Private Practice: It’s All Over!

Private Practice: It’s All Over!

Posted by Dustin on 01。23。2013 at 1:18 pm

Last night was the big finale of “Private Practice,” and pretty much every had a happily ever after storyline.

The show definitely pulled a fast one with the previews, as it seemed the whole show was going to center around Addison and her wedding and whether she would or wouldn’t. The only issue Addison faced at her wedding was a delay waiting for Naomi to show up, as her flight was late. Naomi arrived and the wedding went off without a hitch, and in the first few minutes as well.

At the wedding Naomi and Sam reconnected, and went off and had sex with one another。 Then the next thing we knew, three months had passed。 Naomi went back to Washington, and Sam continued dating the nurse as if nothing had happened。

Violet helped a patient move on with her life after she survived a terrible accident that killed her boyfriend and her parents. It was Haddie from “Parenthood.” I just can’t escape her! The whole session basically seemed to be a metaphor for Violet’s life as well. As the patient had found acceptance and finally happiness in her own life over the years, so finally had Violet. She ended up writing a new book by the end of the show which she called “Private Practice.”

Sheldon and his girlfriend remained together, though she began to lose her fight against cancer。 She begged him not to stay with her or watch her go through this, but he wouldn’t leave her。 They ended up going on some beach vacation together, where we assume he finally had to say goodbye to her (probably as Bette Midler sang in the background)。

Cooper took off work to take care of the triplets while Charlotte went back to work, but eventually he made her realize they needed a Nanny because it was too much even for him. Meanwhile Amelia and her Dr. were continuing to see one another and be happy.

The focus of the episode really was on Naomi, who ended up pregnant with Sam’s baby. She had also broken up with Fife, and confided in Addison. However when she learned that Addison and Sam didn’t work out as he didn’t want anymore kids, she decided to go on with her life and not tell Sam. I’m not sure how long she expected to pull that off? Addison finally told Sam that Naomi still loved him, and he realized he still was in love with her. He then dumped his nurse and reunited with Naomi, shocked to learn she was pregnant. He was also happy as well. Frankly I know Addison had moved on, but I think she should have been a little annoyed that Sam was okay having a baby with Naomi and not with her.

The end of the show had Sam and Naomi marrying and reuniting, and Naomi apparently moving back and rejoining the practice. Then Violet told them all about her new book and the title, which they all made fun of as a horrible title.

All in all, I am glad everyone got a happy ending for the most part. The reunion of Sam and Naomi was sweet, even if a little far fetched giving how big of an ass Sam had become over the last few years.

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Private Practice: Leading Up To The Finale . . .

Private Practice: Leading Up To The Finale . . .

Posted by Dustin on 01.17.2013 at 8:53 pm

So it seems like they’ve been playing some of these “Private Practice” episodes out of order no? At least the one with Amelia and her new Dr。 Love, an episode I found really boring and fairly pointless to be honest。 This shocked me as normally I love her, and I could see her moving to “Grey’s Anatomy” in the future if they ever wrote McDreamy out。

鼎宝福彩The latest episode had Charlotte giving birth to the rest of the babies, while Cooper and Mason battled another couple for the perfect house. I loved how Charlotte, even in labor, was bossing around the nurses and doctors. The perfect house, well I could have lived without all that silliness. It obviously would have been cute if the show had a future.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile Addison battled for custody of Henry after her social worker had reservations about Jake. Jake however saved the day and talked to a judge about his past and what really happened, something that should have been the social worker’s job! However she’s got it hard, as she moonlights as a nurse in Salem 🙂

Violet was feeling unhappy and depressed seeing everyone around her pairing up and in love. She was asked out, but realized she’s not yet in that place yet. However it seems she’s getting there. I hope we see her find happiness in the final episode, but something tells me it will be finding happiness with herself and her own life as it is.

I have no idea how they plan to wrap this all up next week。 I hope it’s good though! It looks like it’s a wedding for Addison and Jake to close the show out。 Hopefully she doesn’t run!

Grey’s and Practice New Years Spoilers . . .

Grey’s and Practice New Years Spoilers . . .

Posted by Dustin on 12。21。2012 at 7:22 pm

鼎宝福彩“Grey’s Anatomy” and “Private Practice” return in January. There are only 3 more episodes of “Private Practice” left . . .

On “Grey’s” the struggle to save Adele continues . . . but will the wedding be saved or scrapped? Later news on the lawsuit reaches the doctors . . .

On “Private Practice,” Amelia moves on and starts a romance with Dr。 Peterson。 Meanwhile Charlotte is in labor, and Addison faces issues finalizing Henry’s adoption。

Read on for all the spoilers . . .
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Private Practice: Only Three More Episodes Left!

Private Practice: Only Three More Episodes Left!

Posted by Dustin on 12。20。2012 at 9:40 pm

So the Winter Finale of “Private Practice” just aired this week, and I have to say this show is just getting bizarre! Normally I love Charlotte and Cooper, but both of their character episodes were odd。 Cooper kept talking to the camera, which felt out of place, and then Charlotte had these odd dancing dream/segments。

Jake and Addison are now officially engaged. Whoopdeedoo! As equally as exciting is that Sam and the nurse from the hospital are getting back together after he screwed things up by not telling her everything about him and Addison. The next episode seems to be focusing on Amelia moving on with the new doctor Charlotte hired at the hospital.

