Awake and Grimm Finales . . . .

Awake and Grimm Finales . . . .

Posted by Dustin on 05.25.2012 at 6:55 pm

So I do believe almost all the shows I watch have had their finales 。 。 。 Ahhhhh! Actually no, “Game of Thrones” has ONE more episode left。 “The Big C” is still going on, but this season has annoyed me to no end that I’ve pretty much lost interest。 Perhaps with nothing on, that will be enough to spark it。 Otherwise it’s a wait until “Drop Dead Diva,” “True Blood” and “Army Wives” start back up。 There is also the guilty pleasure that is “Big Brother” and ABC’s new lawsuit inspired version “The Glass House。” Oh and TNT’s “Falling Skies” also returns in June! It seems Summer won’t be that vacant after all!

So first up, “Awake” ended last night, and it’s not getting another season. I missed the last 2 episodes, but plunged into the finale. I was so lost, and I don’t think it was because I missed a few episodes. It was just bizarre! In both worlds it was a race to nail the dirty captain (who was dealing heroine with her partner that was tasked with killing Britton). As usual, the clues in each world led him to solve the case. But at the end of the show, the worlds seemed to merge. The doctors continued to stress the other world was a dream, and the one they were in was reality. The show ended with Britton finding himself sleeping in his bed, waking up without a wrist band on . . . and both his wife and son were alive! WTF ?!?!?!?! I’m so confused! I guess we’ll never get any real answers! Where would the show have even gone after that? I guess they’d have to explain what in the hell was going on! Was he dreaming the entire time? Was it some bizarre premonition of what was to come?

On “Grimm,” I was confused by much of this finale as well. A discussion has already occurred in the shoutbox about this, but I’ll just recap. Adelaide set out to get revenge on Nick and Juliette, but really Nick. She tainted some cat with a potion, and the cat scratched Adelaide. This caused her to become ill. Nick finally had to tell her the whole truth about him and the monsters, but she thought he was the sick one who needed help. She passed out before Monroe could reveal himself to her, and she was taken to the hospital. Monroe and his gal pal worked to come up with an antidote to the scratches. Meanwhile a strange woman began tracking the man who killed Nick’s parents. He was back to get those damn coins from Nick. They faced off in Nick’s house, and the mystery woman dropped in to help get rid of the guy. As Nick had his gun aimed on her, she revealed that she was his mother! Meanwhile at the hospital Juliette woke up . . . with a big set of cat eyes!

鼎宝福彩Okay I guessed fairly early on that the woman was Nick’s mother. This brings up the question as to where his father is? Also were both parents Grimms, or just one? It seemed that when his parents died, the Aunt inherited the powers, then finally Nick. Nick only began to see things when his aunt was near death. But I think this idea was later abandoned as in other stories it seems there is no one Grimm, but many Grimm . . . some who were working with those royal monsters to keep the races separate.

Also if it was so easy to turn Juliette into a monster, why didn’t Adelaide do it to herself? Or can’t she? Is she immune after tasting a Grimm’s blood? Or has Juliette not been turned, but something else is going on with her?

鼎宝福彩So many questions! NBC has been teasing that Grimm will return in “late summer,” before the usually mid-late September debuts.

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A Smorgasbord Of Show Thoughts!

A Smorgasbord Of Show Thoughts!

Posted by Dustin on 04。21。2012 at 7:43 pm

I have fallen so behind because of other things, so this is a giant post of quick thoughts on many shows!

On the latest “Grimm” we learned a whole lot about what is going on. The Grimm had, supposedly, been working with a class of purist “royal” monsters that the police Chief apparently seems to be a part of. While this class had traditionally been only in Europe, they’ve clearly branched out. It seems they are dedicated to not only causing problems in the world, but keeping the humans and the monsters separate. An underground revolution movement is in place, but Nick was warned in this episode a war was coming that would forever tip the balance. What we still don’t know is which side the captain is on! He seems to be playing both sides at the moment? I am hoping he is on the side of good, maybe I’m hoping too much?

