Swingtown Swings No More; Roger To Private Practice!

Swingtown Swings No More; Roger To Private Practice!

Posted by Dustin on 01。15。2009 at 6:26 pm

I quickly posted a blurb in the shoutbox last night, but the news was made official by CBS president Nina Tassler in a press conference。 “Swingtown” has officially been canceled。

Our loss, well make that CBS’ loss, however is “Private Practices” gain。 Not only does Grant Show apparently have a recurring role, but now has scooped that Josh Hopkins who played Roger will be joining for at least five episodes as a surgeon and new possible love interest for Addison’s character。

鼎宝福彩Not Looking Good Swingtowners!

Not Looking Good Swingtowners!

Posted by Dustin on 12.03.2008 at 12:01 pm

The Hollywood reporter reported a story, which got picked up by various sites, that Jack Davenport has been picked up for a new pilot for ABC called “Flash Forward。” The show is about the people of the world blacking out for 2 minutes, all the while experiencing visions of the future。

Jack played Bruce, Susan’s husband on “Swingtown。” With the actor going to a new pilot, it could mean our hopes for a groovy summer in 2009 could be dashed。

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鼎宝福彩Swingtown To Swing Back?

Swingtown To Swing Back?

Posted by Dustin on 11.14.2008 at 1:36 pm

Most of us had all but probably written “Swingtown” off as canceled, but the truth is CBS hasn’t made a decision about it yet. Not only that, all the actors are still under contract until next month when a decision is to be made.

The creator himself, Mike Kelley, commented over at which is a livejournal community site dedicated to the show. This is what he posted on a post that the fate of the show had yet to be decided . . .

Great reporting! I can confirm all this information, and add one more bit. CBS will have to make a decision on whether or not the show returns by the end of December as that is when the option on the actors runs out. In the meantime, all of our sets still stand, and CBS/P just agreed to continue paying to color Molly’s hair “Susan red” for the next few months. May seem like a small thing, but if they had refused, that would have been the proverbial “canary in the cole mine” as Molly would have restored her natural hair color, and had been unable to return to Susan’s color for a year without permanently damaging her hair. I think our biggest shot at renewal will come right after the Golden Globe nominations are released in December. If we get a few high profile nods for the actors, our chances improve dramatically as CBS has precious few awards to show for all their primetime efforts. Thanks for all your support out there, and if you are a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press, please vote early, and vote often! Yes we can! Best, Mike Kelley

I have to say, with “Lipstick” gone and a few others probably getting the axe soon, a renewal of “Swingtown” would make me so happy!

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Swingtown To Air On Bravo

Swingtown To Air On Bravo

Posted by Dustin on 09.27.2008 at 9:29 pm

is reporting that Bravo will re-air “Swingtown” this fall, but will not produce new episodes.

Here is hoping a new audience gives it a try to generate some buzz for a possible pick-up somewhere!

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Swingtown: Season Finale

Swingtown: Season Finale

Posted by Dustin on 09.06.2008 at 8:03 pm

This past Friday was the season finale of “Swingtown,” possibly the series finale as well. CBS has not announced whether it will renew the show and rumor has it that they could shop it to cable networks.

Let’s get the storyline that was boring and plagued the season, in my opinion, out of the way first.
Samantha’s aunt came to take her away and put her sister Gail in a rehab program. BJ and Ricky sat outside BJ’s window and talked to Sam as she was leaving on the walkie-talkie. Eventually she was out of range, which is when Gail was seen returning home to snort some coke with her friends. This was the one story I just wasn’t liking at all to be honest. I felt it was a bit boring and would have rather watched the adults. Oh and we never got any resolution as to what was up with Ricky. Does he like boys? Girls? The world may never know! That’s a shame, because that was the one time I thought the story was actually getting interesting.

