I Am Not Dead!

I Am Not Dead!

Posted by Dustin on 08.26.2018 at 7:18 pm

Yes, it has been a long time since I’ve posted to this blog, but like Kane in “Poltergeist 2,” I am not dead! I just have only so many hours in the day, and if I’m not sleeping then I’ve been teaching (increased workload there), working at Soaps.com (increased workload there too) or giving historic tours (which take up my nights). I honestly have been working non-stop for the past 3+ years, and haven’t had a real vacation in 4+ years. So yeah, I ended up neglecting this blog. I am hoping to at least try and get a weekly, or bi-weekly, post this fall on my various TV thoughts. I am also anticipating good things in 2019, which will hopefully make life easier for me. Fingers crossed!

Kane from Poltergeist 2

It doesn’t help that most of the shows, and the types of shows, I watched way back when I started this blog are dead and gone. I am still watching “The Flash” and “Supergirl.” I do my best to keep up with “Legends of Tomorrow.” I never got into “The Arrow,” which ironically started all of these. I can’t wait for “Batwoman” this fall though!

I loved “Riverdale,” but never watched the second season. I was, and am still hoping, to binge watch it in time for this upcoming third season.

鼎宝福彩I am still watching “Grey’s Anatomy,” though lord it is testing me like interns bothering Dr. Bailey. So is “American Horror Story.” That last “Cult” season was the worst. I have some seriously high hopes for the “Coven/Murder-House” crossover coming up wiht “American Horror Story: Apocolypse.” Don’t F*ck it up Ryan! Oh and I’m counting down to the final season of “Game of Thrones.”

On the reality front, “Big Brother” honestly gets worse every summer, and I stop watching earlier and earlier each year. I did enjoy the celebrity edition though, which a second season is coming. I’m still somewhat watching “Dancing With The Stars” too, and have fallen in lust with “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” How these women can put up with Dorito is beyond me! I’d tell her to pack up her phony accent and go back to England with PeeeeKaaayyy. Erika is one of my favorites, I was sad to see Eileen go, and Lisa Rinna is still killing it. I also still tune into “Project Runway,” which should be back soon. My favorite reality show still remains Bravo’s “Below Deck.” Lord the drama on this is better than on daytime!

A show I really wanted to watch but never did, was the CW’s reboot of “Dynasty.” I heard great things about it, and it too I want to try and binge before the new season. But will school starting around the corner, I don’t know if that will happen. It’s on my DVR to record though!

Anyway, there you have it. I keep trying to get back to this blog, but my nights (and days) have only so many hours.


Fall 2015 Weekly Update: Week 2ish . . .

Fall 2015 Weekly Update: Week 2ish . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10.04.2015 at 5:37 pm

So this is another week-of-shows-in-one post. I’ve been very busy lately, and hope to eventually get back to more individualistic show-by-show posts, but this is the easiest way for me to do this right now and not fall behind. Oh, and I’m already behind! I still haven’t caught up on “Heroes Reborn,” and I’m 2/3 of the way through season one of “How To Get Away With Murder.” For those asking about “Scandal,” I kept trying to like that show but never got into it. Maybe next summer I’ll binge watch it!

This week “American Horror Story: Hotel” debuts, along with the return of “Grim.” I’m looking forward to both!

I never commented on the end of “Big Brother 17” or “Under the Dome,” because frankly both sucked. I actually stopped watching “Big Brother,” worst season and cast ever! As for “Under The Dome,” just what the hell? Clearly they were still hopeful for another season, but given the whole alien invasion crap, I don’t know why. What a way to blow what was a good show.

Onto “Castle,” I’m glad they quickly resolved this secret agent Beckett storyline, but with her as Captain now I wonder how involved she will be with the day to day cases。 It will definitely be interesting to see where they go with things this season。

“Gotham” has been getting better and better. I love the villains, and am wondering what or who Barbara will become. It almost seems they are setting her up to be Harley Quinn. I love that they’ve brought Lucious Fox in to help Bruce become Batman, along with Alfred.

