Once Upon A Time Season Finale: A New Author, A New Dark One.

Once Upon A Time Season Finale: A New Author, A New Dark One.

Posted by Dustin on 05。12。2015 at 12:06 pm

鼎宝福彩So I really enjoyed the “Once Upon A Time” finale this year. Usually we are left with a cliffhanger as to who the new big bad may be, but not this year. It wasn’t that shocking as it was really teased all season, Emma is the new bad buy.

Henry finally become the hero/savior, as he was whisked into the book to try and change all that Gold and Isaac did by sending everyone into the book/fake Fairytale land and reversing their hero/villain roles。 I really liked the totally reversal of Snow and Regina’s roles there。 I only wish they could have brought some others from the past back。

Where the heck has Red gone to? I can’t remember!

In saving everyone, Henry predictably became the new author。 However he also snapped the author’s pen, feeling it was too much power for anyone to have。 What does this mean for the stories though? That was unclear。

In the end there was a nice twist on the reveal of Merlin as the sorcerer, who they now need to find in order to fully beat the darkness/evil. I feel like Merlin was teased before though, and we definitely already had the Lady of the Lake appear. Merlin tethered the darkness to a human, aka The Dark One, as he had not found a way to permanently destroy it. He then went on some mission around the world to find out how to do away with it, but never returned.

In the end the darkness needed a new host, after it was drawn out of Gold’s heart to save his life, and it went for Regina。 However Emma wouldn’t allow Regina to lose her happy ending and took the darkness into herself, begging her family to find Merlin and save her。 She then disappeared, with her name appearing on the dagger。

Where has she gone to? That’s a big question. Honestly I’m surprised the darkness didn’t seek out Zelena, who is still stuck in the mental hospital basement and still pregnant with Robin’s kid. Something tells me Emma will turn to Zelena next season for help though, and possibly also bring in Lily, which shouldn’t be too hard.

It will be interesting to see if Gold will turn into a coward again. He won’t have any magic at all now, or shouldn’t. Something tells me he’ll not be able to cope and may try and get the Dark One’s magic back.

Renewals And Cancellations . . . Plus Summer Shows!

Renewals And Cancellations . . . Plus Summer Shows!

Posted by Dustin on 05.08.2015 at 9:51 am

With the end of the season upon us, lots of shows are being canned or renewed. ABC has put the nail in the coffin for “Resurrection,” so we will never get answers to that one.

“Castle,” “Nashville,” “Once Upon A Time,” “Secrets and Lies” and everything Shonda Rhimes does is coming back.

If you were fan of “Forever,” it’s gone forever sadly。

I’m really glad about “Nashville,” we knew “Once” was coming back, and am surprised about “Secrets and Lies.” I don’t know where they will take it. Will Abby kill again?

This summer I’m looking forward to the return of “Mistresses” and plan to give “The Whisperers” a shot, though ABC horror shows never seem to go over well。 They are great, but always last one season。 Speaking of horror, I’m looking forward to “Under The Dome” returning as well。

Once Upon A Time: The Season Finale Is Upon Us.

Once Upon A Time: The Season Finale Is Upon Us.

Posted by Dustin on 05.06.2015 at 3:08 pm

鼎宝福彩I can’t believe it’s already season finale time. Probably because the shows have so many hiatuses nowadays they go on and off constantly. It seems like “Once Upon A Time” just came back!

Anyways, Lily and Maleficent’s reunion was touching, once Lily stopped being so nasty。 I realize a lot has to do with the darkness inside her, but dang she was nasty at first。 Hopefully Maleficent can calm her darkness, or they can find a way to remove it from her。 Speaking of removing it, I so saw them using her blood as the ink coming a mile away。

I liked that Emma stopped being a brat to her parents as well. All they were trying to do was save her, and they had no idea what the author and sorcerer had planned.

I’m not so fond of Regina going a bit dark in this episode again, though the Wicked Witch has just got to go! I’m very interested in who they set up for the new big bad, which the usually tease in the finales. They are almost running out of villains.

Finale spoilers below the jump!
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Grimm: Juliette’s Gone Loco, and Trubel Returns!

Grimm: Juliette’s Gone Loco, and Trubel Returns!

Posted by Dustin on 05.02.2015 at 4:24 pm

鼎宝福彩“Grimm” has been wonderful lately, but also incredibly frustrating。 The flip-flopping of Juliette and Adeline’s roles as hero/villain is bizarre, as I never thought I would loath Juliette so much。 I honestly wouldn’t mind if they killed her off! The previews for the next two shows, which are the last of the season, have Nick crying in pain。 At first thought it would be because Juliette died。 They made a point to remind us of Aunt Marie’s prophecy in the very first show, that Juliette would end up dying, or perhaps she just said he would lose her, I can’t recall。 In a way he has lost her, she’s a fricken evil as hell hexenbeast! In a way she is also dead to Nick。 I’m now thinking with Nick’s mom being lured home that Juliette will kill her and deliver the child to the Royals。 That would totally destroy any chance they have of fixing things。 It’s also looking like they are setting up both of Adeline’s babies to be enemies with one another。 From next week’s promo it appears her first child is growing rapidly。 I am not a fan of the supernaturally rapidly aging children, as those tend to end up causing the show to jump the shark and turn stupid。 Yes, I’m thinking of the terrible final season of “Ghost Whisperer” here。

I’m glad to see the return of Truble in the preview, I’ve actually missed her. The Jack the Ripper story was an interesting twist, though I can’t believe they killed the hexenbeast lady that’s been helping everyone. WOW! Didn’t see that coming. I sure hope we get answers to what is going on with Captain Sexy Pants.

Next week’s promo, if you want to see it again 。 。 。

“Grimm” has been renewed for Season 5.

Spoilers for the next two shows, including the season finale, below!

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