Janet was offered the job writing the advice column at work, but had to turn it down。 Her friend there, Henry, didn’t understand at all。 Janet didn’t tell him, but Roger had already told her that they’d be moving to Cincinnati for his new job。

Janet was upset and talked with Trina。 She didn’t want to move, her life and friends were here。 Trina told her to tell Roger, tell him it’s not what is best for their family。 She said it wasn’t 1954 anymore and father didn’t always know best。 I felt for Janet, because you could tell she really wanted that job at the paper, but at the same time she knew how unhappy Roger had been not working。 Well, at least that’s what she thinks he’s been unhappy about。

Janet finally did stand up to Roger and tried to put her foot down, only to have him put his down harder。 He said she might be the head of the house, but he was the head of this family; they were moving to Cincinnati! Roger booked a flight to go find a place for them to live and stormed off。 I can’t believe he talked to my Janet like that! It was the first time in the whole show that I really got ticked off at Roger for his attitude。

Meanwhile, back to one of the less interesting stories. Doug learned that Guatemala was hit by an earthquake, a friend of his from school was there in the peace corps working. He was worried sick and had to go there. Eventually he learned his friend Dave was fine, but he still wanted to go. Laurie insisted she go too, but he wasn’t thrilled. At one point she asked if something was wrong, he said that she had school and all. She wanted to take a semester off, this was important. He agreed, saying she had to go home and prepare, as well as get permission. She did from her mom, but returned to find Doug already gone. He left her a note and the key to his place for her to use until he returned. I was convinced he had a wife there or something, but CGinCA suggested maybe Dave was his male lover. I never thought about that, but it could be. It would make sense, there was something unspoken between Doug and the female neighbor who gave him the news about Dave originally.

Susan confronted Melinda, knowing she met with Bruce。 Bruce also knew he was busted with his lame-o “briefcase at the office” excuse, as Susan caught him in it。 Melinda told Susan she didn’t love Bruce, but they had a connection。 She asked Susan if she felt connected to Bruce? Susan was offended and said that was none of her business。 Oops, she just gave Melinda an answer there。 We know Susan doesn’t feel connected to Bruce。 She’s admitted it, Bruce doesn’t seem to want to though。

At Tom and Trina’s end of summer bash, the whole “keys in the fishbowl” game was played. Susan confronted Bruce over Melinda, how she knew what was up. Bruce blamed her for opening the door to their bedroom and starting all of this. oooo, wrong thing to say! She then stormed off with a strange man, leaving Bruce stunned.

As everyone left the beach bash party, Trina finally told Tom about the baby. She hadn’t decided what to do. He said she didn’t have to make a decision right now, but he would support her. He also said he never loved her more than he did in that moment. You could see he wants this baby. It seems like it’s Trina who is the one who is unsure about it though, even though both Suan and Janet told her she’d make a wonderful mother. I think there is a story there about Trina’s own mother we aren’t hearing.

Janet was home alone when Henry showed up with a copy of the next day’s paper。 He had her column printed and got her the job, even though she turned it down。 He felt she was made for this job。 He also brought champagne for her and Roger to celebrate with。 She said Roger was on his way to Cincinnati to find a place for them to live there, but he could stay for a drink。 He wanted to, but had a date。 Janet thought it was with Jenny at the paper 。 。 。 it was with Mark! Janet was speechless, but said good for him。 He left and she started scrap-booking and drinkin!

I have to say this is one I didn’t see coming at all. Also I felt terrible for Janet. I really thought Henry liked Janet, and I think Janet was starting to like Henry to be honest. I thought he could be there for her when Roger and Susan’s tryst was found out. Lately the show has been about finding that “one” you connect with, I thought Henry was Janet’s “one.”

Finally, Roger called Susan from a hotel at the airport. He didn’t get on the flight, he asked her to come meet him. She did, and the show ended with her walking into his hotel room . . . .

I have to say I have really enjoyed this show this summer。 Normally summer is re-runs and reality, so this was a good break and just a fun show。 I hope CBS renews it, or at least lets it go to cable。 Honestly I think it might work better on cable as they could push it even further; though not in a porn-direction mind you。

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鼎宝福彩Swingtown Creator Inks Development Deal With CBS

Swingtown Creator Inks Development Deal With CBS

鼎宝福彩 Posted by Dustin on 09。05。2008 at 10:52 am

Mike Kelley, the creator and executive producer of “Swingtown,” has inked a new deal with CBS, the reports. Part of the deal includes a new show for Showtime called “Bicoastal.” The show is about a married man in California with a male lover in New York.