Cooper and Charlotte’s episodes of course dealt with her pregnancy and the babies. One of the triplets was born way too early, they managed to stop her labor and keep the others inside. However she was put on bed-rest, and the baby went through a few surgeries before she became stable and got a name . . . Georgia. Charlotte then went into labor on time and delivered the other two . . . or at least that’s where the end of the most recent episode was heading. I can’t believe they might get a happily ever after? Can it be that Shonda won’t kill one of their kids?

Sheldon’s episode was a very trying one, as he became convinced that his pedophile patient did in fact kidnap the girl from the hospital, but nobody would believe him。 In the end, he of course was right! It seems they rescued her before the guy did anything sexual to her, but obviously she’s going to be scared for life as he kept her locked in a room in his basement for months。 Sheldon meanwhile has started a relationship with a terminal cancer patient while his own future is uncertain。 I have to say if they end up killing Sheldon at the end I’ll be pissed, but I’m somewhat expecting it from Shonda at this point。 It’s not a series/season finale unless someone dies。

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Final ABC Spoilers for 2012 . . .

Final ABC Spoilers for 2012 . . .

Posted by Dustin on 11.26.2012 at 11:21 pm

鼎宝福彩Well so far this has been a bad year for my TV choices! The ones I liked got canned, the ones I lost interest got saved. I will be adding “Nashville” to the blog in the new year, since I’m enjoying it and it does have a full season pick-up. I’m definitely looking forward to the return of “Smash” in January, as well as “Body of Proof.” There are a few new shows that look interesting (that show with Kevin Bacon looks really good). I just hope what I start watching in January doesn’t end up canned too!

Anyway, here are a few of the last spoilers for the last of the year for ABC . . . . These include “Last Resort” (Canceled), “Grey’s Anatomy” (the premier of Neve Campbell) and “Private Practice” (Shortly ending . . . .)

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Private Practice: The Character Episodes . . .

Private Practice: The Character Episodes . . .

Posted by Dustin on 11.22.2012 at 4:01 pm

So the last few “Private Practice” episodes have all been fairly character centric。 We had a Jake one, an Addison one, and a Sam one。 Next week appears to be Charlotte/Cooper, and the one on Sheldon is supposed to be very powerful。 My guess is that it will deal with the pedophile patient he has。 I really don’t know if I wanna watch that one 。 。 。

鼎宝福彩The Sam centric episode did little for me. I think it’s because I’ve come to loath him so much. Even though we learned about his troubled past, I didn’t feel anything for him. We found out that his mom (Alfre Woodard, who is apparently on every show now) had a long ongoing affair with her best friend’s husband, who was Sam’s bio dad.

For her episode, Addison, who had an open adoption with Henry’s birth mom, started feeling ambushed when after months of no contact she and her mother showed up to see Henry constantly。 Addison freaked out, understandably so, but in the end they worked things out。

The last episode focused on Jake and his step-daughter and the fantasies (?) he’s been having of conversing with his dead wife all these years. It took me the entire episode to realize she was from “GCB!” I kept wondering how I knew the actress. Jake and Addison are getting married and both are now moving into the next phase of their lives with one another and Henry.

Frankly, the back stories which only got a few minutes of attention were far more interesting than any of these stories!

I am really hoping that we find out what happened to the child who went missing from the hospital before this show ends. Violet has been involved in helping the parents dealing with that.

Amelia is slowly becoming involved with the new doctor that Charlotte hired to replace Pete at the hospital, though she’s had her guard up.

Sheldon is battling the demons of prostate cancer, his weird relationship with his ex, and the pedophile patient.

Finally the whole adoption storyline brought up questions in Mason about Cooper’s parents given he was adopted.

All of these stories were way more interesting than Addison and her men! Too bad we can’t have a spin-off of this spin-off to deal with non-Addison related stories。

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鼎宝福彩More November ’12 ABC Spoilers! Including a Big OUAT Episode!

More November ’12 ABC Spoilers! Including a Big OUAT Episode!

Posted by Dustin on 11.04.2012 at 10:27 am

A few spoilers for some mid-November ABC spoilers in this post. As I’m really starting to enjoy “Nashville” way more than some of the other shows I picked up (“Last Resort” and “Revolution”) I may finally add it into the blog. Though that probably means ABC will pull it 🙂

– The official releases for “Once” aren’t out yet, but these teasers from the TV listings are! Based on one of the upcoming show titles, we may get an answer to that burning question at long last!
– On “Castle,” does the “documentary style episode” as camera crews follow them on their latest case.
– On “Private Practice,” Henry’s birth mom shows up wanting to be more a part of her son’s life.
– On “Last Resort,” Sam’s wife is indited by the government! Meanwhile a traitor is on the sub . . .
– On “Grey’s,” the doctors continue their lawsuit against the airline . . .

