Hidden Palms Finale

Hidden Palms Finale

Posted by Dustin on 07.05.2007 at 4:13 pm

So last night was the big finale. It seemed to move a bit slow, right up till the very end. Cliff and Nikki seemed to work things out, as did Johnny and Greta. Everyone seemed convinced that Eddie’s mom killed him to keep her affair with Cliff quiet. Everyone tried to get his laptop to find his video journals to prove this. Greta’s dad Skip confronted Eddie’s mom Maria and basically told her she had nothing left, pack up and leave. She cried that she sacrificed her son for him. Later as Liza tried to break in and find the laptop, she found a dead Maria. It appeared she killed herself, a note was left. Mystery solved? It looked that way, until Johnny checked his mail and found a message! It was a video from Eddie’s laptop, which Skip had stolen after Maria was found dead. It appear Maria emailed it to Johnny before she died. The video showed that Eddie learned Skip and his mother had killed Greta’s mother! They wanted to be together or something, so they killed her. Eddie wanted to reveal this, skip is the one who killed Eddie and covered it up, Maria went a long!

And thus ends “Hidden Palms。” Amy sent the following story from which seems to indicate that the show probably is done for。 Maybe we should sent nuts to The CW 😛

Hidden Palms: Episodes 6&7

Hidden Palms: Episodes 6&7

Posted by Dustin on 06.28.2007 at 10:20 pm

Dang this show is getting so good and it ends next week. Not fair! As one commenter pointed out, the commercials are advertising it as the series finale, so it’s looking like a 2nd season probably isn’t in the cards.

I’m trying to actually remember exactly what happened last night (it wasn’t a good day for me yesterday). Nikki learned Cliff had been bopping Eddie’s mom. Cliff tried to break it off with Eddie’s mom, but she won’t let her boy-toy go. The show ended with him being caught in bed with her by his own mom! Ew!

Cliff’s mom tried to hook up with Greta’s dad, but it seems he has eyes for Eddie’s mom too! We learned that Greta’s dad was there when Eddie died and made it look like a suicide. We still don’t know who killed him.

Johnny confronted Greta about the costume, she claims she found Eddie after he died and Cliff promised to get rid of the costume. Why did he keep it though? Blackmail? Cliff knows a lot more than what he’s saying, my guess is he knew about Greta’s dad’s involvement and kept the dress to use against him somehow. Maybe I can’t frame Greta type of a thing?

Johnny meanwhile found out that Liza and Eddie were sleeping around! Liza has been lying about everything basically, at this point it wouldn’t shock me if Liza killed Eddie!

Hidden Palms: Mulligan

Hidden Palms: Mulligan

Posted by Dustin on 06.26.2007 at 10:55 pm

The second episode of “Hidden Palms” from last week was a bit of a let down! The episode focused mainly on daddy issues, Greta’s with her off-hands out-of-town father and Johnny with his step-dad. Johnny and his dad played in the local golf tournament. Johnny’s step-dad fancies himself a golf pro, Johnny doesn’t. Things didn’t go well between them at all. Meanwhile Greta’s dad came to town and paid more attention to Cliff’s mom Tess than his own daughter. When Greta and her dad faced off, we did learn an important factoid. Greta’s dad recalled her coming home crying the night Eddie died and he “made it go away.” Seems like Greta got herself into trouble!

Cliff and Nikki’s romance continued, but then we learned there was something going on between him and Eddie’s mom! He went to see her as the episode ended。 Hmmm。 I don’t think Cliff killed Eddie, but I think he knows what happened。 Meanwhile Liza broke into Cliff’s and revealed what she found to Johnny, Greta’s Halloween costume covered in Eddie’s blood!

So obviously Greta at least FOUND Eddie。 Otherwise she was there when he died。 I don’t think she was though, I think she stumbled on him。 Who killed Eddie though? It’s looking like Cliff knows the truth but isn’t saying。 Could he have been in on the plot to kill his best friend? My guess is Eddie was accidentaly killed and Cliff and his mother covered it up。 Did Eddie catch them having an affair?

