Renewals And Cancellations . . . Plus Summer Shows!

Renewals And Cancellations . . . Plus Summer Shows!

Posted by Dustin on 05.08.2015 at 9:51 am

With the end of the season upon us, lots of shows are being canned or renewed。 ABC has put the nail in the coffin for “Resurrection,” so we will never get answers to that one。

“Castle,” “Nashville,” “Once Upon A Time,” “Secrets and Lies” and everything Shonda Rhimes does is coming back.

If you were fan of “Forever,” it’s gone forever sadly.

I’m really glad about “Nashville,” we knew “Once” was coming back, and am surprised about “Secrets and Lies。” I don’t know where they will take it。 Will Abby kill again?

This summer I’m looking forward to the return of “Mistresses” and plan to give “The Whisperers” a shot, though ABC horror shows never seem to go over well. They are great, but always last one season. Speaking of horror, I’m looking forward to “Under The Dome” returning as well.

Resurrection Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Resurrection Season 2 Finale Thoughts

Posted by Dustin on 01.26.2015 at 12:55 am

So I did a marathon of “Resurrection” today from when it came back earlier in the month to catch up before tonight’s season finale。 The show is on the bubble and it hasn’t been decided if it will get a season 3。 I almost thought we were going to get some kind of closure, until the very final scene。 Let’s discuss!

I pondered from the beginning of the show if this was about the biblical prophecy in the Book of Revelations。 Until these past few episodes they steered away from that。 Now it seems to be just what is going on。 Maybe?

I was somewhat shocked that Tom hadn’t come back by the end of the season. That doesn’t mean he still can’t if there is a season 3. I suspect his return will give a lot of answers to the questions we were left with.

鼎宝福彩Is the preacher right? Is he a good man? I’m going to go with no. I actually think he is the anti-christ, the false prophet. We don’t know how long he’s really been hanging about now do we. He died trying to save Bellamy. I think everything honestly starts with Bellamy’s family’s deaths.

The preacher claimed Rachel’s baby was the anti-christ and would usher in the end and more returned. Jacob’s grandmother believed the preacher because Jacob said the baby was hurting him. However later he told his mother that he only hurts when the baby hurts. Therefore killing the baby would kill the returned, no?

The end scene showed locusts flocking to the window outside of Rachel’s child’s nursery。 These are obviously a sign of Satan。 However were they flocking to the anti-christ, or trying to get in and kill the baby? A different way to see that end scene。

If “the end of times” is upon us, then really nothing can stop it. That’s my understanding of the whole Book of Revelations. So why was the preacher trying to stop it? Could he be or work for Satan? My theory is Rachel’s child is actually the second coming, which is what Satan was trying desperately to stop.

Of course the show may have some completely other plans and none of this has anything to do with the bible。 Personally I’d like to see them go that route。

Sunday Night On ABC: Frozen + Another Returned?

Sunday Night On ABC: Frozen + Another Returned?

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 12。01。2014 at 8:07 pm

So “Once Upon A Time” has two episodes left before it goes off the air for its winter break. I have really been enjoying this season, especially compared to last year’s craptastic Peter Pan mess. However with that said, I feel like the show is getting into a rut with these curses and Emma the savior. How many times can we be expected to sit through Storybook going through yet another curse? I’m really hoping the Snow Queen’s curse of shattered site doesn’t last long. Couldn’t they have all put on goggles or something? I guess if the shards can go through roofs they would get through goggles.

Likewise the “I’ve got your heart” gag is running thin too。 I realize they had to make Gold the villain again, as making Regina one over and over was getting tiring。 That said, I am looking forward to bad-ass Snow and Regina’s face off。 I also look forward to Belle leaving Gold。

I did enjoy the return of Charles Measure as a not-so-dead Blackbeard. He and Hook are going to eventually have a guy-liner face off.

