Lipstick Jungle Officially Cancled

Lipstick Jungle Officially Cancled

Posted by Dustin on 03.28.2009 at 11:42 am

When both Lindsay Price and Kim Raver booked new shows, you knew it wasn’t good. Now Brooke Shield’s tells E!

鼎宝福彩“It was going to stay and we just were officially told it’s finally not coming back,” Brooke said to E! at the Latisse launch party last night.


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Three Strikes, Lipstick Jungle’s Out?

Three Strikes, Lipstick Jungle’s Out?

Posted by Dustin on 03.07.2009 at 4:14 pm

is reporting that Andrew McCarthy has been cast as Lilly’s father in the “Gossip Girl” spin-off, set to star Britney Snow。

This is the third “Lipstick” star to book a new pilot. It looks like our beloved “Jungle” is being torn down so to speak 🙁

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鼎宝福彩Jungle Stars Booking New Jobs

Jungle Stars Booking New Jobs

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.02.2009 at 7:52 pm

Well the death knoll is getting closer for “Lipstick Jungle” it might seem. Kim Raver, who plays Nico on the show has been cast in Shonda Rhimes new pilot “Inside The Box,” which is about female journalists in Washington D.C. Lindsey Price, who plays Victory, has been cast in another new ABC pilot “Eastwick.”

Sources : and

Lipstick To Bravo Or Lifetime?

Lipstick To Bravo Or Lifetime?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 02。14。2009 at 5:50 pm

I was catching up on some news and came across this tidbit, which came out earlier in the week。 I’m pretty sure I saw it on Kristin over at E!。 It was a video blurb/interview with Lindsey Price, who plays Victory Ford on “Lipstick Jungle。”

While nothing official has been stated, the talk behind the scenes is should NBC not opt to pick up the show for a third season, it could end up on Bravo or Lifetime。

Thoughts? Bravo is an NBC company as is. I just don’t see it fitting in there really. I mean it’s become a reality network. Should “Project Runway” stay on Bravo (there is still a dispute going on) then it might work before or after that show. I know Bravo is already working on “Runway Clones” if or when they lose “Runway.”

I think it would work much better on Lifetime, as aside from “Army Wives” a lot of their older dramas have been retired.

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Lipstick Jungle Still A Possibility

Lipstick Jungle Still A Possibility

Posted by Dustin on 01.18.2009 at 9:19 am

According to the on EW, NBC’s primetime president Angela Bromstad has stated that “Lipstick Jungle” has NOT been officially canceled! It may be considered an alternative come fall, based on what other pilot projects come along.

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Lipstick Jungle: All Is Quiet And Peacefull In The Jungle Tonight

Lipstick Jungle: All Is Quiet And Peacefull In The Jungle Tonight

Posted by Dustin on 01.10.2009 at 9:11 am

This is two weeks of thoughts on “Lipstick Jungle,” both of the new episodes from the new year.

During the first episode, Nico went ahead with trying to find a sperm donor and do the baby thing on her own, while Griffin pursued her. They ended up having a little somethin-somethin on the side as both were alone for New Years. I have to say as much as I was annoyed by the way Kirby was acting, I miss him already and do NOT like Nico with Griffin. Griffin just seems slimy and shady to me.

Joe and Victory’s anniversary was coming up and she planned to propose. However he skipped out on their dinner together. She did get the chance to propose when they finally met up. He explained how he had to restructure his company, because of the downturn in the market was out a lot of money. I love that they are finally engaged, and loved that it was Victory who proposed (by sewing “Will You Merry Me” into a tux.) Very cute! Also I think the idea of making Joe not so rich is pretty neat. He becomes a little less immortal and more like an ordinary man that way.

鼎宝福彩Wendy and Shane went to a marriage counselor and Wendy found out that Shane was looking at going on the tour behind her back. She proposed they all go on tour with him if it meant that much, but he didn’t think that was a good idea as the kids had school and all. In the end she let Shane go on tour without them, and he promised it would be the one and only tour. Honestly not sure how I feel about this one. I think it was important for Shane to do what he is passionate about. At the same time it’s almost like he threw a hissy fit when Wendy didn’t like the idea as it would take him away for so long, and the hissy fit got him what he wanted in the end. Also I don’t like how once she agreed to let him go, suddenly their marriage was fine again and there seemed to be no issues or attitude . . . from Shane that is.