鼎宝福彩Hidden Palms: What Liza Beneath

Hidden Palms: What Liza Beneath

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 06.24.2007 at 10:12 pm

So in the latest episode, Johny learned that Eddie’s mom still lived in the area. He went to see her, trying to find out what Eddie’s screen name on IM was and who could be messaging him. She didn’t seem to keen on talking with him though, and later told Johnny’s mom. Johnny’s mom was convinced he was interested in finding out why Eddie killed himself because he couldn’t find out why his dad did. He admitted possibly, but he did want to know what happened to Eddie. That question opened up a whole can of worms, they HAVEN’T addressed the father’s death really. Should the show go to Season 2, that would be a possibility.

Cliff launched his plan to get Travis out of his mom’s life, and it involved Travis’ “baby” (aka his car.). Cliff to Nikki for a ride in the car and then smashed it up, claiming they were side swiped. Nikki and Cliff got really hot and heavy with one another. Dare I say I love them together, but it’s hard to like them when we know what a jerk Cliff is! Later Cliff’s plan worked, Travis attacked him and his mom kicked Travis to the curb.

Nikki meanwhile realized she needed and wanted help, and got it from Jesse Joe, who offered her a couch to sleep on 。 。 。 with rules。 I just love the actor who plays Jessie Joe!

Greta finally confessed to Johnny that Eddie killed himself because she cheated on him with Cliff. Well that was HER story. Liza, Eddie’s friend, had another story. Johnny spent a good deal of time talking to Liza, who was hiding photos of herself and Eddie from him. One popped up ion her laptop screen saver and she rushed to keep him from seeing it. Eventually Johnny saw a reflection of her sweatshirt in the mirror behind her, and it was the IMer’s screen name! He demanded answers. Her story? Eddie was her friend and she had been IMing Johnny to warn him, Eddie was murdered by Greta and Cliff.

So the mystery thickened! I still have the 5th episode to get through。 I can’t believe the show is coming to an end。 It’s been so good! I’d love to see the CW pick it up for another season, but I don’t think it’s looking good。

Hidden Palms Season Finale Spoilers

Hidden Palms Season Finale Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 06.20.2007 at 1:03 am

“Hidden Palms” wraps up it’s first season on July 4th. As of yet, there is no word whether the show might be picked up and come back in the fall. I don’t think it’s looking good thought.

THE KILLER IS REVEALED – Convinced that Maria (guest star Valerie Cruz) is guilty of killing her son, Johnny (Taylor Handley) asks Cliff (Michael Cassidy) to help retrieve incriminating evidence he believes is on Eddie’s (J。D。 Pardo) laptop。 Cliff fakes reconciliation with Maria to get inside her house but she kicks him out when he gets too close to the computer。 Determined to find evidence against Maria, Liza (Ellary Porterfield) breaks into her house and is stunned by what she finds。 Amber Heard, Sharon Lawrence, D。 W。 Moffett and Gail O’Grady also star。

鼎宝福彩Hidden Palm Spoilers

Hidden Palm Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 06.14.2007 at 12:22 am

Hidden Palms will conclude on July 4th。 On June 20th and 27th there will be two episodes each, airing back to back from 8-10pm。

“What Liza Beneath” – June 20th, 8pm

GRETA CONFESSES HER BIG SECRET TO JOHNNY – Frustrated over the instant messages he has been receiving from “Eddie” (guest star J.D. Pardo), Johnny (Taylor Handley) seeks out Eddie’s mom, Maria (guest star Valerie Cruz), for answers.  Cliff (Michael Cassidy) devises a plan to get rid of Travis (guest star J.R. Cacia), and Jesse Jo (Leslie Jordan) takes Nikki (Tessa Thompson) under his wing.  Meanwhile, after running into Maria at the country club, Greta (Amber Heard) becomes consumed with guilt and confesses to Johnny that on the night he died, Eddie discovered she had slept with Cliff.  Sharon Lawrence, D.W. Moffett, Gail O’Grady and Ellary Porterfield also star.  Barbie Kligman wrote the episode directed by Nick Marck.