“Grey’s” was just okay this week. I like seeing more of Miranda, but I just don’t know where they will take things this year. Amelia and Owen are great, but they aren’t the new MerDer. I also am glad that Jackson is not just taking April back after the crap she’s been pulling.

I have to wonder how long before Rayna signs her kids to her label on “Nashville,” as it seems they could help save it for her. Watching Juliette spiral out of control is terribly fun, and I can’t believe Luke dropped Will like that. For shame!

I really enjoyed the season premiere of “Once,” especially the reversal of roles with Emma and Regina。 However, another fricken missing time/memories curse? Come on! There are only so many times that stuff can be done。

I have been watching “Project Runway,” I just had forgotten to comment on it. Its pretty obvious Edmund, Ashley and Candice will be the final three, unless something insane happens.

“Scream Queens” is still my favorite show of the season so far, likely because of the newness of it. I loved the transformation of Leah Michelle’s character into Channel #6. I still am lost on who the killer is, other than it seems there are two, and Nick Jonas character is working with the original.

“Sleepy Hollow” returned this week, and I for one am glad the Henry/Katrina arch has ended. That was becoming tedious, and frankly standing in the way of any romance between Ichabod and Mills. Though that won’t happen soon, as it’s usually the death of these types of shows. I do like that they’ve been able to craft a whole new storyline for them as witnesses.

Big Brother 15 + Face Off and Project Runway Thoughts . . .

Big Brother 15 + Face Off and Project Runway Thoughts . . .

Posted by Dustin on 08。16。2013 at 1:12 pm

I’m at the point where I probably won’t bother watching “Big Brother” until next Thursday, unless word comes that Aaryn actually put on her big girl pants and made a bold move. Otherwise she should have thrown the HOH to Amanda like Amanda wanted (but it was hilarious to see her crying and throwing another pity party after she lost again). Amanda is now running the game, it doesn’t matter who the HOH is if it’s someone she control. Zzzzzzz!Might as well just give the game to Amanda if these idiots don’t take her and McCrae out and soon.

“Face Off” began this week and this season it’s the vets verses the newbies. Some of the vets they brought back I’m glad to see get a second chance, others like Frank I don’t know why they bothered? He ended up in the bottom in the first week again. I’m sure he’ll be gone sooner rather than later. None of the newbies really made an impression on me this week to be honest.

“Project Runway” has been on for a few weeks and it is drama drama drama this season. We’ve got a crazy Russian that walked off, the diva guy who everyone is afraid to speak up around, and the environmental guy that they kept around far too many weeks as far as I’m concerned. I was glad to see two of these three go, and diva guy probably should have gone this week too!

Reality Roundup February 2013

Reality Roundup February 2013

Posted by Dustin on 02.24.2013 at 7:05 pm

So with the Oscars tonight, nothing is on but some cable shows I watch (Shameless, Walking Dead). I’m looking more and more towards covering more cable shows here as they don’t seem to be canceled as quickly. I did decide to pull together a little post covering some of the reality shows I’ve been watching, or flicking on, and my thoughts on them. Much as with current TV, I haven’t been feeling reality TV as of late!

RuPaul’s Drag Race
I really enjoy “Drag Race,” but my current work schedule doesn’t get me home until it’s half over! So I miss all the fun drama. I could watch it on rerun, but so much is on Monday nights that I usually don’t bother. So far I just haven’t gotten into it this season, mostly because of time.

Face Off
Normally I really enjoy this show, but this season it seems like so many of the contestants are just down right bad! One guy won the first three challenges in a row, and I was beginning to think they should give him the trophy and call it quits. Really I think in the end the whole competition will come down to two of the guys (whose faces I can see, just not their names). Everyone else on the show kinda blows . . .

Project Runway
I adored the Runway All Stars 2 that just aired, and I am HATING this season so far. The team aspect just killed it for me, along with the 90 minute format. I love “Project Runway,” but this 90 minutes is overkill! As for the teams, I think too many crapy designers got through only because of their teams, and the expense of others who shouldn’t have gone home honestly. Now they are in teams of 2, I’m sure eventually they’ll be on their own.