CBS has not announced whether or not it will renew “Swingtown” for another season. Reports in August suggested the show could be shopped to other networks. Kelley is reported as saying “Swingtown” is his priority.

Two Weeks Of Swingtown

Two Weeks Of Swingtown

Posted by Dustin on 08.31.2008 at 9:38 pm

Because I got so behind with Swingtown, I’m going to merge the last two episodes into one post. Rather than try and recap everything, I’m going to just give my thoughts on the stories and mix mini-caps in with them.

Tom pondered an offer to invest in a local dance club a friend was buying。 He liked the idea of a future that was more grounded, so to speak。 However the money was Trina’s to invest。 She agreed to invest though, liking the idea of Tom not always flying off somewhere。 This was the first I heard of this I think, that Trina had most of the money between them。 Does Trina have some insane trust fund? Did I miss that at some point in the season?

Tom and Trina took Susan and Bruce with them to check out the club and they hit the disco floor. I do have to say given this show is about the 70s, I expected a lot more discoing. They waited till the season was almost over to really get funky. I loved the scenes of them all dancing together, I just wish we had gotten a little more of it and the funky disco beats than we did.

Janet went to work at a paper as a temp, and as usual made a big impression。 This time a good one。 She did her work on time and impressed the boss tremendously。 Gotta love Janet! However her boss liked to pat her bottom, which Janet didn’t。 By the end of the show she told him if he touched her behind again, her husband was going to kick his! She got some respect for that。

Roger meanwhile went to counseling and told the counselor he was in love with Susan. By the end of the show he went to see her and instead of telling her how he felt . . . he kissed her! Susan also kissed him back, and it was pretty damn hot.

Samantha’s cousin showed up in this episode, and Rick suddenly went from being a possible gay teen to enchanted with this new girl. Rick, BJ, Sam and her cousin ended up playing strip poker. However when Rick and the cousin went into a room for private time, he suddenly took off running! Nobody knew what exactly happened. I suspect Rick might not like girls as much as he thought?

The week after we found out what happened between them. Samantha and BJ were hanging out. He had a walkie-talkie as did Rick, but Rick left his on when he had private time with Samantha. As it turns out, she took her top off and he ran! Seems like Rick might be back on the gay train again? Sam and BJ laughed about it, until they overheard her cousin state the reason she and her mom (Sam’s aunt) were in town was to file for custody and take Sam away from her mom. It looks like Sam and BJ’s romance is about to come again. I am foreseeing them running away or something silly next week.

Laurie hung out with David and they went to the beach. David asked her if she wanted a yoohoo, which she responded to with “I love you too.” Seems she misheard! They skirted around it all day, and Laurie finally told him if he was going to dump her. He wasn’t, and he told her that he wasn’t taking the job at the school because it will conflict with the two of them being together. That was his way of telling her that he loves her too. Typical man, he couldn’t get the words out!

Susan planed a surprise party for Janet, as it was her birthday. Janet meanwhile continued working at the paper. A fellow reporter convinced her to submit pieces for consideration to be the paper’s new “Dear Trudy.” That is the perfect job for Janet. It took her awhile to warm up to it, but she decided to do it. Oh this show has to get picked up, I need to see Janet doing that job. Meanwhile I get the feeling that Janet’s co-worker has a little thing for her, and maybe she likes him too?

Roger got a job offer this week working for some architecture firm, but it meant moving to Cincinnati. He didn’t tell Janet, but he did tell Susan. She felt he should take it, that they couldn’t do this, what was happened between them. I don’t think Roger will do it though. He seems to be realizing he’s been unhappy for too long and this isn’t something that’s going to change.

Trina meanwhile found out she was pregnant. Fortunately the baby is Tom’s, according to the math. As Trina put it, they closed their marriage at the right time. I was convinced it was going to end up being Bruce’s! That would have really put a twist on the story. Trina tried to tell Tom, but he thought she was joking with him. I could tell though, Tom was excited about the idea, but thought Trina was kidding. Trina of course thinks Tom thinks they dodged a bullet apparently.