Over to “Resurrection,” well it looks like Pastor Tom will be the newest returned in town after last night’s episode. That will likely finally be the nail in the coffin for his marriage, which is deader than he likely is. Of course I can totally see his crazy wife kidnapping Rachel’s baby and taking off with him, so there won’t be a happily ever after for him and Rachel.

We still are no closer to the truth behind the story involving the men who were killed over and over in the Langston factory. The spoilers below say we may learn that next week though. Fingers crossed! Margaret did bring up the horrible rumors about the Langstons, which make me think they are going to go some satanic/occult route with the story. I’m wondering if they made a deal with the devil that went terribly wrong.

Spoilers for the next episode for both shows below.

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Resurrection Continues To Confuse Me.

Resurrection Continues To Confuse Me.

Posted by Dustin on 11.16.2014 at 5:36 pm

So first up, there is no “Resurrection” until the end of the month. I know! There is a 2 hour “Once” tonight, and next week is the American Music Awards. The spoilers for the next new episode are at the end of this post and below the fold.

Bellamy has finally come cleaned with Tom, and later Maggie, about his returned status. However the disease that has hit the returned has mutated and is affecting the living. This isn’t good, as a vigilante group against the return has risen up in town. This is a little too much like HBO’s “The Leftovers” for my tastes.

A new nemesis who may be even worse than Margaret has shown up. It’s the man who died in a factory fire when Margaret was a little girl, but we know from flashbacks it may be no accident. It seems the men were locked in a room when the factory was set fire. Margaret was a little girl, so it’s doubtful that she couldn’t have done it. She seems to have been playing in the factory when it happened though. We do know some of these men kept coming back, via the bones found, and we know Margaret did grow up and repeatedly kill and hide then. Or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe from a bizarre story she told. We also found out that Margaret married into the Langston family through an arranged marriage. Her father was the foreman who basically ran the company, and she later took over when her Langston husband became a drunk. Now one of the men from the fire is back and definitely wants to resurrect the factory for some reason. Something tells me he, and possibly Margaret’s father, may be the key to the returned.

Rachel’s fell ill and refused to take any drugs as they may hurt the baby。 Fortunately she and the baby recovered from the illness, the first to do so。 Something tells me, based on the shared dream she and Margaret had, the baby had more to do with her surviving than anything。 They’ve hinted that this baby is very special somehow。 But how?

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鼎宝福彩Resurrections: I Have So Many Questions Still! Also Spoilers!

Resurrections: I Have So Many Questions Still! Also Spoilers!

Posted by Dustin on 11.02.2014 at 8:03 pm

“Resurrection” still has me confused, and somewhat annoyed as well. Jacob’s grandmother Margaret is one nasty piece of work! I didn’t like her from the minute she showed up, and now I really don’t like her. She seems to have all the answers, and this business of the returned seems to go back to her childhood in the early 1900s. I don’t think we’ve seen anyone return from before that time, have we? I do wonder if she did something to start it all. I was not really a fan of Maggie’s mom and Fred’s wife, but for Margaret to just get rid of her was plain evil! A few things she’s said aren’t adding up though. She told Fred’s wife (Barbara I think?) that all she had to do was let go of the pain and hurt, and desire to move on, then she would be gone for good. It seemed to have work. However something tells me Caleb was not one to do that, so why did he disappear? Also she said that they are back basically because they had sinned or done some kind of wrong, as if being returned was a punishment or penance. What could Jacob have done? Or Bellamy for that matter? It looks like Bellamy has returned before, and that he may have died with his entire family in the car crash. Last season they returned looking for their boy who didn’t come back with them, but I don’t think Bellamy every learned who they were. So as a kid, again, what great sin could he have committed? Maybe we aren’t supposed to think about these things.

Spoilers for tonight’s episode and next week’s after the jump!

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Spoilers For Several ABC Shows!

Spoilers For Several ABC Shows!

Posted by Dustin on 10.01.2014 at 4:03 pm

A bunch of spoilers for various ABC shows. I still have to watch “Forever,” which I’m now 3 episodes behind on, and “How To Get Away With Murder.”