On “Smash,” Ivy weaseled her way back into the play, hoping to take over from Uma Thurman’s clearly flop of a character. However by the end of the latest episode, the “star” shone! Which of course makes Ivy’s job of getting the role back a little more difficult. Just an episode ago, I thought Ivy and Karen were getting along so well. Now she’s back to being a royal diva b….. Oh and Tom got dumped by his republican boyfriend because he had gaga eyes for Ivy’s gay “straight” bff. Other thoughts . . . What is Nick’s secret? (The guy Eileen likes). And will Dev cheat on Karen with that co-worker?

I am still watching “Awake” believe it or not. At this point I’m starting to wonder . . . is this all in his head? Is he laying in a coma somewhere, the real victim of the car accident? How will this all end?

“The Client List” is only 2 episodes in, but I am liking it. I see it’s moving to a one client only focused episode, where Melinda . . . I mean, what’s her name, helps some ghost . . . I mean lonely man solve the problem haunting him.

I absolutely LOVED the disco episode of “Glee.” OMG, Unique! Unique needs to join the Glee club at McKinley high for next season. So far Unique has been the best one yet from the “Project Glee” characters.

Finally I watched the first three episodes of “The Big C” online for the season. I was shocked that Paul lived, but happy. For the first several minutes of the premier I was sure Paul was a ghost, but he’s not. He’s real. Then there is Andrea, who has changed her name to Ababoo. I love her so much! However I am getting this feeling she’s now in love with Shawn . . . not good!

NBC Spoilers for April: Awake, Grimm and Smash (and a few quick thoughts)

NBC Spoilers for April: Awake, Grimm and Smash (and a few quick thoughts)

Posted by Dustin on 04.08.2012 at 5:19 pm

I am still watching “Grimm” and enjoying the show. They are finally back into more of the storyline with the detective and the blond woman/Hexenbeast from the first episode. She’s now going after Nick’s partner Hank! Juliette is getting a lot more airtime as well, realizing Nick is keeping something important from her. She told him in the last episode that she couldn’t marry him right now because he’s pulling away from her.

“Smash” I’m also still enjoying. The last episode with Julia’s marriage falling to pieces was amazing, and heartbreaking. She had it coming though! I hate that Michael Swift seems to have come out unscathed, his marriage still in tact. I also loved that Ivy and Karen started to get along in this episode. The next few episodes have Uma Therman guest staring and in talks to take on the part of Marilyn.

As for “Awake,” well I still watch, but I’m not that in love with it. It seems to move so slow, and I wish we’d get on track with this big secret about why the higher ups tried to kill Michael. It looks like that will finally be explored in next week’s episode from the previews.

Read on for the spoilers!

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Awake: Did It Put You To Sleep?

Awake: Did It Put You To Sleep?

Posted by Dustin on 03。01。2012 at 9:12 pm

鼎宝福彩NBC’s new show “Awake” premiers tonight. As with “Smash,” I watched the premier earlier. If you haven’t seen the commercials, the show is about a detective (played by Jason Isaacs of “Harry Potter” fame) who is involved in a car crash with his son and wife in the car. Isaacs plays Michael, who in one world only his wife lived, and in the other only his son did. He alternates between them when he goes to sleep in one, and wakes up in the other. In both worlds he’s a detective, but has different partners. In both worlds he has two different psychiatrists who take a different approach to his “delusion” that there is another world. In both worlds there is a case to be solved as well.

I enjoyed the show. However with “Grimm” already on the same network, and what looks to be a few more paranormal pilots out there for next season, I’m wondering if this is going to quickly become the new it thing for every network to do. You know what I mean, “the medical shows,” then “the law shows,” then “the detective shows.” Is the market next year going to be saturated with these shows?

The show left some big questions, aside from the main one . . . “Is Michael making this up?” If he is, which world is in his mind? Or do both worlds exist, and is he really jumping between the two? Can his family be merged then? We don’t know how the car accident happened, but some hints were dropped in one of the worlds that he may have been drunk. I definitely enjoyed the twist with the cases in both worlds somehow being connected. It seems to be that Michael isn’t nuts, and there are two, connected worlds. Solving the case in one world is the key to solving it in the other world.

So did you watch? Did you enjoy it, or did it not keep you “Awake?”

Spoilers for the next episode to follow!

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