Scotty Is The American Idol

Scotty Is The American Idol

Posted by Dustin on 05.26.2011 at 5:54 am

I can’t say I’m shocked honestly. I really don’t know if anyone stood that big of a chance. I haven’t heard HOW close the voting was, or if he won by a landslide. He can sing mind you, just not the songs I’ll listen to, or will even hear on the stations I frequent.

鼎宝福彩In this day of “dreamy” Justin Bieber tween idol days, I feel like Scotty was destined to win。 It shall be very interesting to see how well his album does though。 The past few idols have learned this lesson。 Once “American Idol” is over, it’s a long year before we see there stuff 。 。 。 。 and that’s a long time to forget about them and move on。

The tween market is fickle that way!

American Idol: Our Choices Are Country, Country, and ???

American Idol: Our Choices Are Country, Country, and ???

Posted by Dustin on 05.15.2011 at 7:57 pm

So I was stunned that James got voted off “American Idol” this week。 I really had hoped he’d win it。

How Haley remained, after her temper tantrum, I don’t know. But I will admit I do like her. She is very versatile and can sing a lot of genres. But as the judges have said over and over, she has not shown as an artist who she actually is. I really have no idea what kind of album she’d make.

Scotty McCreery, yes he has a voice, but I honestly feel he’s only made it this far because 13 year old girls have burning hot pants for him。 I for one wouldn’t buy his album, and honestly 。 。 。 。 the girls voting for him 。 。 。 would they? Everything that comes out of his mouth sounds the same to me。

Even though I am not a country fan, I guess I’m going to root for Lauren at this point. She has a voice and I think would make a good album . . . though I also won’t buy it 🙂

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鼎宝福彩American Idol Thoughts

American Idol Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 04。29。2011 at 2:36 pm

So it’s been awhile since I commented on “Idol.” I am watching it, along with “DWTS” (well only partially with the later). At this point I feel like I’m only watching to see what the judges, and in particular Steven, say. I feel like it’s probably going to come down to Scotty and James in the end.

I really was shocked Casey went home last night。 I expected Jacob to go for sure。 I don’t know how he’s still there。 I’m so over his over the top singing at this point。 I just want to shove a big sock in his mouth。

I hope next year the voting is somehow changed。 I feel like this show is more about little girls voting for which guy they think is the cutest, not the best singer。 While I vote every now and then, I am not one who makes sure to vote as many times and as many ways as possible 。 。 。 and I know there are those crazed fans out there!

In other show news, I am loving “The Voice!” A very different take on a singing competition and the premier episode was really fun.

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American Idol Season 10 Thoughts

American Idol Season 10 Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 03.24.2011 at 3:36 pm

So is it wrong that I think I watch more for the judges than the contestants? Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tylor are AMAZING! They really have breathed new life into this show.

I definitely am liking the clips of the contestants reacting to their critiques once they get off stage。 Nice touch。

I can still do without the idiotic car commercial videos on elimination night。 Bleck! They are worse than the lip synched numbers they open the shows with。

A lot of the kids have talent, I just thing some of their choices suck。 Some of them are picking songs that are waaaaaaaay to old or slow。 Pick up the tempo, rock and pop songs!

James Durbin is great, I REALLY want him to do a Skid Row song。 I had hoped to see Adam Lambert do one when he was on, but it never happened。

Paul McDonald . . . WHY is he still here? His voice, his clothes, his moves . . . they all irritate me! The same with Scotty McDeepVoice. Yes he can sing, but all he can sing is country and it all sounds the same to me. I also am not the fan of Naima (sp?) that the judges are. I think she always sounds flat.

American Idol Season 10

American Idol Season 10

Posted by Dustin on 02。25。2011 at 12:00 am

So tonight the top 24 were revealed on “American Idol.” I didn’t watch all of the auditions, and I watched as much of Vegas and Hollywood as I could. From what I’ve seen . . . . SO SO SO impressed. Last year’s show was just such an abomination on so many levels. Too many judges, behind the seen judging drama with people coming and going, and of course not enough talent. As much as the judging issue was an issue, the talent was a bigger one. There really was nobody last season I felt I could root for that much or really cared about. I mean let’s be honest, who won last year and where are they now? Where are ANY of the people from last year really? I mean nobody seems to have record deals or are on the air! That’s not a good thing.

The talent is clearly in it this year though. These kids can sing, so it should be a good competition. The only thing that has me worried is that there are a lot of kids that I’d put in the “adult contemporary” category because of their song choices. Given Idol likes to throw in wacky theme weeks, I think we’re gunna see some of these contestants struggle.

As for the judges 。 。 。 。 love love LOVE Steven and Jennifer。 I really didn’t think I would as much as I do, but they are just so good!

Should be an interesting ride! Hopefully it will keep me glued this year.

American Idol: Ellen and Kara OUT! Whose In?

American Idol: Ellen and Kara OUT! Whose In?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07。31。2010 at 5:37 pm

So unless you were in a vacation bubble these past few days, you no doubt have heard the news. First Ellen DeGeneres quit “American Idol,” saying that it just wasn’t right for her in the end. Then came rumors that have basically been all but confirmed/reported by the media that Kara Dioguardi was fired (TMZ was the original source on this one).

Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler are the names currently floating around as replacement judges。 It seems that the show will probably just return to the three judge format。 However obviously the only original judge left is Randy Jackson 。 。 。 which begs the answer to the question “Can The Show Still Work?”

Will anyone be surprised if Paula suddenly returned? At this point in the game, and in an attempt to save the show, I wouldn’t. I mean, do we remember who even won the show last season? Where is news on their album or single?

鼎宝福彩Personally, I think it’s time for “Idol” to just hang up the microphone.

Glee Renewed, Simon Leaves Idol, Other Bits

Glee Renewed, Simon Leaves Idol, Other Bits

Posted by Dustin on 01.13.2010 at 12:24 pm

The big news to come out in the last day, aside from the Leno fiasco, is Simon Cowell announcing he’s leaving “American Idol” after this season. He’ll be working on an American version of his UK talent show “X-Factor” for Fox. What this means for “Idol” is anyones guess. I don’t think it can keep going with only one of the original judges left, but we’ll see.

There is a rumor that Simon is going to put Paula on “X Factor” as a judge, but I think it’s only a rumor.

“Glee” has been given a 2nd season already, so rejoice with song “Glee” fans!

Other page updates soon。 I’ve been posting and retweeting a lot of news links too, which can be found in the side bar。

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