Anyways, spoilers for the following shows below, with some minor teasers first if you don’t want the full shebang.

  • “Once Upon A Time” – It seems ABC is sticking with last season’s plan and only releasing spoilers for the next episode after the previous one airs. On a brighter note, Little Bo Peep has been turned into a villain! Wow!
  • “Resurrection” – There seems to be a clue in a long old body to the returned. Has this happened before?
  • “Castle” – It seems my worst fears were realized and they are delaying the wedding. No! It looks like we will get a fun early Halloween show with a paranormal killer?
  • “Nashville” – Jeff is going after Rayna’s girls. Does he want to sign her kids to Edgehill?
  • “Grey’s Anatomy” – Meredith looks through her mother’s old diaries and finds something. Uh oh! Sally Pressman (“Army Wives”) guest stars!

    Read on for the spoilers!

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    OUAT and Resurrection Premiere Thoughts!

    OUAT and Resurrection Premiere Thoughts!

    Posted by Dustin on 09.29.2014 at 10:50 am

    Sunday Funday, the night of television that seems to have all my favorites on it is back。 Actually it never really left, the summer shows like “Witches” and “True Blood” just took over。 Anyways, here are my quick thoughts on both shows!

    Once Upon A Time
    I’m not sure if we really needed so much backstory on “Frozen.” I mean everyone under the sun has seen the movie! I did find it interesting that Anna ended up in the Enchanted Forest, which means she either should be in Storybrooke or with the refugees on the other side. But given the curse reversal and reboot, where is she now? I’m guessing Regina has her in the hospital!

    What was with the mysterious new mansion that Rumple and Belle took over and the sorcerer’s hat from “Fantasia?” I swear if Mickey Mouse shows up they will have jumped the shark with a motorcycle on fire!

    I loved seeing the magic mirror back, though it’s odd she put him back into the mirror instead of letting him be Sydney again. Regina’s desire to find the book’s writer to give the villains a happy ending is an interesting idea, though it really could bite Regina in the butt. I’m guessing this is how they are bringing Maleficent back for her arc this season.

    I’m ready for Marianne to go back to being dead。 What a frumpy sourpuss she is。 Apparently in Fairytale Land they don’t have divorces。 Robin clearly doesn’t want to be with that bore but feels obligated to。

    I feel like having Belamy wake up in the field like Jacob did ruined what could have been an amazing twist to the premiere. I knew the minute he woke up there that he was a returned.

    I love Jacob’s grandmother returning, but what the hell was with her slapping the crap out of Freddie? Not that he shouldn’t have the crap smacked out of him. He is the Big Jim of Arcadia.

    Unfortunately the premiere gave us NO clue as to why these people have returned and why only this town。

    鼎宝福彩Resurrection Spoilers! They’re Coming Home!

    Resurrection Spoilers! They’re Coming Home!

    Posted by Dustin on 09.28.2014 at 5:10 pm

    “Resurrection” returns tonight on ABC! Spoilers for the first three episodes!


    Michelle Fairley (“Game of Thrones”) Guest Stars

    “Revelation” – Bellamy awakens alone and abandoned at Arcadia’s outskirts, missing a week of his life。 As his memory returns, he has a shocking revelation。 Meanwhile, Arcadia welcomes one more returned, Margaret Langston (guest star Michelle Fairley), the powerful matriarch of the Langston family, dead for over three decades, on the season premiere of “Resurrection,” SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 28 (9:00-10:01 p。m。, ET) on the ABC Television Network。

    Guest starring are Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael Tamlyn Tomita as Toni Willis, Jwaundace Candece as Mom Thompson, Nadej Bailey as Jenny Thompson, Shawn Shepard as Dad Thompson and Donna Murphy as the elegant woman


    “Echoes” – When Bellamy and Sheriff Fred get reports that someone is living in Caleb Richards’s old hunting shack, they fear he may have returned。 Bellamy struggles with the knowledge that he too is a returned, and with following the orders of his mysterious boss (guest star Donna Murphy)。 Janine moves back home in hopes of salvaging her marriage to Pastor Tom, despite Rachael’s advancing pregnancy。 Margaret Langston is furious when she learns the fate of the family business, on “Resurrection,” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 5 (9:00-10:01 p。m。, ET) on the ABC Television Network。

    Guest starring are Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston, Kathleen Munroe as Rachael, Lori Beth Sikes as Janine, Donna Murphy as the elegant woman, Christopher Berry as Deputy Carl and Scott Michael Campbell as Arthur Holmes.