American Idol
I don’t even know why this show is still on the air to be honest. I tried to watch some of the auditions and vegas and hollywood rounds. It’s just bad. Kill it! Take it off! How many people who have won this have really gone on to be superstars? Their first, Kelly Clarkson, is still the biggest. Second to her would be the country winner. Otherwise it’s people who come in 2nd, 3rd, 4th that make it! Please Fox, just end this show! It hogs too much of the week and airtime as is.

Dancing With The Stars
鼎宝福彩 DWTS will reveal their new cast this week. Who can they get that they haven’t got yet? Unless they managed to score some huge stars, I’m seeing a lot of olympians, football stars, a washed up rocker and reality television stars. With Maxsim out this season, will the ladies even watch?

Project Runway: Over The Ven Show!

Project Runway: Over The Ven Show!

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2012 at 8:46 pm

This post is just some random thoughts on how “Project Runway” is going so far . . . .

First, I’m so over the Ven show. Originally I loved him and I thought he was talented. Then they had the challenge where they had to deal with real world people, not negative size models. He showed just what an ass he was in how he treated the woman who was nominated by her friend for a makeover. All he could talk about was how fat she was, how he doesn’t design for fat women, that he got the fattest of all the clients and it wasn’t fair. Newsflash Ven . . . she wasn’t fat . . . in fact you are bigger than she is! I wish she had pointed that out to him honestly. He made her and her friend cry on the runway! Then when the judges had him standing up their last . . . after the loser went home and gave him a talking to . . . he complained to the other designers how unfair and mean that was. I can’t stand Ven anymore.

I’m also over the fact that some of the designers are one trick ponies and keep doing the same thing over and over。 Christopher and his shredded fabric look。 Ven and his draping with the the spiral pattern in the middle。 Thankfully Elana has been moving away from the Soviet shoulder pad look the last few episodes!

The latest episode was the “Lord and Taylor’s” challenge where they had to make a marketable and manufacturable dress。 Elena was reduced to tears when she was in the top (but didn’t win) 。 。 。 as she felt she’d never be in the top。 The top two were Fabio and Christopher, and honestly I hated both of their dresses。 Well, I didn’t hate them, but I felt others were far superior。 I thought the zipper in the back of Fabio’s dress was ugly and distracting。 Actually I believe this has been an issue I’ve had with several of his dresses。 Christopher’s dress won and 。 。 。 okay I hated it。 Was it ugly? No。 However it was something I could see Nicole Kidman wearing in a period piece like “Australia” or “The Others。” It was not today at all, it just looked old!

In the end, nobody went home this week because they felt there were no real horrid mistakes or stinkers. Next week is a dreaded team challenge though, and it appears the love/truce between Dimitri and Elena will come to and end!

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Project Runway: All Hell About To Break Loose?

Project Runway: All Hell About To Break Loose?

Posted by Dustin on 08.03.2012 at 1:49 pm

So we are now three episodes into the new season, and all hell is about to break lose it seems。 This week was the first partners challenge。 Not only were they randomly paired up, but it was the red carpet challenge, and their clients were former contestants! It seemed the show strived hard to pick a mix of the nicest ones, and then nastiest ones they could。 Ironically Irena, who seemed the worst to work for and generally seemed to hate her dress, ended up in the end having one of the top 2 dresses。 The look on her face when it was picked as one of the highest was priceless。 I don’t think she expected it, and really neither did some of the other contestants!

However next week seems to be when it falls apart. At the end of this week Andrea and Christopher were both on the block against some others. Both were safe, but it appeared to be too hard on them. Christopher was devastated, while Andrea took the attitude “well I won’t mind going home to my family and friends.” Then the next morning, all of her stuff was gone. Yup, it seems like Andrea went out the door! Then we got the preview that Kooan is teasing his decision to also leave the show. In this last challenge, even though he won with Gunnar, he felt he was way out of his element as he doesn’t do gowns. Will he leave too? That would probably mean bringing some people back to stretch the season out.

