90210 and Melrose Place: Shockingly I liked the MP this week!

90210 and Melrose Place: Shockingly I liked the MP this week!

Posted by Dustin on 04.01.2010 at 10:54 pm

鼎宝福彩So this week on “90210” I loved the storyline with Gia and Adrianna, with Adrianna not only exploring her sexuality but refusing to put a label on it or subscribe to society’s labels.

I felt bad for Liam when he caught his step-dad cheating on his mom, worse for his mom who decided to stay with the guy and put up with him! I have to wonder what is going on with Annie suddenly calling him up and wanting to hang. Is she after him? She just got back into Naomi and the others’ good graces, she’s gunna screw that up!

The show ended with Jasper calling Annie and threatening to commit suicide. Didn’t see that one coming! I don’t know why, but I got the feeling he was standing on her roof. I expected him to jump and fly by her window at the end, but it didn’t happen.

Naomi has landed herself in hot water thanks to her mouth。 Shocking! She’s accused a new faculty member of sexually harassing her because he kicked her off the school paper。 You’d think Naomi would have learned her gossiping lessons by now。

Dixon’s birth mother planned to head back home, but not before catching Aunt Becky kissing on her yoga instructor. He made the move, which she told him was wrong. She planned to tell Harry, but Dixon’s mom suggested she not as it would just cause more tension. I have some bizarre feeling that Dixon’s mom would love that though.

Over to “Melrose Place,” shockingly I actually liked this episode. However at this point I fear it’s too little too late!

Amanda is back to being a bitch. It appears she’s stealing from her own company and now framing Ella. Loved it. Why did it take this long to make Amanda interesting again?

Lauren coming out great as a hooker to the residents was great, and I felt so bad for her when David walked out on her.

鼎宝福彩I even somehow was able to tolerate that boring couple being jealous of each other in this episode。

In the end though 。 。 too little too late。 I think this show is doomed。 Had they bothered to bring back the old cast a little more regularly and use them like they did in this episode, the show could have worked!

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90210 and That Place That Begins With An M

90210 and That Place That Begins With An M

Posted by Dustin on 03.26.2010 at 2:26 pm

So I can’t believe it, but I am actually enjoying “90210.” I know, someone slap me! I’m not enjoying all of it, but it is holding my attention.

Dixon’s birthmom’s resurfacing seems to have led Dixon down the gambling path. Uh oh! I’m glad he’s at least not drooling and dwelling over Silver anymore. That storyline was just dumb. I have to admit though I thought through this whole last show that the mom had something to do with Dixon and Annie’s car getting stolen, but she didn’t.

Annie continued to be stalked by Jasper, who was the one who got rid of her car and all the evidence tying her to his uncle’s murder. I am wondering how this whole story will end. I’m beginning to think that Annie may not have killed him, only thought she did? Given how nuts Jasper is, I think he might have finished the job to get to Annie. I could also see a cliffhanger season finale with him kidnapping her.

Silver worried Teddy was cheating on her though, and snooped into his email and personal life, which made him realize he couldn’t trust her like he thought he could。 Wow didn’t see that one coming 。 。 。 not!

I really liked the story with Gia and Adrianna, with Gia finally coming clean and confessing to Adrianna that she liked her. Oh dear, Adrianna didn’t seem prepared for that one.

I am not still liking the story with Debbie flirting with her yoga instructor, but I guess with the dad/Harry leaving the show after this season they have to set up something for her and explain their marriage tanking (unless they kill him)。

As for Melrose Place 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 。 oh sorry, I lost my train of thought there。 Honestly at this point just take this drivel off the air。 It was a total bore and I don’t find myself invested in any of the couples one bit。 I don’t think even Heather Locklear can save this show!

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 03.17.2010 at 7:46 pm

So I had originally planned to flick between “Idol” and the CW, but when I realized it was Rolling Stones night on “Idol” I wasn’t caring as much. I’m not a Stones fan, and frankly I’m not a fan of most of these contestants this year. Worst batch ever? I think so, though the raitings still come in for it.