Read on for the full details!
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ABC Spoilers End of October/Early November

ABC Spoilers End of October/Early November

Posted by Dustin on 10.21.2012 at 3:49 pm

Below are some spoilers for the end of October and Early November for several ABC shows。 So far I am watching “Nashville,” but haven’t officially added it。 As usual most of the new shows I’ve chosen to watch are doing horrid in the ratings (“666 Park Avenue!”), and the ones I can’t seem to get into already have been given a full season (“Revolution on NBC”)。

In this bunch . . . .
– On “Once Upon A Time,” Emma’s past is revealed, and Jorge Garcia guests as “The Giant.”
– On “Revenge,” it looks like Emily and Amanda are having trouble keeping the truth a secret, but we know it won’t come out.
– On “666,” a pivotal episode leads Jane to learn how she and her past is connected to The Drake!
– On “Castle,” Castle ends up the suspect of a murder!
– On “Private Practice,” Alfre Woodard guests as Sam’s mom, as Sam begins staring in a reality show which causes issues for the other doctors.
– On “Grey’s Anatomy,” Jackson’s mom Catherine returns! Also Derek faces the fact he may never operate again . . . This storyline likely paves the way to introduce Neve Campbell who is set to guest as one of his sisters, many suspect the sister who went into psychiatry.

Read on for all the spoilers 。 。 。

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Bunches of October 2012 ABC Spoilers . . .

Bunches of October 2012 ABC Spoilers . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10。08。2012 at 10:44 pm

There seem to be some gaps in some shows coming up in October . . . most of these are two weeks worth, though some shows there are gaps. I believe it’s probably do to the election and debates.

On “Once Upon A Time,” Enter Captain Hook! Also Regina sees a ghost from her past in Storybrook?
On “Revenge,” As usual the spoilers are cryptic, but the real Emily seems to be put in danger by Amanda/Emily’s plans.
On “666 Park Avenue,” The little girl’s ghost continues to haunt Jane, and a Halloween ball is planned!
On “Castle,” Kate and Rick travel to the Hamptons for a “Revenge” style spoof, and a Halloween episode puts Castle on the suspect list!
On “Private Practice,” there’s a new doc joining the practice? Oh brother!
On “Last Resort,” Marcus and Sam try to smooth things over with the U.S. Government. We know that will go no where, as it would mean the end of the show!
On “Grey’s Anatomy,” The doctors have to make a horrific decision in the aftermath of the crash . . . Worse than what we’ve already seen so far?

Read on for all the goodness!

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Private Practice: It’s Not Right, And It’s Not Okay!

Private Practice: It’s Not Right, And It’s Not Okay!

Posted by Dustin on 10.04.2012 at 8:29 pm

Seriously, I know this show loves to push the envelope, but sometimes it’s just too much and makes me feel dirty for watching! Case in point, this episode!

Most of the episode was about Pete’s Balinese inspired funeral, which is what he wanted. He wanted to be cremated, to be spread in the ocean, and for everyone to laugh and sing and be happy. However Violet was angry, she was pissed, she was mad! She didn’t want to be putting on a happy face, she just wanted to be pissed that her husband was dead and that he wanted this happy crappy funeral. It didn’t help that all of Pete’s patients showed up to tell her how great Pete was, when she was simply furious at him for so many things.

鼎宝福彩Meanwhile Sheldon was late to the party thanks to a patient that showed up planning to end his life. As the show went on we learned his shameful secret, he’s a pedophile. He hasn’t acted on his urges, but basically can only get off by thinking about small children. Sheldon wanted to help him, there were drugs and things they could do. However he had already arrived downing a bottle of pills. Sheldon called the paramedics, and the guy was saved. Sheldon however wondered if he had done the right thing, it may have been better to let this guy die . . . . Oh this show and their envelope pushing! This whole story was just . . .. bad! Oh and if you couldn’t figure out who the patient was, it was Jane’s new angel Luke from “Drop Dead Diva.” That made it all the more easier for me to not feel his pain at all! As if I liked anything about the story. I hated this story for a lot of reasons, but I don’t want to get over political on here 🙂 Needless to say, I felt they were giving fodder to certain “slippery slope” arguments out there.

Back at the party, Violet and a stressed out Cooper ended up smoking some of Pete’s old pot to get high。 Addison said it had a bad reaction, but she supported them。 Of course strict Sam wouldn’t even partake, and Jake also declined。 Frankly I was laughing my ass off at these two。 I loved when Sam got on his high horse and said this was illegal, so Pete and Violet prescribed each other medical marijuana! Then they got the munchies and Addison ordered them 4 pizzas。 Really 4 pizzas? I was just laughing at this whole segment, which was needed after the icky child molesting issues。

By the end of the show Addison got the news about Mark’s death, and broke down. Violet was pissed as there was supposed to be no crying, then she decided Pete’s funeral was just stupid and broke down herself. She eventually poured out his ashes, and a variety of baby issues got resolved. Addison asked Amelia to be Henry’s godmother, while Cooper and Charlotte agreed to take Violet and Pete’s kid should something happen to her. Oh and the triplet secret is out too.

We all know this is Kate Walsh’s final season, unless she has a huge change of heart. I feel like they are already working towards her departure with all her Sam and Jake issues.

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