鼎宝福彩Ringer Ends Season 1 . . . Will There Be A Season 2?

Ringer Ends Season 1 . . . Will There Be A Season 2?

Posted by Dustin on 04.18.2012 at 9:09 pm

鼎宝福彩Last night was the season, and possibly series finale of “Ringer。” Ratings wise, the show wasn’t the score that was expected。 Many aren’t optimistic about a Season 2 pick up。 For example today Yahoo TV had a featured article GASP! Frankly I found this show FAR more entertaining that ABC’s “Revenge!” (BTW yes, that does return tonight。)

鼎宝福彩The finale left so many questions up in the air! Bridget finally had to tell Andrew the truth when he learned “Siobhan” had slept with Henry。 He did not forgive her as she daydreamed about。 In fact he walked out and took Juliette with him。 Meanwhile Henry tested Siobhan about the babies and the paternity test he left for her to find。 When she lied about the results and claimed it said he was the father, he knew he couldn’t trust her, and gave her the boot!

The end of the episode had Siobhan and Bridget narrowly meeting。 Bridget realized Bodhoway was in town to finally get rid of her, and she did not know Andrew took Juliette to leave town for awhile。 She raced to the penthouse。 Meanwhile Siobhan decided to steal as many jewels of hers from the penthouse to fund her (since Henry cleaned out her bank account, the money she stole from Andrew)。 Bodhoway thought Siobhan was Bridget and attacked her。 Bridget showed up and saw someone running from him, and thought it was Juliette。 She killed Bodhoway。 Later she learned that her sister was very much alive, and Henry informed her that she was out for revenge。 Siobhan knew someone wanted her dead, she set Bridget up to die for payback for Sean!

And then we were left hanging . . . .

Nooooooo! I cannot accept that this show won’t get another season. I hate these kind of cliff hangers. It reminds me of awesome shows like “The Gates” and “Happy Town” which get cast off for garbage reality shows. Who cares who the Bachelorette or Bachelor picks, we know they sure as hell won’t marry that person! The winner of American Idol does nothing anymore! I think it’s time to end the reality show market. Banish them all to summer when nothing else is on 🙂 They are good filler there. Let’s bring back dramas and comedies during the fall and spring seasons!

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Ringer: Malcolm In The Middle!

Ringer: Malcolm In The Middle!

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 03.10.2012 at 7:01 pm

So let’s talk about “Ringer” shall we. This is still my guilty pleasure show of the season . . . well actually “GCB” will probably replace it to be honest. But I have enjoyed “Ringer” much more than I have “Revenge.” Both are good, I just like Ringer a litte more. It’s campy fun. The ratings, however, aren’t so good. As of yet nobody knows if it will get a second season, some are doubtful.

In the previous episode we learned that Juliette’s mom was behind the entire rape/teacher scheme to get millions out of Andrew. Wow, not only did she steal from her ex, but her own daughter! Even Juliette doesn’t know what her mother did (stealing the money from the teacher and Juliette’s friend). I have to believe this will come to light at some point. My guess is this would make a good Season 2 story, and thus we may not see it again until then . . . if there is a season 2.

Bridget, with Malcolm’s help, learned of the ponzi scheme at Andrew’s company。 They thought it was Andrew’s crooked female partner, but in fact Andrew knew of it all along as he had to make back some money he lost, or something, While Malcolm was fired for finding out about it, they learned it was Tyler who was the real mole (but didn’t know he was leaking the info to Siobhan, the real one)。 By the end of the episode Bridget found Tyler (who was back in NY) dead in his hotel room 。 。 。 and it looks like Andrew’s partner may have taken him out。 However we didn’t see who did it, and with this show they like to pull one over on us a lot of the time。

Siobhan got rid of Malcolm, by making a phony call to him and pretending to be her sister. She told him how happy she was, how he was ruining everything, yada yada. She wanted him out of the way . . . so they he wouldn’t save her sister from a murderous Andrew! This only made him more insistant on getting Bridget away from this double life she’d been living, and he phoned Detective Machada (sp?) and said he’d testify against the drug lord/strip club owner. The show ended, however, with Andrew turning up at Malcolm’s doorstep with a fire in his eyes!