I actually liked “90210” last night。 The storyline with Annie deciding to confess to get Jasper off her back (blackmailing her to go out with him and more) was really good。 I don’t exactly get how the draft email/message she was writing to her parents about the hit-n-run accidentally got sent 。 。 。 but whatever。 It seems the truth is gunna be found out and soon! I honestly thought the knock at the door at the end was the cops and not Dixon’s birth mother。

The story with Teddy, Dixon and Silver did nothing for me. Everyone loves Silver, boring. I don’t get how Dixon suddenly fell back in love with her after not being able to stand her for so long, but whatever.

Adrianna and Gia (I think that’s the character’s name – Rumer Willis) watching “Love Story” was humorous as Ryan O’Neil is joining as Teddy’s movie star father. I am liking the story of Gia basically falling in love with Adrianna and wanted to see where it is going.

The fight between Naomi and Ivy over Liam was hilarious. However I’m over Naomi and Liam as a couple. They are boring and he is better off with Ivy. The introduction of Ivy’s mother was fun, and her sleeping with Mr. Matthews? I’m sure there is an awkward parent teacher conference coming up!

“Melrose” I still found myself not so interested in. The twist with Michael not being Noah’s father, and Lauren getting caught by Michael as a hooker at the end was really good I thought. Definitely makes one hate Michael again!

The Riley and Jonah story still bores me to tears, and I just don’t know why they feature these two as much as they do. Does anyone honestly like them? I think the show so fired the wrong people (Auggie and Violet). But hey, given the chances there will be a season 2 unless there is a miracle with the ratings, I guess I won’t cry too much. Something tells me though that Riley is gunna end up sleeping with Amanda’s man, and Amanda will come after her just like good ole times. But her heart condition is back, so maybe she’ll have a heart attack in the process?

90210 and Melrose Finally Return!

90210 and Melrose Finally Return!

Posted by Dustin on 03。10。2010 at 10:09 pm

So last night “90210” and “Melrose Place” finally returned, after what seems to be months off the air。 Here are some quick thoughts。 It’s been a long day, and I can’t remember everyone’s name 🙂 I’m also too tired to go look them up and say “Oh yeah that’s it!”

“90210?” I don’t know. I don’t like the whole story with Jasper blackmailing Annie into staying with him at all. I have a feeling he’s going to find himself as dead as his uncle soon!

The Naomi-Liam-Surfer Girl triangle bored me to tears I’m afraid. I rather see Liam with Surfer Girl than Naomi honestly.

The same goes for Dickson-Silver-Teddy. What the hell, suddenly Dickson suddenly realizes he still loves Silver and wants to be with her?

Adrianna and Rumer Willis’ lesbian romance could be interesting, if done right. It at least seems cute, sweet and innocent at this point, unlike all the other romances on the show.

Finally a big NO to “Aunt Becky” suddenly finding the yoga instructor cute at the end of the show。 After having to deal with her uproar over Kelly and her husband, this is what she does?

As for “Melrose Place,” well I hadn’t seen the last 3 episodes or so, so I never saw the resolve to the Syndey murder storyline. It seems I really haven’t missed too much. I felt the show was a bit of a snoozer. That boring couple who were engaged is still having problems and still stinking up the scream with their lack of chemistry!

鼎宝福彩90210 and Melrose: Aka Oh Yeah It’s Tuesday

90210 and Melrose: Aka Oh Yeah It’s Tuesday

Posted by Dustin on 10.22.2009 at 8:44 pm

Honestly, the title says it all. My enthusiasm for “90210” has worn thin, and the only reason I tuned into “Melrose” this week was to see Daphne Zuniga, who was poorly used.


I hate hate HATE the Dillon and Sasha storyline, have since the beginning. Now we are supposed to believe she’s pregnant? Given we did the teenage pregnancy story last year, I am not buying. I think we all have guessed she’s probably faking it, or is pregnant but lying about the daddy.