“Mulligan” -June 20th, 9pm

LIZA BELIEVES GRETA AND CLIFF KILLED EDDIE – Liza (Ellary Porterfield) tells Johnny (Taylor Handley) she saw Greta (Amber Heard) and Cliff (Michael Cassidy) fleeing from Eddie’s (guest star J。D。 Pardo) house the night he died。  Believing they killed Eddie, Liza decides to break into Cliff’s house to find proof。  Meanwhile, Greta’s father Skip (guest star Kyle Secor) returns to town and immediately begins flirting with both Tess (Sharon Lawrence) and Karen (Gail O’Grady)。  D。 W。 Moffett and Tessa Thompson also star。 Daniel Arkin wrote the episode directed by Perry Lang。

Dangerous Liaisons” -June 27th, 8pm

NIKKI CATCHES CLIFF KISSING ANOTHER WOMAN – Johnny (Taylor Handley) confronts Greta (Amber Heard) about the bloody angel costume Liza (Ellary Porterfield) found in Cliff’s (Michael Cassidy) room.  Greta confesses she and Cliff found Eddie’s (J.D. Pardo) body in his room then fled but not for the reasons Johnny thinks. Meanwhile, at Tess’s (Sharon Lawrence) birthday bash, Nikki (Tessa Thompson) catches Cliff kissing Mrs. Nolan (guest star Valerie Cruz) and dumps him.  D. W. Moffett and Gail O’Grady also star.  Paula Yoo wrote the episode directed by Patrick Norris.

“Stand By Your Woman” – June 27, 9pm

鼎宝福彩CLIFF’S AFFAIR WITH MARIA NOLAN SHAKES UP THE TOWN – Johnny (Taylor Handley) tells Greta (Amber Heard) and Liza (Ellary Porterfield) about Cliff’s (Michael Cassidy) affair with Maria Nolan (guest star Valerie Cruz), causing them all to conclude that Cliff had a motive to kill Eddie (J.D. Pardo).  However, after Johnny finds a video of Liza and Eddie kissing, he decides he can’t trust anyone.  Meanwhile, Cliff tries to win Nikki (Tessa Thompson) back while fending off Maria’s advances.  Tess (Sharon Lawrence) and Skip (guest star Kyle Secor) continue their courting dance.  D.W. Moffett and Gail O’Grady also star.  Bryan Holdman wrote the episode directed by Dan Lerner.

Hidden Palms: Episode 3

Hidden Palms: Episode 3

Posted by Dustin on 06。14。2007 at 12:13 am

Oy! Various real life dramas interfered with my viewing of the show tonight。 I’m going to have to re-watch online or next Sunday。 I almost set the Tivo up but didn’t。 Grrr! These thoughts are based on what parts I was able to pay attention too 🙂

So we learned tonight from Greta’s home movies that the person who appeared to Johnny on his computer was Eddie and not an imposter. Well, maybe. Cliff could have had a great latex mask or edited some movies and sent that to Johnny. Johnny did mention they could have been myspace clips sent to him.

Eddie and Nikki both suspected Cliff was behind the IM and videos. Nikki seemed to even catch him doing it. When she forced the mystery IMer to sign off after asking what they were wearing, Johnny looked across the way to see Cliff leave his PC. Greta also  somewhat confirmed that Cliff could be doing this to Johnny, but she wouldn’t answer any of his questions about Eddie.

Later Cliff gave Greta a mysterious warning. When she confronted him about terrorizing Johnny, he warned her that Johnny could find out what she really is. Hmmm, so is Cliff doing all this to Johnny, and if so why? Johnny is new to town, what could Cliff have against him? Also what was the comment to Greta about? More hints to this one came at the very end of the show. Johnny got more mysterious IMs from the person claiming to be Eddie who said he didn’t kill himself, he was murdered.

鼎宝福彩So did Greta kill him? Or maybe Greta and Cliff together? This show is taking on somewhat of an “I know what you did last Summer” feel to it.

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Hidden Palms Spoiler Clip!

Hidden Palms Spoiler Clip!

Posted by Dustin on 06。08。2007 at 8:46 pm

Greta Watches A Video Of Eddie!

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Hidden Palms: Episodes 3 & 4 Spoilers

Hidden Palms: Episodes 3 & 4 Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 06.08.2007 at 6:59 pm

Party Hardy – June 13th

Johnny leaves Nikki alone at his house, some old friends show up and she falls off the wagon (again)

Greta confronts Cliff about harassing Johnny。

Johnny’s questions Greta about Eddie’s death, but she won’t tell him anything.