Finally, while he is a great designer, this season is already looking to be the “Ven Season.” How much excitement can there be if he just keeps winning challenge after challenge? I hope the others step it up!

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Make It Werk! Runway Returns For Its 10th Anniversary Edition!

Make It Werk! Runway Returns For Its 10th Anniversary Edition!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 07.20.2012 at 8:02 pm

‘Project Runway’s’ new season began last night with a celebration that it’s been on the air for ten years now. They celebrated this with a runway challenge and show in Time Square.

Now as usual, I’m not going to remember most of these peoples names until a few weeks in, when we whittle them down. I mean by time the runway challenge came around I found myself saying “Who is that, I don’t remember them until this very moment!”

The challenge involved bringing one pre-made outfit that represented them as a designer, and then having to make a second complimentary one。 Several people really stepped it up, and Ven Budha already has a target on his back from several for his ability four coutuuuuuurrrreeee!

In the end it came down to Kooan Kosuke (aka “Crazy Afro Asian” as I kept calling him since I didn’t know his name) and two others, Lantie Foster who was some seemingly stuck up woman who reworked vintage clothing and Beatrice Guapo, a crunchy granola who was way into knit fabrics. Beatrice was out, which I thought was a mistake. I felt Lantie was just naaaaaasty on the runway, and as Michael Koors and others pointed out she just reworked ugly old clothes into ugly new clothes. She should have gone. I’m glad Crazy Afro Asian stayed, because I thought he was hilarious!

From the previews, and previous seasons, we probably have a few weeks of the dreaded team challenges ahead of us。 That always brings out the drama, and Lantie is sure to serve it up!

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Reality Roundup March ’12

Reality Roundup March ’12

Posted by Dustin on 03。14。2012 at 4:28 pm

Just some of my thoughts on some reality shows currently airing, or coming up soon!

鼎宝福彩Tonight is the Season 2 finale of “Face Off” on SyFy. I’m going to miss the show, but Season 3 is guaranteed. I don’t know who I want to win honestly. I think maybe Ian. I am sad that Sue got the boot last week. I like to cheer on the underdog . . . sometimes!

鼎宝福彩This week is also the first of a two part finale for “Project Runway All-Stars。” I am hoping Austin wins the whole she-band。 I love Mondo, but sometimes his designes can be a bit out there。 I’m sure we’ll be treated to a whole lot of Michael crying, and Kenley’s insane polka-dots!

鼎宝福彩“The Voice,” well honestly I haven’t been watching as of late. I’m sure I will get back into it. I just feel like during the blind rounds they passed over so many amazing singers, for ones who sometimes weren’t so amazing. After about an hour of the 2-hour shows I end up turning it off because my ears hurt and I keep wonder “What the hell were you thinking judge?”

I think I can safely say I’m done with “American Idol” for the season. Is anyone still watching? Every week I put it on, and turn it off quicker than “The Voice.” All those contestants and this bunch is who made it through? Some of these kids are just painful to listen to! Oh and can the show please just retire Whitney Houston songs? Randy tells them every year not to do them, and now they seem to want to do them even more!

“Dancing With The Stars” is coming up soon. I’m actually impressed with the line-up this year, they actually have more real stars than silly reality stars. Unfortunately for me, non of the real stars are anyone I care to tune in for. I’ll probably watch it when other shows are repeats . . . .

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February Reality Round-up!

February Reality Round-up!

Posted by Dustin on 02.19.2012 at 8:01 pm

Just a “Reality TV” post with some thoughts on what I’m watching 。 。 。 or kinda watching。

As of yet, I have not caught “American Idol 11” fever。 I’m sure once we get down to the top 13 or so I will be into it。 Right now, I could care less。 In fact the shows over the past week really annoyed me, and I feel speak to the desperate situation the show is in to get viewers。 An entire Hollywood Week episode without a single performance? It was all group drama! I have always loathed Hollywood Week as is。 The show is about finding a solo act, why do they do this? I get it’s a quick way to cut people, but I think they cut too many people who could have gone on to be amazing sometimes。

“The Voice” I am of course loving, watching every minute of, and they haven’t gotten out of audition rounds. Fox must really hate that this has become such a smash hit. There is talk NBC may go forward with a fall version given how popular it is. Bring it! I really love that they don’t put age limits on the artists as “American Idol” does. I get the two shows are looking for two differnt type of artists in the end . . . but really in the end it’s all about “The Voice” isn’t it? The one woman on who was in her fifties that Adam referred to as Chakka Kahn . . . she was amazing! She is my favorite so far. She is a true diva!