Teddy and Silver bonding I didn’t like, mainly because it seems Teddy bonds with a different girl every episode。 I think only Annie is left for him to bond with。

Speaking of Annie, oh lord, her getting involved with that criminal kid and stealing the car and all。 I just can’t even feel sorry for her anymore over what has happened to her。

Noami and her go-green attempt to get into college was dulls-ville, thankfully that story is over。

Liam . . . . I don’t care about him and that surfer chick Ivy at all. I just want to see the truth about Liam and Jen come out, anytime in the next few years!

Finally the whole Kelly-Deb-Harry thing . . . . NO! Just put an end to that story right now. Can’t she get back with Mr. Matthews?

Melrose Place

鼎宝福彩Really, I only tuned in this week to see Daphne Zuniga return as Jo, and I wasn’t to thrilled by her story. I think they are using the old cast members to keep original watchers around at this point. BTW, where the hell is the new landlord Jane? She was great, and then they just have made her disappear again!

The came out today that both Violet and Auggie are out of Melrose by the end of the year, the who killed Sydney story will be solved, and a whole new batch of residents added in (I guess because they realized this batch was boring as bleep!).

I have to say, Violet and Auggie are actually the most interesting of the new batch. I would rather have seen a lot of other characters go before them!

鼎宝福彩90210 and Melrose Thoughts

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 09.30.2009 at 10:15 pm

鼎宝福彩So some quick thoughts on both 90210 and “Melrose Place.”

First up, what a tease with the Jen and Liam story。 I knew Jen wouldn’t tell Naomi the truth, but was actually shocked she did tell her about the whole going broke and marrying a rich guy to get by story。 Of course she spinned it to make herself look like the victim and so that Noami wouldn’t be pissed that her sister is using her。 How can Noami be so dumb and blind?

Fortunately a glimmer of hope at the end when Liam recorded Jen saying “Naomi will never believe we slept together。” Wait a minute, did someone on a show have the brains to record a conversation? I almost fell over and died! (Daytime soaps take notes here。)

The Dixon story I don’t care about, am not interested in, am completely bored by. Zzzzzzzzzz.

鼎宝福彩Silver was put off by Teddy for most of the episode because of his attitude towards the homeless man that was killed and he happened to find。 He finally admitted he can’t talk about it with anyone but the police as it’s an on-going investigation。 However I think Silver has become smitten with Teddy。 To bad Adrianna likes him too, and Silver caught them kissing!

Adrianna is gunna go down, especially after having guilt sex with Navid after kissing Teddy。 I think it’s gunna be a Silver vs Adrianna match for Teddy。 Poor Navid will be caught in the middle 。 。 。 but does anyone really care about Navid as a character? He was adorable last season, this season not so much。

The nephew of the guy Annie ran down over the summer showed up。 The guy was homeless, but loaded, and left everything to the high school。 The nephew acted like his uncle was just this weird guy he barely knew, but I didn’t buy it。 I think he’s faking it and is trying to find out who killed his uncle, and is onto Annie。

Onto “Melrose Place,” well this week’s show was again a better one, but I think Jane Andrews/Mancini was the saving grace here。 Something tells me the show has gotten the memo than the new cast is a snoozer without the old cast, which is why Heather Locklear has been brought in。 I think they are also banking on her saving the show the was she saved the original to be honest。

Jane showing up as the new landlord and blackmailing her way to fame with Ella was awesome. However what was not awesome was that dress she made for that movie star. Oh Jane, I’ve seen better on “Project Runway!” I did love that at the end of the show, Jane called the cops on Ella even thought Michael’s son thought he had blackmailed her into backing off. Yes!

The stuff with Violet is also the show’s saving grace right now. Who would have thought little Ashley Simpson would be the best actor on the show, minus the originals. Her character is nuts, but is far more likable than anyone else living in Melrose Place right now!