While I’m loving all the twists and turns, at the same time I want to pull my hair out。 Nobody talks to one another on this show, if they did they’d figure out Siobhan has been pulling all the strings with everyone! I am on pins and needles just waiting for the moment Henry learns that it was Siobhan who set Gemma up to be killed。 Oh and the fact that her unborn twins are most likely Andrews? Henry is going to flip on her so fast!

Something tells me the end of the season will see one of the main men, either Henry or Andrew dead, but then we’ll also learn they have a secret twin . . . or maybe Gemma did?

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Ringer: Liar Liars!

Ringer: Liar Liars!

Posted by Dustin on 02.15.2012 at 10:23 pm

Just some random thoughts on the last episode of “Ringer,” which put me through the ringer with all the twists going on in this episode!

Juliet’s trial turned to crap when her friend overheard the other girl in the case admit to Juliet that she lied about Mr。 C raping her because she was mad at him for getting her sent to detention。 Mr。 C then sued Andrew saying he’d never be able to work again, and Juliet’s mom and even Bridget convinced Andrew to spare Juliet more pain and settle 。 。 。 which he did 。 。 。 to the tune of 1 million dollars。 In the end the final twist was that Juliet, the other girl and Mr。 C were in this together to get the cash payout from Juliet’s dad 。 。 。 WOW! I mean at this point there is NO saving of this character。 She is just a horrid human being。 If or when she gets killed off, I won’t shed a tear for her。 Too harsh? Well she’s not real, so I don’t think so。

鼎宝福彩Bridget is still using Siobhan’s old driver to drive her around。 She claimed she was newly sober (not a total lie) and trying to figure her life out。 She got so close yet again to realizing that her sister is still alive! She did at least learn one of her secrets, that her sister has not forgiven her 。 。 。 I don’t think we’ve yet learned the story of how Siobhan’s son died 。 。 。 or even who his father is? Bridget hired the driver to protect her in the end (learning he was former military)。 She feels someone is out to kill her 。 。 。 she has not yet put together that her sister and the guy who kidnapped/killed Gemma were in cahoots 。 。 。 she fells the killer is still out there 。 。 。 Well she is right, she just doesn’t know it’s her sister。

Then there is Siobhan and Henry . . . OMG this story is driving me nuts! If Henry talks to Tyler or Bridget for all of 2 minutes, the thin ice Siobhan is skating on will crack and she’ll be drowning! Ahhhhh! But basically Siobhan has convinced Henry that Andrew is up to no good, and this sets them up to not only be together . . . but be together with Andrew’s money . . . They final moments had Siobhan having Henry listen to something that would change everything. Okay but is this another one of her tricks, or the truth? Because up until now, Andrew seems to have been a pretty stand up guy. Of course with the twists this show throws out, have we all been fooled by him? Is Bridget in more danger with him than where she started? Could Andrew be mixed up in something involving the guy Bridget was in trouble with?

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Ringer: Seeing Double!

Ringer: Seeing Double!

Posted by Dustin on 02.08.2012 at 8:03 pm

Ringer is really confusing me as of late. Note to self, sit your ass on the couch and don’t move, not even to pee! Otherwise when you return you may not know what sister you are watching. I get they are trying to make it obvious with the hair styles, but sometimes I still get twisted around. Now that they are both in New York, it’s even more confusing. I also wonder how long they can keep this dance up. I am feeling Bridget is going to find herself kidnapped at some point.

Bridget is getting closer and closer to finding out not only is Siobhan alive, but what she’s been up to. She’s tracked her to her Paris hotel, but didn’t have the info (ie the Credit Card number) to learn the dates of her stay. She also learned that Siobhan was apparently scouting out Bridget for a while before she even made contact, and she had a fake alias.