鼎宝福彩Bruce meanwhile was conflicted as the girl at his trading firm was considering leaving for another company. He called her up and asked her not to leave, saying he couldn’t stand not going to work and seeing her there every day. She asked him to come meet her, and he did. He lied to Susan, who heard him on the phone, and said he had to go to the office to get his briefcase and he’d probably just sleep there as it was so late. Susan knew it was a lie. The sad part in it all, Susan turned Roger away to stay in her marriage with Bruce, when she knew she was drifting away from him too. I guess she didn’t expect Bruce to be the one to leave her and have an affair.

Next week is the season finale, and it looks to be explosive!

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Swingtown To Move To Cable?

Swingtown To Move To Cable?

Posted by Dustin on 08.22.2008 at 10:33 pm

is reporting that CBS is trying to shop their show “Swingtown” to cable networks in case the show is not renewed by CBS.

Myself, I would love to see “Swingtown” end up on Showtime, which by the way is a CBS company.

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鼎宝福彩Swingtown: Final Two Episode Spoilers

Swingtown: Final Two Episode Spoilers

Posted by Dustin on 08.17.2008 at 3:06 pm

The following are the official spoilers for the final two episodes of “Swingtown。” As of yet nothing has been announced regarding the show’s renewal。

On a side note, my recap for this past Friday’s show will be posted sometime this week. I need to watch it again. Also note, there is no episode this coming Friday.

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Swingtown: Cabin Fever

Swingtown: Cabin Fever

Posted by Dustin on 08.10.2008 at 4:51 pm

Deciding his family was falling apart, Bruce made the decision to go up to the family cabin for some time away. Laurie however did not want to go, she was supposed to go to a Jackson Browne concert with Doug. This infuriated Bruce even more, demanding they go. Ricky, Janet and Roger’s kid, tagged along as Janet and Roger needed alone time.

Janet thinks Roger is depressed and he needs counseling. She got the name of a woman that was recommended to her. Upon arriving for the session, Janet started taking over! Janet kept talking about how Roger lost his job, which has made him depressed, and she thought he needed to talk to someone. The doctor started asking Janet questions, which of course upset her. After all they weren’t here for her, but for Roger. The doctor felt they both needed to talk to someone actually. This sent Janet over the edge and she stormed out, demanding Roger follow.

Up at the cabin, Susan called home to Roger, talking about how this trip isn’t as fun as the last one. As they chit chat, Bruce shows up and Susan has to pretend like it’s just a call to say hello. At Roger’s place, Janet walks in and wants to talk to Susan, claiming she’s lost the number for the cabin and is glad she called.

Bruce wanted to set some alone time up with Susan to talk, and she agreed。 However she got waylaid by a fight with Laurie over the state of their marriage。 Laure doesn’t understand how her parents could do what they were about to do with that couple。 Susan tried to explain it was complicated。 Laurie asked if her parents loved each other still? Susan says yes, but as you grow older, things change as does love。 Laure doesn’t think so, she thinks if you love someone that should be enough。 Susan said it was easy to say that where she was now。 Laurie said no, all she wants is Doug, and if it got to the point where she was wanting other people, that Doug wasn’t enough for her 。 。 。 then she’d leave Doug。 She said it was that simple。 She told her mom that life was too short to settle。

Susan went to call Roger again, but was caught by Bruce who stormed in upset that she forgot about their date。 She explained about what happened with Laurie。 They then found a note from Laurie, saying she had run off to meet Doug for the concert! Susan called Doug, who told them Laurie was at some diner。 They all agreed to go there to meet her。

On the way there, Bruce was blaming all of this on that Doug, but Susan said this was their fault. She said instead of being parents they were too busy having a good time and trying to convince each other they were still in love. Bruce said he didn’t have to be convinced, he knew he was still in love with her. Susan said nothing . . . He asked if she still loved him, she said yes of course.