鼎宝福彩Post Note: I forgot the other saving grace of this episode, “Nip/Tuck’s” Kimber showing up as a possible new madam for Lauren. Yes! Again, a major plus for the show if they keep her around. (Now can we just evict half of Melrose Place and find some new tenants?)

鼎宝福彩90210 and Melrose Thoughts

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 09.23.2009 at 1:56 pm

Just my weekly thoughts on last night’s “90210” and “Melrose.”

Dixon’s new love story on “90210” was just too much for me. How Sasha could believe he was a record exec is beyond me, especially when he’s on a boat full of partying high schoolers that she was hired to DJ at? Something tells me she isn’t this stupid and knows who he really is, but is playing the games he is because maybe she does like him.

I hate what they are doing with Debbie, Harry and Kelly。 The word is that the “affair” storyline is supposedly scrapped as Jennie Garth protested it。 Let’s hope so! She’s the only original 90210’r that is somewhat regular, so I don’t want to see her character ruined that way。 Given she’s supposed to be the guidance counselor, yeah it would ruin her character。

Teddy showed his true colors to Adrianna, but it seems from the previews she may return his feelings. I never really liked Navid all that much, but feel bad for him.

I loved Annie getting revenge on Naomi. How Silver could feel sorry for Naomi at all is beyond me though. It’s like she forgot she was a social outcast for most of last season, and Noami and her were mortal enemies at the beginning of the show.

鼎宝福彩Spoiler Alert: Next week is when Liam exposes Jen to Naomi. It should get good!

Onto “Melrose . . . ” The major use of Michael in this episode helped keep my interest. That and Boomkat, who I love.

The previews of Michael bringing Jane in to take over as the landlord is awesome! So does Michael own the building now? Was Sydney blackmailing him into making her the landlord or something?

Their backstory and faking Syd’s death left me confused. She acted like some guy from her past did this to her, and that Michael was in danger from this guy. Who was it? I thought Syd exploded in a car crash (and I thought Kimberly had something to do with it?). It’s been so long that I don’t remember.

I actually felt a little bad for that Jonah guy, he got screwed out of work credit and his fiancee Riley is a jerk. She clearly wants that Auggie guy and doesn’t want to marry Jonah that much, otherwise she wouldn’t have kept it a secret. She only announced it to her family and friends at the end after she kissed Auggie. Don’t get me wrong, they are still a boring couple though.

Heather Locklear Returns To Melrose!

Heather Locklear Returns To Melrose!

Posted by Dustin on 09。22。2009 at 11:25 am

She turned down the job before, but now she’s taking it. Heather Locklear returns as Amanda Woodward beging November 17th according to

Something tells me unlike the 90210 regulars, Miss Locklear won’t put up with as a background character who is only used from time to time!

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

90210 and Melrose Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 09.16.2009 at 2:26 pm

So I’m gunna do my usual “thoughts” on “90210” and “Melrose Place.” I’m not recapping theses shows as much, unless I really start getting into them. Last season I just did sporadic thoughts on “90210” because I was give-or-take with it through much of the season. Honestly, without “90210” as a lead-in, I’m not sure “Melrose” will even last . . .

First up, people keep finding the blog searching for answers on Ethan。 Dustin Milligan is no longer with the show。 Ethan was written out, he supposedly stayed with his dad in Colorado。 Last season he gave up summer sports camp to visit his dad there, well he stayed。

Onto the show!

Jen is making Naomi look like a saint. What a total bitch! Poor Ryan is really in love with her, or at least falling, and she’s just using him so she doesn’t look like a gold digger to the rich men she wants to snag. Then there is Liam, who she just screwed around with and is toying with. He’s gunna burst and tell Noami the truth sometime soon, but Noami probably won’t believe him. How long before Jen blows Naomi’s trust fund and they are both broke?

鼎宝福彩Throughout the episode, what with the guy she killed and now the “sext” I was wondering how long before Annie attempts suicide? By the end of the episode though it seemed she got her mojo back, and the previews seem to show her going after Liam for real to get back at Noami. Go Annie!