The arrival of Andrew’s first wife Catherine also complicated things, but made for good TV. Guest star Andrea Roth was probably the best part of the episode. She was in town due to the Juliette scandal. Juliette’s rape accusation against her teacher started to crumble, as the principal had a security camera of her kissing the teacher and him appear to be the one backing off. She swore he raped her when she stopped it from going too far, but it didn’t look good, and even her own mom thought she was a liar. The shock came when Juliette’s ex-friend showed up crying and confessed that the teacher raped her too! What what what! Didn’t see that coming, and from the look on Juliette’s face I don’t think she did either.

Meanwhile Siobhan was trying to get a new passport to create a new fake ID (after Bridget blew her old one), and pawning the ring she stole from Bridget to pay for it, and got caught by Henry。 He thought she was Bridget, who is suspected of killing Gemma。 After a lot of drama with the cops, she was proved to be Siobhan, because she is。 She then confronted Henry and showed him Bridgett (in the background)。 She explained Bridgett has been playing her, she dumped him 。 。 。 but she (Siobhan) loves him still and is still pregnant with his kid。

I could defiantly see Siobhan setting Bridget up to take the fall for Gemma’s murder, and Henry possibly doing something very bad to her. Though if he was smart, he’d begin to figure things out himself. If he confronts Bridget, the two could probably do just that as Bridget told Gemma the truth about her.

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鼎宝福彩Ringer: Goodbye To Gemma, Again!

Ringer: Goodbye To Gemma, Again!

Posted by Dustin on 12.24.2011 at 12:19 pm

鼎宝福彩So It’s been a long time since the mid-season finale, and honestly I am having a hard time remembering what happened! I wrote a brief outline, so I’m trying to go by it and the meager summary on the CW’s site. The show doesn’t return until January 31st! Ack!

Bridget and Andrew finally made love in this episode, as it was Andrew and Siobhan’s sixth anniversary. Something tells me she’s gunna end up pregnant with her husband’s baby! That would make things uber-complicated if/when the truth comes out.

Malcolm was onto Charlie, and he and Bridget knew he had Gemma. Charlie wanted 250 grand in ransom for her. However it wasn’t to be for poor Gemma, as when she tried to escape from him, he shot her dead. Dead for real this time. Poor Gemma . . . I was hoping she would make it, but I guess she really couldn’t as she knows Bridgett’s secret.

Bridget and Malcolm did find some clue in Charlie’s apparent, Siobhan’s name written on a piece of paper with some numbers. Bridget was more convinced than ever something bigger was going down with her sister.

鼎宝福彩Detective Machado continued his hunt for Bridget, and learned his partner was a dirty cop, and had a hand in Bridget fleeing from the cops (as he was working for the bad guy).

Siobhan tried to convince Tyler in Paris that the only reason she lied was because Andrew was an abusive husband, but he refused to believe her. Looked like she was in big trouble, and out of cash. Near the end of the show she popped up in Paris, confronted Charlie . . . . and BANG! Shot him dead. She then made it look like he killed Gemma, then killed himself.

Meanwhile, Juliette was pissed that the teacher she was crushing on shot her down, and had her transferred to another class She told a friend at school that he raped her. Oh lord, how many times have they done this storyline on these shows? Blah! Why ruin a good show with this cliche

Tyler found a pregnancy test in Siobhan’s hotel and called her. She told him she was pregnant and it was his! Bridget, Andrew and Henry got the news about Gemma as the show came to a close . . . With Siobhan now in New York, things could get sticky when the show returns. I suspect a lot of near misses coming up between the two sisters.

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Ringer: No Baby, But Gemma Livessssss!

Ringer: No Baby, But Gemma Livessssss!

Posted by Dustin on 11.16.2011 at 9:55 pm

So this is just some quick thoughts on “Ringer,” which like everything else has one episode left and then is off air till next year at some point. Seriously TV?