鼎宝福彩At the diner, Doug and Laurie’s parents all arrive at the same time. She’s not happy, and Bruce is about to pummel Doug. Susan suggests they all sit down, have some pie and talk. Bruce feels Doug, who is 24, is too old for Laurie, who is 17. Laurie points out mom was 16 when she married. They also swear they did not do anything until after school was over. Doug says he fought this, but he respects Laurie and he respects she can make up her own mind. Susan admitted that she had seen a change in Laurie, she thinks Doug has helped her go out in the world, question things and get involved. Susan eventually let Laurie leave with Doug for the concert, knowing to stop her would only make her draw further away from them.

Meanwhile, Janet went back to the therapist to inform her that they would not be paying for yesterday’s session。 The therapist didn’t expect her too, but would like to know what is going on here。 Why did that happen。 Janet sits down and talks, admitting she may have some issues。 She breaks down, opening up about how there is this man paying attention to her。 He told her she was beautiful, he even kissed her。 She admits she likes it, but that it just can’t happen。 The therapist suggests she talks to this man, let him know they can only be friends。 Janet says she will do that。

Janet goes to see Tom, who is alone. She tries to talk to him, but then Trina shows up. Janet quickly claims she wants to have them over for dinner, she wants them to all get to know each other better. Tom and Trina accept and later go over for dinner. Janet finally gets to talk to Tom alone, and as she tells him they can only be friends, he’s bewildered. He has no idea where this is coming from, but plays along with her! Clearly he thought he was only being nice and friendly and she thought he was putting the moves on her.

Meanwhile we finally get the talk between Trina and Roger, the big one。 She flat out tells him she can see what is between him and Susan, and thinks she is the one he wants。 Roger finally admits it, saying he doesn’t know what to do。 Trina says he can tell her and go for it, or he can try and get over his feelings for her。

Tom and Trina end up sneaking out of dinner early, as they both started getting weirded out a bit by Roger and Janet . . . especially Janet. They then ended there closed relationship status and had a foursome with another couple.

Janet meanwhile tells Roger she went to see the therapist and they had a really good talk about a lot of things。 She was wrong about her, she is a good doctor。 She tells Roger that she wants to do her part around here too, she’s going to go to an employment agency and see about getting a job。 Roger said okay。 Janet then went off to take a bath。 Roger tried calling Susan, but hung up just as Susan got to the phone and answered it。 Roger then dug the doctor’s business card out of the trash。

Also going on in this episode, BJ and Ricky were still fighting over Ricky and what happened with Samantha。 Ricky felt if BJ hit him then he’d feel better, and egg’d him on into doing it。 BJ admitted he felt better。 He then told Ricky that he thinks his family is really screwed up。 Ricky told him to join the club。

My Thoughts
I loved Janet once again, she was great in this episode. Her taking over Roger’s therapy session was classic, as was the whole misunderstanding of Tom’s intentions. I think he was being friendly and trying to make her feel good about herself, but she thought he was in love with her. When she contronted poor Tom, saying they could only be friends, he looked like he was afraid of Janet! I really thought for a second Janet was going to jump on him. Maybe he did too! He played along, but couldn’t wait to get out of there. The way Janet talked to the therapist about Tom, I think she actually does have a little crush on him.

I loved the heart to heart Laurie had with her mom. It was ironic that the kid was setting the parent straight on love, telling her mom that if her dad was not enough she should leave him and find what does make her happy. It was odd to hear a kid basically telling her mother it was okay to get a divorce if that was what made her happy, but it also showed maturity on Laurie’s part I think.

Susan going to call Roger after the talk with Laurie basically was her making the move, admitting she wanted Roger. Roger also finally admitted to Trina it was Susan he wanted. So there we have it, after all this time they both have admitted at least to themselves (and us) they want each other. I have to say, I’m really feeling for Janet and Bruce as they are about to be blindsided and probably don’t see it coming. I think I feel a little more for Janet, as Bruce came across as a controlling father and husband in this episode.

BJ and Ricky ventured back into pointless and boring land this week, but fortunately they were on for a quick moment and that was about it。 I honestly did think when they had their fist fight, that Ricky was going to kiss BJ。 I guess that would be a little too predictable though。

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