.2012 at 5:46 pm

Last week was the Winter Finale of “666 Park Avenue。” There should still be around 3 episodes left before the season really ends, as ABC cancelled it and didn’t order any more episodes。 However whether they will air them, who knows! ABC has been known to not air remaining episodes of cancelled shows。 I’m not even sure what they will fill the spot with? My guess will be Nashville reruns。

The cancellation is a shame, because it’s finally gotten over the weirdness hump and we were getting to some real mysteries. Jane learned not only was her grandmother the little girl in the building, at one point she was there too. She also found out her great-grandfather was one of the men in the photo she found. He seemed to be involved in some secret satanic or pagan society and they were supposed to sacrifice his daughter in some ritual. owever he ended up saving his daughter and sacrificing her nanny.

What is the group they are apart of? What were they trying to do? We may never know! I like to think that maybe whatever they were up to opened that bizarre portal in the basement and maybe they obtained “the box” from it? That is another mystery I hope we get some answers to. What is that red box? I still think it’s probably Pandora’s Box. It’s too small to be the Ark.

鼎宝福彩The latest episode had Jane conferring with a psychologist trapped in the building named Mavis (Played by Whoopee Goldberg)。 Mavis made a deal to trade information Jane had to Gavin for her ability to finally leave the Drake unharmed。 I couldn’t help but think that was a bad deal, because Gavin could still get her。 However once she was outside, she turned into white doves and flew off。 Huh? Was she a good spirit trapped there beyond her death? That’s all I could come up with。 The white birds were also in stark contrast to the blackbirds also stuck in the walls of the Drake。

鼎宝福彩Jane meanwhile has been getting a little too close to the detective on her case. He believes something is going on in the building, and she’s trying to figure out what really happened to her family. Henry seems to be growing a little more distant too. Someone leaked Jane’s trip to the mental hospital to the press, which could be problematic for his chances when it comes to running for office.

Victor Shaw meanwhile told Olivia that her daughter Sasha was still alive。 He said she faked her death because she learned who Gavin really was。 She didn’t believe him until he called her and Olivia heard her voice。 She demanded Victor take her to Sasha。 They ended up at an apartment, but by time they got there it had been vacated。 Then Gavin’s assassin shot Shaw and killed him, so now Olivia has no answers or leads left 。 。 。 。 Meanwhile Gavin went to meet the only person who could have leaked the info about Jane 。 。 。 Henry’s new PR person, who is in fact Sasha! Yup, I saw that one coming a mile away。

I hope we get some answers about where things were leading before the show ends。 I’d actually love it if the show would get picked up by a cable network, where they could really do more with it and the storylines。 That’s probably a long shot though。

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