Bridget isn’t pregnant after all, and had to come up with some quick thinking and claimed she had some spotting the week before, but she thought it was normal。 This lead to some strain and her pretend husband Andrew。 He made a comment that basically the baby was all that was making them work。 OUCH!

Charlie continued doing Siobhan’s biddings。 We learned he didn’t kill Gemma, he had her captive in his basement! Bridget continued trusting him, even having her old sponsor Malcolm stay with the guy。 Fortunately Bridget began to catch onto Charlie’s game, and he warned Siobhan。 However things might get sticky as Malcolm is searching Charlie’s house for a gun she gave him to dispose of 。 。 。 and is close to finding Gemma。 Something tells me Gemma will have company in the basement very soon。

The guy Siobhan had bankrolling her in Paris cut her off. He flew to New York for a business meeting with Andrew and met Siobhan #2, aka Bridget. He thought she was playing games and cut her hotel bill in Paris. Uh oh!

Bridget meanwhile went to Siobhan’s old shrink, she began to realize she was falling in love with Andrew。 Well duh, we all figured that one out。 She also learned the shrink had prescribed pills to Siobhan (I think that normally treat anxiety?) but she prescribed them for something else (must drugs have multiple uses)。 Bridget is just starting to realize Siobhan may have been in as much trouble as she is 。 。 。 。

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Ringer: Half The Truth Is Out!

Ringer: Half The Truth Is Out!

Posted by Dustin on 11.03.2011 at 6:43 pm

So Siobhan/Bridget found herself in big trouble as the police now suspect Bridget may be involved in Gemma’s disappearance, as she left those fingerprints at the crime scene on purpose. She had no choice but to come clean, well partially, to her husband and her lover. She told them pretty much everything, except that she was actually Bridget.

Henry seemed to remain the main target, so Bridget/Siobhan went to her new sponsor Charlie for help. She trusted him a little too much, as in the end we learn he is the real Siobhan’s henchman keeping tabs on her! Bridget told him where the car was so he could try and help her and Henry out. What he really wanted to do was wipe evidence of himself off of it . . . We saw him attack Gemma outside her house and next to her car, which got his blood on it when she struck back. Then he stalked her inside her house. Did we see her kill her? No. But it was implied. I guess until we have a body, we can’t rule out that she may still be alive.

鼎宝福彩Bridget/Siobhan learned that her sponsor had gone missing. We then saw flashbacks of them getting way too close, closer than they should have given their relationship in AA. This may be pretty important! The show ended with everyone at Gemma’s gallery event, even though she wasn’t there. Bridget/Siobhan had some kind of fainting spell or attack. She was taken to the hospital where they are preparing to do an ultra sound . . . uh oh! Why do I have a feeling she is pregnant? If so, she’s gunna have a hard time explaining this one to her “husband” when it pops out.

Oh there was some other stuff with Juliette getting into more trouble, but it was pretty boring stuff。 Daddy took her trust fund away until she can show responsibility。

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鼎宝福彩Ringer: Goodbye Gemma?

Ringer: Goodbye Gemma?

Posted by Dustin on 10.19.2011 at 10:12 pm

So the latest “Ringer” definitely seemed to seal the deal on Gemma’s death. I guess there is a chance she isn’t dead, but being held hostage, but I doubt it. I definitely loved that what appeared last week with Henry killing her was not at all what it seemed. He only found a mess and blood, no Gemma, and cleaned it up thinking Siobhan killed her.

I was really confused when Bridget appeared to be turning Henry into the cops, calling and saying she believed Gemma was killed and then said where to find the bloody rags Henry disposed。 But at the very end we found out she put her prints on the things to throw the track off Henry and I guess herself (her being Siobhan)。 But now that creepy guy she’s really running from will get tipped off!

In the end, we learned Siobhan (in Paris) was the one who had some man back home take care of Gemma. Whoever it is, they must be fairly close to Bridget/Siobhan as to know Gemma was about to blow things out of the water?