Cliff’s mom Tess invites her new boyfriend Travis to move in, much to Cliff’s dismay.

鼎宝福彩Bob and Karen (Johnny’s mom and step-dad) dine at the country club with Tess and Travis

What Liza Beneath – June 20th

Greta feels guilty and tells Johnny something disturbing about the night Eddie died.

Johnny visits Eddie’s mother, who still lives in the area.

Cliff tries to get his mom to dump her gold-digger boyfriend Travis。 He comes up with a plan to oust him。

Nikki and Cliff take a wild car ride.

Jessie-Joe tries to help Nikki get and stay clean。

Hidden Palms Just Got Good!

Hidden Palms Just Got Good!

Posted by Dustin on 06.06.2007 at 10:47 pm

So tonight “Hidden Palms” got goooooood! We are talking mystery, drama and supernatural stuff here。

鼎宝福彩The show started with Greta, Cliff and Johnny at the pool。 A huge party was going on at the country club that night, Cliff was telling Johnny all the kids head to the party shack (some side building) to basically drink and party while the adults did their boring thing。 Johnny said this wasn’t his thing, but didn’t reveal why。 Later he pressed Cliff about Eddie and how he died。 Cliff revealed that Eddie killed himself。

Johnny went to a AA meeting and then headed home and called his step-dad Bob and mom out at dinner over Eddie’s suicide. Johnny figured it would have to be disclosed when they bought the house, but it seems his mom didn’t know. Both Johnny and his mom were furious Bob bought this house and didn’t tell them that someone committed suicide in Johnny’s room. Bob apologized, but it wasn’t doing much good. We also learned that Bob is/was Johnny’s father’s business partner! Can’t believe I didn’t see that one coming.

That night, Johnny got an instant message on his PC from a mysterious screen name。 The person basically warned Johnny that he was in danger。 Johnny pressed for details, who were they and what did they know? They simply said you’ve been warned。

The next day Cliff got creepy again, warning Greta she wouldn’t be with Johnny. Greta mentioned she didn’t like what they were “doing” to him. It was all very cryptic, but would soon possibly make sense.

Meanwhile Johnny’s friend Nikki showed up, he met her in rehab。 It was apparent they may have dated, or at least liked one another。 Nikki’s father won’t let her move back home until she proves she’s clean, she’s living in a halfway house in town。 Nikki wasn’t too thrilled to learn Johnny is liking Greta。 Cliff however took an immediate liking to Nikki。 From the start you knew he was up to no good at all with Nikki。

Later Greta and Johnny had a bonding sessions. Greta revealed her mom died when she was younger from an illness. Johnny opened up and admitted he was in rehab, which is where he met Nikki. They discussed the party shack party, Johnny was planning to go with Nikki. At one point Greta said “You’ve been warned,” which made Johnny do a double take as that is what the mysterious IMer said to him.

At the party Cliff purposefully spiked Nikki’s drink, when she specifically asked for a soda. However after seeing Greta with Johnny, and Cliff saying Johnny has been hot for her since moving here, Nikki got plastered and made a fool of herself at the adults’ party by dancing and singing on stage. Later when Johnny’s parents came home talking about “that girl” they were shocked to see her in their house being sick as Johnny and Gretta tended to her.

Nikki, still drunk, told Greta she was nice, but she didn’t like her。 Greta and Johnny had a serious make-out session, then Nikki cried to Johnny how nobody loved her and she had no one。 Obviously we are setting some kind of love-dependency triangle here。

The end of the show is what really made the whole episode. Johnny got another IM from the mystery person, Johnny demanded to know who they were. Cue the video cam feed. A person appeared in a monster mask. Johnny, upon examining the background of the room . . . realized it was his room! The mask came off and the person claimed they were Eddie, the boy who killed themselves in his room. Eddie said “Welcome to my world.”

VERY creepy, and opens many possibilities。 First, was the guy really Eddie on the camera? Johnny doesn’t know what Eddie looks like, so this could be something Cliff is doing to him。 But why? Of course if it is Eddie, what in the heck is going on? Perhaps Eddie didn’t kill himself and he’s trying to warn Johnny he could be next? I don’t know but I loved it! I’m kind of leaning towards this is some sick joke and the guy on camera isn’t Eddie。

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