In the second episode, Nico hired Dahlia to help her promote some book the company was after to turn into a movie. Meanwhile Griffin put their New Years tryst into writing to inform the company so there was no legal issues for them. She had some serious issues with that, as would I! However I do understand in this day and age it’s actually protocol to tell a company or workplace if you are dating a colleague, especially when both are in high powered positions. Later Nico went on The Today’s Show to promote the article and magazine, but all Kathy Lee wanted to talk about was Nico’s younger man and how great the sex was. I have to admit, this was pretty darn funny, seeing Kathy Lee Gifford all sexed up. Nico spoke politely and eloquently about Kirby, which he watched and loved . . . Griffin not so much. Griffin pointed out to her how she couldn’t deal with a paragraph of writing about the two of them, but could talk about her sex life with Kirby on national TV. In the end Kirby dropped by Nico’s place and told her that she was the one he wanted, he’d do anything to have her. As they were kissing and enjoying dinner together, Griffin was out in the rain, so to speak, trying to call Nico but getting no answer. Yay for Kirby!

Shane went on tour while Wendy bid on the article/book that Nico and Griffin were after. This of course led to conflict between Griffin and Nico, as he thought she tipped of Wendy. It was in fact Sal who did. After Shane left, their daughter Mattie became a little witch. She was convinced her dad wasn’t coming back and it was her mom’s fault for pushing him away. She got trashed and showed up puking drunk to Victory and Joe’s engagement party. Wendy dragged her butt outside, where she puked in a New York City trash can. After being set straight by Wendy and a phone call from Shane, she apologized. Their daughter is really getting on my nerves and will get no sympathy from me here. I know she was afraid her parents were splitting up, but the way she treated her mom was horrible. She got her punishment though, puking in front of New York City. How embarrassing!

Victory’s parents flew into town, on a jet Joe rented (as he sold his), and were wined and dined by Joe。 Victory felt it was a little too much, not only for her parents, but for Joe who shouldn’t be spending like this。 It somewhat backfired as Victory’s father did not like Joe, felt he was full of himself, that Victory would have room for no one in her life but Joe, and she was making a mistake。 She told him off and good, reminding him how his own parents didn’t approve of him marrying “that short Korean lady” and because of it they didn’t speak until she was 7。 Victory’s mom BTW, totally fricken adorable! In the end Joe bent over backwards to do what he knew Victory’s parents would want, a small town wedding in their home church。 Totally fricken adorable of Joe, as Victory had had it with her father and told Joe they could just elope to some island, that the wedding only had to be the two of them and her girls。

鼎宝福彩The show ended on a happy note all around, with montage of this season’s moments. This, along with the fact that NBC hasn’t released any new episode spoilers, tells me that this was our season finale. Should NBC not pick the show up for a new season, it will be the series finale. If that happens, I’m totally thankful to the show for ending it on a happy note and not leaving us hanging with some dreaded cliffhanger that won’t be resolved.

Lipstick Jungle Chapter 19 and 20 Spoilers

Lipstick Jungle Chapter 19 and 20 Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 12.15.2008 at 1:03 pm

Official NBC spoilers for Chapters 19 and 20 of “Lipstick Jungle,” airing in January。

鼎宝福彩Read More »

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Lipstick Jungle: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Lipstick Jungle: Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Posted by Dustin on 12。13。2008 at 10:41 pm

So I have two weeks of thoughts to post on “Lipstick Jungle.” I’m going to forgo any big recaps and just go with my thoughts with a bit of recap to preface.

Kirby and Nico continued to disagree over the baby, with Kirby putting his foot down saying he and his priorities, as well as his job, basically came first。 On one hand I can’t blame him as this wasn’t what he had signed on for。 I guess he and Nico never had the kids discussion, did they or didn’t they want them。 On the other hand, they’ve been making Kirby all about Kirby the past few episodes as well, so it was no shock to see how he was acting。 It’s almost as if they want us to not like him。

Nico wanted to adopt Charlie, but Megan’s parents came to take Charlie and Megan back home with them。 Nico faced losing the baby。 She and Kirby later broke up as neither were happy anymore。 I just feel like they wanted to break them up to pave way for Nico and her boss to have a fling, which has also been a long time coming。 He’s been interested in her all season, now that she’s free, he’s going to go after her。 I don’t know if I like the idea of these two together at all honestly。 Nico meanwhile began hormone treatments to harvest her eggs。

鼎宝福彩Victory had to do a shoot involving a nude model for a campaign for her clothing, unaware that SHE was to be the model until after she approved. Kirby was called in to be the photographer in order to calm her nerves. There were some great scenes of her freaking out and downing shots to get through it, but once she got comfortable she gave it her all. Baring herself for the shoot gave her the courage to confront Joe and tell him what she was feeling, to thank him for all he’d done for her, and to say she would have said yes. They kissed then did the wild thing. It seems like these two are back together, with Victory planning to propose to Joe this time. I just can’t help but think he’s not going to say yes though, I don’t know why. It just seems nothing is going right for the ladies lately.