    “Multiple” – Sensing a need in the community, Tom creates a new parish specifically for the returned and Bellamy decides to confide in him that he is also one of them. Meanwhile, old human bones mysteriously turn up in the river and with them, implications for the Langston family that Margaret is determined to keep hidden, on “Resurrection,” SUNDAY, OCTOBER 12 (9:00-10:01 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network.

    Guest cast includes Michelle Fairley as Margaret Langston, April Billingsley as Barbara, Nick Craven as Young Fred Langston, Donna Murphy as Elegant Woman, Chris Berry as Carl Enders, Glenn Fleshler as Mikey Enders, Michael Tourek as Randy/Cauliflower Ear, Tom Hillman as Principal Hayes and Elizabeth Ludlow as Miss Cannon。

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    Resurrection Season Finale Thoughts

    Resurrection Season Finale Thoughts

    Posted by Dustin on 05.05.2014 at 9:40 pm

    So last night was the season finale of “Resurrection.” Should ABC lose their minds and not renew the show, which is not expected to happen, it could be the series finale. Things look good for ABC to renew it fortunately.

    Honestly, after last weeks amazing episode, I felt a little let down this week. I felt so much was so predictable. The very second the African American couple told Jacob’s parents that they were unable to find their son Robert, that he didn’t come back with them, I knew it was Bellamy. They said their son had a birthmark on the back of his neck, and we had to wait for the very last scene for this to come out. I knew it was him based on his past and his interest in various “lost boys.” It’s clear he was a foster kid, and he may have even mentioned it before. I can’t recall offhand.

    鼎宝福彩We learned last week that the Sheriff’s wife came back early on, but had been hiding at her lovers house all along. Again this was not a shock, they hinted at that in episode two. What we did learn was that she rightfully left her husband, who turned out to be an evil jerk. When he found out that she returned and didn’t run to him and their daughter, it looked like she was a horrid mother. I definitely felt for her daughter. However the Sheriff showed his true colors, punishing all the returned in order to punish his wife. He, with the Army’s help, had them rounded up. Unfortunately it got out of control, and the Army was going to cart them all off. I felt like they have been building the sheriff up to be evil incarnate, and it just somewhat fizzled. The minute he saw his daughter being escorted out by the army, and he realized she had figured him out, it’s as if he just wimped out and had realized he had lost. He’s no “Big Jim” from “The Dome.”

    Before the army could cart off the returned, things changed big time 。 。 。 Something happened and the entire town was put under quarantine。 Bellamy was trying to get Jacob out of town to protect him when they ended up hitting a roadblock。 One of the roadblocks was the army, who surrounded him for trying to leave。 The other was a supernatural one。 A swarm of locusts were at the town limits。 Well it wasn’t a huge swarm, but they were there。 They found all these locust shells on the ground, and some were flying around。 So it seems we are back to the Bible and the Book of Revelations。 I will really be disappointed if it turns out the returned are in fact evil, or part of some apocalyptic prophecy。

    And that is pretty much how the show ended!

    Resurrection: Final Two Episodes!

    Resurrection: Final Two Episodes!

    Posted by Dustin on 04.24.2014 at 11:36 am

    鼎宝福彩ABC’s breakout hit is coming to an end. The show is pretty likely to be renewed though. I still can’t figure out what in the heck is happening. I’m sticking with my theory that the returned represent sins or something like that.

    Spoilers for the final two episodes below!

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