When Noami really does realize what Jen has done, will it be too late for her? I hope Annie doesn’t offer her house up to a broke Noami again。 Make her do the walk of shame back to daddy!

Dixon finally stepped up at the end and decked the guy who took the sex pictures of Annie. I was glad, as he was just being a dix.. towards Annie.

As for “Melrose,” well I felt the 2nd episode was way better than the pilot, but towards the end I found myself FFing through a lot。 I still don’t know a lot of the names of the characters, but that film guy and his girlfriend 。 。 。 I’m sorry, but those two are so boring that I don’t really care if that Amanda-wannabe breaks them up。 Seriously, they are a snooze!

The med-student turned call girl storyline is so overdone it’s not even funny. I get it’s an ode to Sydney and the original MP, but really this is unoriginal.

I feel the same about the new Amanda on the show, the publicist wanna-be working for Victor Webster’s character。 I felt like they were shoving down my throat “Hey this girl is the new Amanda, she’s a total bitch okay?” The most amusing part of her story was that Victor Webster was playing a gay guy。

I did find the Violet girl interesting, especially the end twist where she was obsessed with Sydney and thought she was her mother. Is she? Sydney seemed pretty adamant she never had a kid. Again this is an overdone horror-storyline, but interesting (I can’t remember if the original MP did anything like this?). She’s clearly the new Kimberly, ie the looney tunes of the show.

鼎宝福彩I was happy to see a lot of Sydney, even though it was only in flashbacks. How long they’ll keep the flashbacks going is anyone’s guess. Honestly, without Sydney I probably wouldn’t give the show a second look. Sadly we all know Sydney is dead, unless the show pulls a classic “Melrose” twist and brings her back (which they may have to in order to keep the show around!).

90210 and Melrose Premiers

90210 and Melrose Premiers

Posted by Dustin on 09。09。2009 at 7:05 pm

鼎宝福彩Just some quick thoughts on both of these shows . . .

First up, “90210” was pretty entertaining. Ethan is gone, having decided to stay in Colorado with his dad, rather than returning to West Bev. To replace him they brought in a tennis champ named Teddy, who many might recall played Jeremy Horton on “Days” a few years back. Yeah, he fits in as a high school student about as well as Luke Perry did 🙂

Naomi is back to being queen bitch of the school, and is still furious with Annie. How long will it be before she learns it was her own sister Jen who slept with Liam? Jen didn’t even appear in the episode unfortunately. I guess she’s busy having sex with Mr. Matthews!

Annie is depressed because the guy she hit finally kicked the bucket. Enter a mysterious kid who gets her drunk, seduces her and then takes naked photos which Naomi sees and sends all over school. Looks like this guy is going to be getting his “I know what you did this past summer” revenge on Annie! Yup, he’s supposedly the nephew of the guy she killed.

Then there was the love problems with Dixon and Silver, who had been texting Ethan all summer. He was about to take her back till he found out about those texts. Frankly I thought Dixon was a di… in this episode, especially to Annie, who was trying to open up to him about the accident. He treated her just like everyone else in school had been, like dirt.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile, Adrianna was missing her baby, and Navid was pissed that Adrianna wouldn’t have sex with him. Finally Naomi is interested in Teddy, but he has an interest in Adrianna it seems. Poor Naomi, it’s hard being her! She can’t find any guy who likes just her it seems.

鼎宝福彩It was an okay premier, nothing to write home about. “Melrose Place” on the other hand . . . Well I have to try and watch this one again. I just found myself bored and fast forwarding hoping something good or interesting would happen. The only interesting people for me were Sydney, who they killed off in this murder mystery storyline, and Michael, who may have killed her. The new residents just seemed boring. The only one I bothered to pay attention to was Michael’s son, and only because I wondered who his mother was.

It took me some time to like the new “90210,” so perhaps I’ll come to like “MP” at some point。

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