Finally Wendy had to agree to be partners with this creepy producer, who Cassidy gave her script to first, but he ignored it for months. He had the pull in the industry and a studio ready to produce it, Wendy didn’t at the moment. Wendy agreed to work with him, rather than sell out to him. This annoyed Shane, who kept dropping snarky comments about how “nobody was paying him to just stay at home and not work.”

Shane got a job offer to go on tour with Natasha Beddingfield for four months and wanted to take it. Wendy had issues with him being away for so long, which led to serious fights. Shane started slinging the insults, such as why couldn’t she let it be his turn now, and she liked it better when she was taking care of him. Their son overheard them fighting, which causes problems for him at school.

I have to say, I HATE that they did this to Shane and Wendy. Just like Kirby and Nico, it seemed these issues just suddenly appeared. More than that, they just suddenly turned Shane into a jerk. How soon he forgets he has a job and these connections because of Wendy! In the end he did what he wanted to do, accepting the job to go on tour for 4 months. Hello, has he forgotten Wendy is friends with that guy that would love to bop her? He’s just walking away when his marriage is in trouble? I can already see him being on the road and his manager putting the moves on him, which maybe is what he wants.

We’ll have to wait till January to find out what happens next, as that is when “Lipstick” (and pretty much every other show) returns。

Lipstick Jungle: The Thanksgiving Episode

Lipstick Jungle: The Thanksgiving Episode

Posted by Dustin on 11.27.2008 at 1:54 pm

Last week was the Thanksgiving episode of “Lipstick Jungle.” Wendy was fixated on preparing a local meal, with all the ingredients coming from withing 100 miles. Of course now TV Thanksgiving is complete without complete and utter chaos.

Shane’s manager’s dog decided to up and die, so he spent the whole episode consoling her and trying to find someone to take the dog, but everything was closed. They went to bury it in Central Park, only to get into trouble with the law. I wasn’t a fan of this, mainly cause it seemed the poor doggie’s death was being used by the manager to try and get into Shane’s pants. Is the man totally clueless that this girl is hot for him?

Dahlia showed back up in Victory’s life, bringing her a client. A man needed a wedding dress for his bride to be. She designed one, but was shocked when the bride showed up. She was a full figured gal, not who Victory normally designs for. Dahlia and Victory however made things work and made a beautiful dress for her, helping her with some self esteem issues. Dahlia had a personality transplant in this episode, admitting she had been a total bitch and was sorry. I liked this story most of all because the message behind the client and the dress was really great. Plus it was nice that they had Victory doing a dress for someone who wasn’t a twig. I also actually liked Dahlia in this episode, she was funny and likable!

鼎宝福彩The final story involed Nico and Kirby, who ended up with baby Charlie for the night。 The baby mama had to go home for the holidays, her family didn’t know about the baby and she wanted to break it to them。 No surprise, she abandoned the kid with them and wasn’t planning on coming back。 Having the baby spoke to Nico’s maternal instincts, and she was thinking about trying to adopt him if possible。 When Kirby found out, he was pissed。 He was fine babysitting for the night, but that was it。 He felt betrayed that Nico kept the fact that the girl wasn’t coming back from him, she had known for a few hours when she got a call from her。 This story I felt didn’t make too much sense to me。 Kirby spent the whole episode being great with Charlie, as well as Wendy’s kids。 So for him to at the end do such an about face and almost be like “Oh hell no, I don’t want kids, can’t stand them” was odd。 They seem to be doing everything they can to make Kirby a jerk and ruin his relationship with Nico。 On a side note, watching Wendy’s daughter lust after Kirby the whole episode was hilarious!

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Heroes Hiatus In January; NBC Midseason Schedule

Heroes Hiatus In January; NBC Midseason Schedule

Posted by Dustin on 11.26.2008 at 5:16 pm

NBC is bumping both “Heroes” and “Chuck” for the month of January in favor of airing some new reality shows on Monday nights. The other two shows will however return for February sweeps.

