Premiere Week Thoughts! Gotham, Grey’s and More!

Premiere Week Thoughts! Gotham, Grey’s and More!

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2015 at 4:54 pm

So we’ve made it through the first week of the Fall 2015 season. A lot still hasn’t returned and won’t until October. I’m very excited about “Once Upon A Time’s” return tonight, and after it am hoping to finally make it through “Heroes Reborn,” which is still on my DVD. I’m also still making my way through Season 1 of “How To Get Away With Murder” in order to keep up with Season 2 this year.

“Castle” was the first real show that I watch that returned, and I don’t know what to think。 It seems the story with Beckett being hunted, and acting all spy-like, is just a rehash of Castle’s missing time last season in a way。 There has also been a lot of speculation that the show plans to break up the newly weds, which would suck if that is true。

“Gotham” also returned. I enjoyed the first episode a lot, mainly because the show is moving more into “Batman” territory. Bruce has found the bat cave, and a league of super villains is being formed. I wasn’t a huge fan of last years mob-centric stories and was getting a little bored with it.

I was surprised how much I liked the “Grey’s” season premier. I thought it would be so different without McDreamy, and it still is, but I really love Meredith and Maggie’s friendship and seeing that blossom. Yay for Bailey being named the new Chief, but the previews for next week seem to have “The Nazi” returning.

鼎宝福彩I was so glad that “Nashville” did not kill off Deacon. Teddy is definitely in jail, but for how long? Will he turn over Tandy and ruin Rayna’s company, which already seems to be crashing into the ground as is? I feel so bad for Rayna, but once again am hating Juliette. Obviously she’s headed for a huge Scarlett-like meltdown. Scarlett is annoying me too by trying to make her relationship with that doctor work when it’s clear she wants Gunnar. I’m also enjoying Will trying to figure out where he belongs.

For some odd reason I’ve been throwing on “DWTS,” probably just to see the craziness that was Gary Busey. Has anyone noticed how Paula Dean is ALWAYS in the background shots smiling and waving at the camera? I mean she is ALWAYS there!

“Scream Queens” was absolutely amazing! It would seem that the Red Devil killer was likely the baby of the dead sorority girl in the 80s now all grown up, but then they’ve thrown the wrench in there that the baby may be Grace, so she can’t be the killer unless she’s nuts. I loved the twist with Nick Jonas’ character at the end, and of course the “Heathers” reference with all the Chanelles. How weird is it seeing Jeff from “Nashville” on there and not playing a total douche? It looks like he will appear on next week’s “Nashville” only to bow out of the show due to “Scream Queen.”

In other news, both “Mistresses” and “Devious Maids” have earned a 4th season! So happy!

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What I’m Watching So Far . . . .

What I’m Watching So Far . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 09。23。2015 at 7:21 am

So premiere week has begun, though some shows still don’t come back until October. I’m trying to be cautious this year, as usually the shows I choose get canceled!

Aside from the normal shows I always watch like “Once,” “Castle,” “Nashville,” and “Grey’s,” I’ve FINALLY started binging on “How To Get Away With Murder” season 1. I won’t be done in time for Season 2, but I hope to be there and caught up by next week.

I’m still watching “Gotham,” though it’s not my favorite. I definitely enjoyed “The Flash” last season and plan to watch “Supergirl” this year.

I started “Scream Queens” last night and am half way through. Loving it! I have high hopes for “Horror Story Hotel,” as it can’t be any worse than last season’s “Freak Show.”

I’m not sure what other new shows I plan on picking up. I’m wary of “Blood and Oil” mainly because it will just remind me of “Dallas,” and I’m still mad they canceled it. Also certain TV sites are predicting it will be the first show canceled this year . . . that can’t be good!

What are you watching or plan to watch that’s new and are enjoying?

Summer Season Finales Part 2: Falling Skies, Mistresses & The Whispers

Summer Season Finales Part 2: Falling Skies, Mistresses & The Whispers

Posted by Dustin on 09。09。2015 at 6:35 pm

So “The Whispers” came to an end, and I had no idea it was based on a Ray Bradbury short story called “Zero Hour,” which also ended much the same way . . . with the beginning of an alien invasion. There is no word if the show will return, but with them taking Claire instead of Henry, they could clearly go somewhere with the story past the original. I don’t know though, I felt it started out creepy, but by the end got a little too predictable and in some cases boring.

“Falling Skies,” another alien invasion show finally ended its run with a series finale。 This one at least had a happy ending, with the bad aliens being vanquished, though I felt it was a little rushed and the final episode a little crammed。 First, why couldn’t this dead alien race have contacted Tom long ago and told him “hey if you kill the queen they’ll all go away!” Soon much easier。 Also, killing and bringing Pam back the way they did in that final episode seemed pointless。 Why not just have not killed her to start with。 Pope came back one too many times, he should have just died and stayed dead。

Finally “Mistresses,” which there is still no news on whether it will return, but I really hope it does。 At least we for the most part had many of the storylines tied up。 April is happy with the bartender, Karen’s friend Vivian died but it seems obvious she’ll end up with Alec, Savi is still who knows where, and Joss found the real killer, who turned out to be Calista’s crazed assistant Wilson。 It was neat that they had him obsessed with her to the point he was dressing as her and in a way becoming her。 It definitely looks like Joss is about to get killed by him, but we know that won’t happen, just like they won’t let Calista hang herself in prison。 That shocked me, that someone who claimed to be such a fighter just rolled over and gave up。 It was totally out of character for her。

Tonight is another alien invasion show’s finally, “Extent.”

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