I’m so confused, but still loving the show。 Oh and where has her poor sponsor been taken off to now? Her original one that is。

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Pan Am, Ringer, 90210 Thoughts . . .

Pan Am, Ringer, 90210 Thoughts . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10。12。2011 at 10:28 pm

So I am pretty sure “Pan Am” just isn’t gunna be flying much longer. I watch it every week, I’ve tried to like it and get into it, I just can’t. Based on the sinking ratings, I’m not alone. It’s slow and the drama isn’t there. I feel like the nostalgia aspect is the only reason I’m still watching . . . and I’m not old enough for it to be my own nostalgia!

鼎宝福彩“Ringer” I once again loved. I felt so bad for Gemma in this episode! I did not see her getting killed at all. Well, is she really dead? What about Bridget’s sponser? Some of the things I guessed at, like the daughter misunderstanding the NA meeting and thinking she was going to rehab, and the daughter telling her dad about Shioban being a women who cheats with married men . . namely him. I’m kinda wondering if Henry knows the truth, if he is the one Shioban is calling. When he got his manuscript and it said “Call Me” on it I was suspicious.

I forgot to watch “90210” last week, and it doesn’t seem like I missed much. I stand by my last thoughts that Naomi is the only interesting storyline anymore. Annie being a prostitute? Bleh! Dixon on Speed? Bleh! Navid and the stolen car ring? Bleh! I feel like the show has become a predictable mesh of all the bad 80s movie teen storylines they could combine into an hour.

A Hodge Podge: Pan Am, Dirty Soap, Ringer, Fringe, Secret Circle, 90210 Thoughts . . .

A Hodge Podge: Pan Am, Dirty Soap, Ringer, Fringe, Secret Circle, 90210 Thoughts . . .

Posted by Dustin on 10。03。2011 at 7:17 pm

This is a quick post with some quick thoughts on a bunch of other shows I’ve watched over the week, but didn’t get around to doing a full post on, but wanted to squeeze some quick thoughts out on . . .

After episode two of “Pan Am” I’m thinking people at ABC might not only be having doubts about canning “Brothers and Sisters,” but here is hoping they may be giving having this be “Desperate Housewives” final season. The ratings for the second episode went downnnnn. For me, the best story they had going was the mystery surrounding Bridgett, and they resolved it in the second episode! I’ll keep watching, but other things might start taking priority when the networks no doubt beging shifting things.

Have you tuned into “Dirty Soap” on E! O M G! This show is just more drama than you’ll see on any soap. The Kirsten Storms vs Farath Fath (Belle vs Mimi) drama alone is worth tuning in for! But then you also have Farah and Nadjia (Mimi and Chloe) facing off with their mother or mother-in-law-to-bes over the men in their lives. OMG it’s just such a sick and twisted show!

“Ringer” I’m still loving, it’s my most new favorite show so far 。 。 。 that may change this month with the onslaught of fairy tale shows and “American Horror Story。” I do wonder how long they can take the premise。 I mean eventually the truth that Siobhan is alive and Bridget has been impersonating her will be exposed。

鼎宝福彩“Fringe” . . . Oh I still love you, but you make me scratch my head. With Peter gone, I guess we are just supposed to figure the Broyles on the other side never died? Cause he was back with no explanation this week! I do feel my initial thoughts were right, half of the season will be with Peter missing. Grrr!

I am really starting to get into “Secret Circle.” The latest episode with a guy from their parents past coming to end the new circle, and the titillating fact that Cassie’s mom might not have been all that good . . . putting some friend into a cationic state was just great. Why did she do it? What do the evil parents want? I’m really starting to like the show!

“90210” 。 。 。 what can I say about you? Naomi is the only thing worth watching for anymore。 Eventually Silver and Adrianna are going to have a huge WTF moment over the fact they fought over Navid 。 。 。 one of the biggest tools on the show。 I don’t care about Dixon’s recording job, I don’t care about Liam’s bar, I only marginally care about Annie and her money woes。 This show is probably not going to be around for another season。

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