“Lipstick” is also off the schedule, as NBC has to make an official decision whether to pick it up for a 3rd season. It seems when the current episodes run out, the season will end.

The full press release on the new mid-season line-up for NBC follows . . .


Lineup Features Premieres of “Superstars of Dance” on January 4, “Howie Do It” (January 9) and “The Biggest Loser: Couples” (January 6); “Friday Night Lights” Returns for NBC Season Premiere (January 16)

NBC Offers Original Movie Event “The Last Templar” on January 25-26

UNIVERSAL CITY, Calif。 – November 25, 2008 – NBC announced today the January 2009 schedule that features the series premieres of “Superstars of Dance” (debuting January 4) and “Howie Do It” (January 9), the returns of “The Biggest Loser: Couples” (January 6) and “Friday Night Lights” (January 16)。

Likewise, NBC will broadcast the original movie event “The Last Templar” Sunday and Monday, January 25-26, 9-11 p.m. ET both nights).

NBC also showcases the new specials “Saturday Night Live Sports Extra” on Sunday, January 4 (7-9 p.m. ET) and “Saturday Night Live Film Festival” on Sunday, January 18 (9-11 p.m. ET). “Dateline NBC” also will broadcast a Presidential Inauguration Day Special on Tuesday, January 20 (10-11 p.m. ET).

Among the new night-by-night lineup changes are:

The two-hour premiere of “Superstars of Dance” – from the producers of “So You Think You Can Dance?” — will be broadcast on Sunday, January 4 (9-11 p.m. ET) before the series resumes in its regular day and time on Monday, January 5 through January 19 (8-10 p.m. ET). The new competition series — showcasing the world’s best and most varied dancers — will be followed on Mondays by “Momma’s Boys” (10-11 p.m. ET), the new alternative series from executive producer Ryan Seacrest.

The season finale of “Superstars of Dance” will wrap on Monday, January 26 (8-9 p.m. ET).

On Tuesdays — from January 6 — NBC will telecast “The Biggest Loser: Couples” (8-10 p.m. ET) followed by “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” (10-11 p.m. ET).

Fridays will see the debut of “Howie Do It” — starring Howie Mandel of NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” (8-9 p.m. ET) — beginning January 9.

The critically acclaimed “Friday Night Lights” will then return to NBC’s Friday-night lineup on January 16 (9-10 p。m。 ET)。

The new January program schedule grid follows (all times ET); new series are capitalized:

MONDAYS (beginning January 5)
8-10 p.m. — “SUPERSTARS OF DANCE”; premieres Sunday, January 4 (9-11 p.m.); season finale Monday, January 26 (8-9 p.m.)
10-11 p.m. – “MOMMA’S BOYS”
(“Chuck” and “Heroes” return in February)

TUESDAYS (beginning January 6)
8-10 p.m. – “The Biggest Loser: Couples”
10-11 p.m. — Law & Order: Special Victims Unit”

TUESDAY (January 20)
10-11 p.m. – “Dateline NBC”: Presidential Inauguration Special (10-11 p.m. ET)

WEDNESDAYS (beginning January 7)
8-9 p.m. — “Knight Rider”
9-10 p.m. – “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” encores (“Life” returns in February)
10-11 p.m. — “Law & Order”

THURSDAYS (beginning January 8 )
8-8:30 p.m. – “My Name Is Earl”
8:30-9 p.m. — “Kath & Kim”
9:00-9:31 p.m. — “The Office”
9:31-10 p.m. — “30 Rock”
10-11 p.m. – “ER”

8-9 p.m. — “HOWIE DO IT” (series premiere January 9)
9-10 p.m. – “Friday Night Lights” (beginning January 16)
鼎宝福彩 10-11 p.m. — “Dateline NBC” (beginning December 5)

SATURDAYS (beginning January 10)
8-11 – “Law & Order” and “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit” encores

SUNDAYS (January 4)
7-9 p.m. – “Saturday Night Live Sports Extra”
9-11 p.m. – “SUPERSTARS OF DANCE” (premiere)

“Sunday — Event Specials”
8-11 p.m. – “THE GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS” (January 11)
9-11 p.m. – “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE FILM FESTIVAL” (January 18)
9-11 p.m. — THE LAST TEMPLAR — (January 25 and Monday, January 26)
6:15-10 p.m. — SUPER BOWL XLIII (February 1)

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