I have gotten into “Project Runway All Stars,” more than I thought I would given there is no Heidi or Tim or Michael or Nina 。 。 。 But I get the idea that the casts need “fresh” judges。 As usual though I don’t agree with a lot of their decisions though。 How could they send Rami home, he is amazing! Meanwhile Michael should have been sent home a week or so ago for that home-made Barbie doll clothes outfit he made。 You know what I’m talking about if you watch the show! I believe it was the “Clothes Off Your Back” challenge。 He made what looked like crocheted Barbie doll clothes 。 。 。what Grandmas in the 70s and 80s would make for their grandkids because they were too cheap to buy the real clothes。 Or just wanted to be crafty 。 。 。 I also thought Jerell should not have been safe in this last “Godspell” challenge because his model did not look rich at all。 Austin should have won that one, hands down。 Oh and when the hell are we going to send Kenley and those damn polka dots home?

As usual, I’m loving SyFy’s “Face Off。” It’s “Project Runway” meets a horror film。 I wish though they’d send that awful Jerry home。 Sometimes I think these reality shows keep the huge trouble makers around for the behind the scenes drama they cause 。 。 。 and he’s one of them!

I feel that this season’s “RuPaul’s Drag Race” is basically a total drag. Did they run out of competent Queens to compete? I really have no one on the show I love and am routing for. IF I had to pick I’d go with the Goth Queen (see I don’t even know her name) just because she’s so different and fun. I feel like they scraped the bottom of the barrel here.

Finally there is WE’s “Joan Knows Best.” I watched this last season and laughed my ass off. This season seems to be far more serious given Melissa and Jason’s relationship problems. If you even have seen the cover of a people magazine or have ever turned on “E,” well SPOILER ALERT . . . . you know she and Jason split up last year. Their split is going to be, it seems, the focus of this season. I feel bad watching this honestly . . . but given what Jason does . . . I can’t stop! If you never read the news bits . . . SPOILER ALERT! Melissa learns while she’s away on business Jason made “appearances” on “adult oriented websites.” I don’t know what that means, but my guess is he got caught on a web cam site somehow.

鼎宝福彩Reality Roundup January 2012

Reality Roundup January 2012

Posted by Dustin on 01.19.2012 at 1:50 pm

Just a quick post on some shows I’ve started watching (again) but don’t often think to regularly blog about.

鼎宝福彩SyFy’s special effects show “Face Off” is back, hosted by McKenzie Westmore of “Passions” fame. This show really is a guilty pleasure. It’s “Project Runway” meets sci-fi/horror make-up. I love it, though I often don’t agree with who they send home each week. The show just started back up, you can catch it on On-Demand.

Speaking of “Project Runway,” I was really excited about the “All Stars” series, until I found out there is no Heidi, no Tim, No Nina and no Michael. What’s the point? I haven’t seen it because I’ve been on vacation, but I’m sure Lifetime will have a marathon soon enough.

鼎宝福彩Over to Bravo is “Tabatha Takes Over.” No longer doing just Salons, she’s expanded to all sorts of businesses this season. I just love her take no shhhhhhh attitude. Love Tabatha!

Starting up soon will be “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” yet another guilty pleasure. Just love how down and dirty these drag queens get.

I only watched a little of the premier of “American Idol” last night. I usually enjoy the auditions, but this year other TV is winning me over. I’m sure I’ll get caught up in Idol-Mania soon enough, only to wonder why yet again. I’m not sure what the point of the show is anymore, as the people who win more often than not don’t go on to great careers . . . .

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